August Xplosion eXamination – Gail Kim Defends, Gunner Teams With Mr. Anderson & More

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Welcome back to another edition of Xplosion eXamination!  Xplosion is a one-hour television show that airs internationally and features weekly matches, an entertaining panel segment called the Spin Cycle, throwback matches and more! In this monthly feature here on, I break down the … [Read more...]

The Spike TV Dilemma


In Vince Russo's blog titled, "TNA/Spike-Four Scenarios-One Will Shock You" he called SpikeTV "the troll that lives under the bridge." I understand this and agree with this completely. Let's look at the facts. TNA Wrestling brings in the highest ratings for SpkeTV. The only competition on the … [Read more...]

Top Five Of July


We, as wrestling fans, know what we like and don't like. If we think something is great, we will say so. If we think something is bad, we will say so. We try not to be a mark for the company and slam every other company in the dirt. While trying not to be a mark, we can sometimes focus on the … [Read more...]

Could Elix Skipper Ever Become X-Division Champion?, Which Match Would Be Better, My Favorite TNA Moments, Is Homicide Here To Stay?, TNA Possibly Going To The Velocity Channel, Team 3D Winning A Mistake?

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So, welcome to another installment of #TNATalk as I answer your questions you sent to me involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by using "#TNATalk". … [Read more...]

The System Has Failed….

EC3 Comedy

The Undertaker is a huge attraction when it comes to Wrestlemania, right?! Impact started to gain momentum again when they invited the likes of Rhino, Tommy Dreamer and Devon. Brock Lesnar is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, what is the common thing between all of the things that I've said??? … [Read more...]

TNA Can Bank On EC3


When I was a young kid my Mum would always stress that when I was wrong I had to admit to it. Granted it took me a few years to grasp this concept but here I am now, somewhat an adult, admitting that I was 100% wrong. When Ethan Carter III (EC3) made his debut at last years Bound For Glory (BFG) I … [Read more...]

Tale Of The Tape: Impact 8/20/14


The opening video to this week’s Impact was epic to say the least. The negative effect really set the tone for the video. The problem with this episode of Hardcore Justice is that I didn’t know it was happening until last week when they ran through the line-up. What made it worse was the sudden … [Read more...]

The Rise And Fall Of Gunner


If you asked almost any TNA fan who the 'next big thing' in the company was in early 2014, almost everybody would say Gunner. After a couple years of just kinda being there it looked like he was going to be the next breakout star. In 2013, for a majority of the year he was tag team champions with … [Read more...]