6 Stars That TNA Can Utilize Effectively

In the wrestling business, there needs to be balance. That could mean a lot of things like creative to where you produce your show… I want to talk about the balance of stars.

TNA Wrestling has a tremendous roster. They have skilled and talented stars. They range from veterans to young stars. That is what a wrestling company needs. They need a balance of stars. They can’t have all veteran type stars but they also can’t have all young talent. I, for one, think TNA has the best balance of stars in the wrestling industry, or at least very close to having the best. That stems from their wide range of talent. Look at their roster! They have Hulk Hogan, Sting, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin, and Magnus just to name a few. While they have a wide range of stars… they aren’t using them effectively. I picked 6 stars that TNA should use not only to maximize that particular talent, but to have them help the company.

1. Hulk Hogan


This is quite an easy one. Hulk Hogan is the biggest name in wrestling history. The whole world knows him. They can see a cartoon picture of him or say the word, “Brother” and people know who that that cartoon is referring to or who is famous for that word. Hulk! While TNA used Hulk correctly when he first came… they aren’t doing so now. TNA needs to get back to their marketing and advertising. They need to market Hulk. Advertise him. As I said, he is the biggest wrestling name in industry history and having him promote your company is one of the best things they could do. With that being said, I would use Hulk as an advertising standpoint rather than an on-air character. I would use him on the show once in awhile, but nothing like he is in now. TNA thinks that they are doing a good thing showing him on TV… but who is going to watch if they don’t know he is part of the company?

2. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is a talented worker, no doubt about it. He may of had problems in the past, but that was the past. He looks great now and, as far as we know, he is clean. First off, I’m so happy for Jeff. Some people wouldn’t push him if they were in charge because of his past, but they have to realize, Jeff is a big talent. He brings those 90s fans into the light while Hulk brings most the 80s fans. While I agree with TNA for having Jeff in the main event picture, I would also market and advertise the product around him. He can sell merchandise. He has a big fan base with the younger fans. We seen that through his time in WWE. Jeff can attract those 90s fans but also the young. They can squeeze all the money out of the consumer like WWE does by using John Cena. Looking at TNA right now… they are just using Jeff. Someone told me last week that they didn’t even know Jeff was in TNA. Of course this person doesn’t watch wrestling, but he knew Jeff from his WWE days. So, what does that tell you? Poor advertising.

3. Kurt Angle


This is another easy give-away. Kurt is, arguably, the best wrestler in the world. He has a huge history with wrestling from the Olympics to professional wrestling. While Kurt is not young anymore, he can still work at the highest level. I would have Kurt in the main event spot too, but I would also start having him put over younger talent. Some say TNA is doing that now with him putting over Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff. Aces & 8s are putting those two stars over. Kurt has barely won any matches this year. It’s great that fans do not “look at” the win/loss record. Kurt shouldn’t be losing all of these. He won a gold medal in wrestling. It doesn’t make sense. I would advertise Kurt more so on the wrestling side than the big name side. Yes, he is a big name, but he is all about wrestling. If Impact Wrestling is focusing on the wrestling aspect, they should advertise it with Kurt, without a doubt.

4. AJ Styles


As I mentioned before, a wrestling company needs a balance of veteran stars and young stars. AJ has been with TNA since the very beginning. You can say he is a veteran of the business, but he is also homegrown talent. TNA hasn’t been giving AJ the necessarily treatment he deserves in the past couple of years. While my main event is filling up, I would also put AJ on the top. He is talented and has that history with TNA. TNA needs that to tell the new fans what the company is all about. Recognize AJ’s history. Hulk and Jeff can bring the consumers in and AJ will take them. They will see AJ and hopefully become a fan of him and that is how you keep them watching for years. Let the veterans bring in the stars and let the young talent take them for the ride. It’s all about transition.

5. Magnus


You have your veteran stars and then you have the younger stars, but you also need the youngest stars. While some say AJ Styles is young, he is 35 years old and he may have another decade to go in the wrestling business, but Magnus is 26. Do you see how long they have with this guy? Book Magnus like WWE booked Randy Orton. Highlight him. Make him big now. He can very well carry the company for years. He has the look. He is willing to learn. He is great in the ring. Build him up now. Get everyone familiar with him. Once he is at the top now… he will be at the top for as long as TNA has him.

6. Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky

A wrestling show is no longer just a wrestling show. We learned that through the last two decades. A wrestling show needs variety. It just can’t have one thing. It can’t be about wrestling or can’t be about entertainment. Just like the stars in the company, the show itself needs to have balance. People still want wrestling, but they also want rivalries and storylines. It is what makes the show interesting and exciting. You put two characters against each other and have a story develop and you have them coming back. Wrestling shows need to have a variety. You can’t please everyone but you can please a lot of people. There are those people who will always look at wrestling for the sex appeal. Some people can’t stand women wrestling, but others watch because they are talented while others watch just to watch. Velvet Sky can give those people the fix. She has the talent in the ring and she has the looks. She can be advertised and she can be the face of the Knockout division.

Certainly these aren’t the only stars I wold focus on. I love Bully Ray as World Champion and I also think Samoa Joe should be in the title picture. These are the 6 that I would promote heavily to help TNA now and in the future. What do you think? Who would you promote?

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  • TNA Chris

    I’d have to say Velvet Sky is used pretty effectively. The guy I see being the least utalized is storm. AA and Roode should have kept the tag titles and DOC and Knux should be a tag team.