A Double, The Face Of TNA?

King Kenny and Austin Aries

King Kenny and Austin Aries

TNA had their first Impact on the road since announcing they were leaving the Impact Zone for good, and my what a show it was. Their first main event featured Hall of Famer Sting doing battle with possibly the companies biggest up and coming star Austin Aries. In spite of the lack of build into the match, these two men delivered a great TV main event.

Let’s face it with Sting turning 54 in a few days, his best days are behind him, your not going to get a 5 star match from The Stinger anymore. However with a fire lit under him, and the seemingly endless talent of Aries these two men gave us ppv quality action.

So I must ask is A Double primed to be the man that leads TNA into the future?

With training from legendary wrestling trainer Ed Sharkey, an extensive background in top notch indies such as ROH, Dragon Gate USA, and Evolve, it would appear he has the pedigree.

The only two time ROH World Champion, the longest reining TNA X-Division Champion, and with the new TNA ppv schedule he becomes the only man to ever give up The X-Division Title without being beat and turning it into a rein as TNA World Champion. Add all that with his incredible mic skills, endless charisma, and ability to make the fans love him or hate him with a passion anytime he wants and your looking at all the tools needed to be exactly what he claims to be “The greatest man that ever lived” at least in pro wrestling.

But what are his downfalls? Well his biggest flaw, his size. Plain and simple Austin Aries is small, even by today’s standards which is much smaller than the stars of the 80′s and even a majority of the 90′s, he is still considered one of the smaller guys. In VinceLand a guy the size of Aries would almost be garunteed to stand in mid card turmoil for the length of his career, but he’s a TNA guy so can he over come that hurdle? Thus far it appear he can. He’s already a former world champion and with the top story turning to The Aces & 8s instead of abandoning Aries to aimlessly roam in the mid card they have paired him with fellow Main Event talent and a Hulk Hogan favorite Bobby Roode, and given them the tag straps to keep them relevant while the main picture is otherwise filled. This certainly is more than they’ve done for the likes of James Storm or AJ Styles who both have been directionless for quite some time.

So can Austin Aries be the face of TNA? Even with his lack of size I think absolutely he can be. All his positives are just so strong and so apparent that I feel Austin Aries is definitely the future face of TNA.

Do you feel diffrently? Do you think I’m wrong? Feel free to let me know, leave a comment and we can discuss it!

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  • StraightEdge

    Great article but you have to learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

  • cedric taylor

    I think Aries can be the face of the company. He’s current. He’s CM Punkish. And i think he can define small world champions. However the now guy to me is and should be Bully Ray. I think he can do what he want to at this point and make it look like gold.

    • Anthony Moorman

      I would agree completely about Bully Ray! The way he has redefined himself has been amazing! He is at the top of his game without a doubt! Bully can do no wrong right now

  • Entertainedbymyself

    Matt F'n Morgan.

    • Anthony Moorman

      I love Morgan, but I think TNA dropped the ball with him, and I’m not sure there’s enough career left for him to be The Face of the company. By rule bigger guys like Morgan have shorter careers because our bodies wear faster. Morgan is no doubt in great physical shape, but that doesn’t change the fact his body ages faster because of his size. Where Aries still could have another 15 to 20 years left. If I were a betting man, between the two, I’d have to put my money on Aries becoming that face of TNA