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Reaction To Lockdown: Part Four


When Madison Rayne came back to TNA, she was immediately feuding with Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship. I was not in favor of this. This felt very rushed and felt that the only reason Madison Rayne was challenging for the championship and feuding with the champion so early was because there were no other Knockouts around to feud with. I still believe this is true. Every other Knockout was busy in a story and was unable to feud for the Knockouts Champion. I do not mean this as a knock for Rayne. I have seen Rayne show great athletic ability in many matches in the past. She is a very good Knockout.

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Christopher Daniels Announces That He Is A “Free Agent”

13305 - Bad_Influence christopher_daniels hat impact kazarian microphone pointing suit tna

Christopher Daniels announced on his official Twitter account that he is now a “free agent”.

There has been speculation about Daniels’ contract with TNA Wrestling as well as Kazarian‘s. It is said that both were up around the same time. With Daniels now a free agent, we also have to question whether Kazarian will follow suit as they are the proclaimed Bad Influence team. Below is Daniels’ tweet:
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Where Is Bobby Lashley?

On January 4 2010, the same night that Bischoff and Hogan debuted on Impact Wrestling, Bobby Lashley came out to the ring with his wife. Bobby Lashley stood there silent while his wife Kristal told the world that Bobby Lashley wanted an immediate release to focus on his Mixed Martial Arts career. This all seemed very sudden. There was shock. No one knew what to think of this. Weeks after, Bobby Lashley came up to Eric Bischoff and said the opposite. Lashley apologized for his actions. Instead of putting Bobby Lashley back in action, Bischoff fired him. This seemed like Bischoff wanting to have the last word on Lashley’s departure.

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My Thoughts On Chris Sabin’s “Departure”, If Samoa Joe’s Story An Injury or Work, Austin Aries Contract, TNA Tag Team Briefcase From Feast Or Fired, Did TNA Drop Knux’s Return, Where’s The Face Of TNA?


So, welcome to another installment of #TNATalk as I answer your questions you sent to me involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by using “#TNATalk”.
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Wrasslin Ramblins

Hello one and all. I’ve been asked to contribute a weekly column and Tuesday seems as good as ever a day to pick. Usually one of my only days off. I chose the title Wrasslin Ramblins because at heart, I am a good ole southern boy, and since I can’t put as much thought as I’d like to in these, it’s going to be very stream of consciousness writing. So like to hear? Here goes.

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Which ROH Wrestler TNA Should Hire – 4/21/2014

TNA should hire Matt Taven. Matt Taven is a former Ring of Honor Television Champion. Matt Taven has held the Ring of Honor World Television Championship longer than anyone else. Taven was the ROH Television Champion for 287 days. Matt Taven has incredible wrestling and athletic ability. He is 29 years old. When you think of Ring of Honor, Matt Taven is certainly one of the wrestlers that should come to mind. He is one of the brightest wrestlers of the future. His promo skills need work. Other than that, TNA would be getting a true talent in Matt Taven.

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Top 10 TNA Knockouts Of All Time

Since the Knockouts division formed in 2007 and even before then, women with all different gimmicks, wrestling styles, and backgrounds have come in and made an impact in the knockouts division. In this article, I will be naming the top 10 Knockouts in TNA history and supporting my claims.

5-time Knockouts Champion Angelina Love

5-time Knockouts Champion Angelina Love

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Willow: Mediocrity At Its Best


The first vignette of Willow had me interested. I was looking forward to seeing him debut. Which for me is surprising because I never liked Jeff Hardy. But I thought this was fresh character, it could bring something new, something different. Even my girlfriend who is not a wrestling fan was even interested this character. While I am still optimistic and interested in the character progression of Willow, I feel that TNA dropped the ball or at least it wasn’t what I was hoping. [Read More...]

Dixie Carter Reveals TNA’s Problem – Their Inability To Capitalize


This past week’s Impact Wrestling kicked off with Eric Young walking to the ring and giving a heartfelt message to all of the fans about winning the TNA World Championship last week. It took him 17 years to get to this spot. However, just as fast as Eric came out, his time by himself didn’t last long as Dixie Carter made her way out. She congratulated Eric and quickly went into making herself look good. She tried to take credit for Eric’s success right now because, as she stated, without her, Eric wouldn’t be in TNA. She used the same tactic with AJ Styles… and now look where he is. While that is how her character is, she took a different route and called out the bearded guys in the wrestling business. It just got real!

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My Thoughts On The Returning Six Sided Ring


In a newly uploaded video on our official YouTube account, I give my thoughts on the returning six sided ring in TNA Wrestling. While the return date is a secret, I describe how much of an impact it had in early TNA days but what it made TNA look like when Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff eliminated it. I then give my thoughts on whether it should return. The video is below, or click here.
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Booking TNA Wrestling

This is a short video explaining the direction I am taking TNA Wrestling in with my fantasy booking shows I am writing for and explaining the style of wrestling show I like to write.

A longer video will be posted later in the week explaining further my plans for the company towards Slammiversary and all the way to Bound For Glory.
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