The Bound For Glory Card


Today is October 1. Bound For Glory is October 12. I have read the official Bound For Glory card through the internet. Get this: the rundown of the card of the biggest PPV (historically) in TNA Wrestling every year was announced through social media. Bound For Glory is a week and a half away. We … [Read more...]

Should I Feel Sorry For TNA?


I will write this over and over again until my fingers fall off... and I will say this over and over again until I turn blue in the face - I LOVE TNA WRESTLING! I want what is best for the company. I want TNA to survive AND thrive! I want them to knock it out of the park every single night. I … [Read more...]

Controversy Creates Cash


Over this past year, TNA has lost their most well known names. The most notable might be Hulk Hogan, who left on October 3, 2013. The founder of the company officially resignd from TNA on January 6, 2014. Sting was gone from TNA in February. Wrestlers that every TNA diehard fan loves have left the … [Read more...]

Top Five Of August


The Rise Of Bram On August 7, Bram faced Abyss in the opening contest on Impact in a Monsters Ball match. At the end of the match, Abyss chokeslammed Bram on tacks. Abyss grabbed Janice to use on Bram only for Magnus to run down and take Janice away. Abyss turned around and Bram speared him … [Read more...]

TNA Going Back To The Impact Zone, Sting And Hulk Hogan In TNA Again, Is Josh Mathews With TNA?, Spike TV And TNA Relationship

tnatalk blue

So, welcome to another installment of #TNATalk as I answer your questions you sent to me involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by using "#TNATalk". … [Read more...]

What A Snoozefest


I watched last night's Impact Wrestling. The show featured a tournament called NYC Gold Rush. I had many problems with this show. First, right when I started watching the show, I was confused. I thought that Robie E, Abyss, Austin Aries, MVP, and Abyss were going to be in the main event. Now, they … [Read more...]

Paul Heyman In TNA Wrestling?


In the 1990's, WWF and WCW was more of a cartoonish product than adult oriented. The two major companies had fallen behind the times. WWF had Doink The Clown, Giant Gonzalez, and country singer Jeff Jarrett. WCW was not much different as they had Jim Duggan and Hulk Hogan. The two major companies … [Read more...]