5 Things TNA Needs To Do To Become A Huge Company

TNA has been around for 11 years now, they have made some big strides as a company over that 11 years and they have taken things to the next level by going on the road every week. However, they still have a long way to go before they get anywhere near the machine that the WWE is but, I have put together a list of five things that I believe TNA needs to do in order to become a huge company.

1. Cut ties with Spike TV, get on a better network.

I think being on Spike hinders TNA more than it helps it. For the last several weeks, the viewership has been pretty low. I don’t think its an indicator of the product being bad but its an indicator that the network clearly isn’t getting TNA the viewership it needs to make an impact (pun not intended). WWE was on Spike for a little while a few years back and they ended up going back to USA Network. I just think Spike TV shouldn’t be a flagship network to have a wrestling program on. I would love to see Impact Wrestling end on FX but that would be easier said than done.

2. Gain More Exposure

TNA needs to do more to get their name out there. They are starting to do this by going on the road every week, negotiating business deals, and etc. However, they do need to find a way to really get the TNA name out there and it really irked me several years ago when Hulk Hogan was making TV appearances and failed to mention TNA or wear any TNA merchandise. That was a chance to get TNA’s name out there. He could have touched on the subject for a few minutes before going on with whatever it was he was doing but he simply did not. Bottomline is that TNA needs to get people “in the know” about the brand.

3. Consistently Good Booking

TNA needs to continually book good Impact Wrestling shows with compelling storylines and good matches. TNA has been excelling  in this area as of late but they can’t afford to be lazy. The writers constantly need to keep the juices flowing and hold our interest.

4. Holding Shows In Bigger Arenas

I know this feat will take awhile to achieve but performing in front of much larger crowds will really take TNA to the next level. Imagine one day, TNA holds Bound For Glory inside the University Of Phoenix stadium. The same stadium that held WrestleMania 26.

5. Staying Original

The thing that has made TNA standout to all of us has been the originality it’s had. Like the Ultimate X match, the six-sided ring when it was around, the King Of The Mountain match, Gutcheck, Open Fight Night, and etc. These concepts and formats were original and made us interested to see how they would go. If TNA maintains its originality, this would make the product standout more. If TNA gets away from this and tries to be like something else, then it will ultimately turn us off as viewers and fans. So, in other words TNA, stay TNA! Be what you have been for 11 years.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Alex Barie

    I agree, Cody with most of the points. First off, I don't think Spike TV is good for TNA at all. I am not in the television world, but I don't think Spike is helping TNA at all. I know Eric Bischoff stated back in 2010, maybe even 2011, that Spike was a great place for TNA and Spike was helping out. Sure, I think they were with the new programming, TNA ReACTION, but now look! TNA has one show a week on the channel. Spike really never mentions it when it comes time to give their agenda on who they want to target. Wrestling is a huge business. It has been around for almost forever! While I do not know the extent of how Spike can help TNA, I surely think Spike can help advertise TNA more. TNA also needs to gain more exposure. Advertising and marketing! Pretty plain and simple!

    It's weird to me how the IWC really want the old TNA back. If I can remember correctly, the old TNA had eccentric matches and booking that no one understood. They hated Vince Russo and thought the company gave all "old" people the title shots. Now TNA has changed and the IWC wants the old TNA back? I just don't understand them! At any rate, TNA needs to be them. They can create their storylines and how they produce television. It is being unique that sets companies apart.