What Is Impact Wrestling Unlocked?

TNA Destination America

See @IMPACWRESTLING in a whole new way with the brand new IMPACT WRESTLING: UNLOCKED on @DestAmerica Saturdays at 10AM ET starting Jan 17! — Dixie Carter (@TNADixie) December 13, 2014 On December 16, 2014, TNA announced that they will be debuting a second show called Impact Wrestling: … [Read more...]

Where Is Curry Man?

Curry Man

Last week I did an article on the tag team of Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. I’ll bring up a completely different wrestler, Curry Man, who also mysteriously disappeared from TNA. Although he had only wrestle three matches for TNA in the last year, I included him in this series because he had many … [Read more...]

Why Russo? Why Not!

Vince Russo

Sorry for the long span of time since my last article.  Instead of boring you with excuses, lets just cut to the chase and get into it.  I came across an article on a particular website that I choose not to name, by a guy not worth mentioning.  From the title I thought it was going to give the TNA … [Read more...]