The Black Album


 To me, TNA has so much more to offer, both in wrestling content and how they present it in an entertaining way. - MICHAEL SCHNELL  Check out his great article (Are Pure Wrestling Fans Killing TNA?) For a band to get big they had to abandon the thrash sound that they pioneered and helped to … [Read more...]

#TNANewsBooksImpact: 10/22/14 Episode

Booking Impact

It was voted BY YOU that the new series I should write right here on is Booking Impact. We had booking articles on here in the past from our writers, but there was never an instance that came from me. The difference is that I used to write scripts for wrestling shows from 2008-2010 in my … [Read more...]

Bound For Glory 2014 – The Stories Are There

Bound For Glory

A week has passed from the airing of Bound For Glory 2014. Where are we now? It's the middle of October and the future matters very much right now. We all know that TNA has been on a wacky roller coaster ride since last October. Has 2014 seen more positive, or more negative? While you are thinking … [Read more...]

Tale Of The Tape: Impact 10/15/14


The episode made it seem like they were going back to their old ways. The show started without an opening video, which was pretty disappointing. Then the director of wrestling operations came out to open the episode with a promo. I felt that this has happened way too many times. From this short … [Read more...]

Impact Wrestling News & Notes: Havok Defends, Former WWE Star Debuts, Bobby Roode

TNA Wrestling matters

Below are some news and notes following this week's Impact Wrestling: - Havok beat number one contender Madison Rayne in the first match to retain her Knockout's Championship. - Former WWE Superstar Brodus Clay debuted under the new name of Tyrus. Tyrus beat Shark Boy in his TNA debut match … [Read more...]

The System Has Failed, Again…


I can't believe that I'm saying this but for the first time ever I've to agree with the IWC on this. For those who don't know or new to TNA let me tell you what is so special about Bound for Glory as a PPV. BFG is TNA's turning point (see what I did there?). It is the event that shapes TNA's … [Read more...]