Things left Unsaid…


Once upon time TNA had a division that was all about high flying and high speed action. This division was the heart and soul of TNA and from this division future World Champions were created. This division contained what I'd like to call the TNA's originals like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. So as years … [Read more...]

Tale Of The Tape: Impact 11/19/14


---I JUST REALIZED I FORGOT TO PUBLISH LAST WEEK’S ENTRY. SORRY!! -- The intro video was really impressive this week. The devilish green tilt was a great touch to the video. Sadly, this was really the same video we have seen in the past month, with only the world title picture in the video. I … [Read more...]

Tale Of The Tape: Impact 11/12/14


--WOW THIS IS EMBARASSING... I WROTE THIS LAST WEEK AND SAVED IT AS A DRAFT INSTEAD OF PUBLISHING IT.... OOPS--- The episode of impact started off with a recap video of the world title defense last week and the promos leading up to it. As I have said before, I wish they could show more than one … [Read more...]