ACES AND EIGHTS – Are You A Believer?

I am writing a follow up, because I wanted to see if I would like the direction of Bully Ray and Aces and Eights. Watching the show live last night, and again this morning, I have to say, I was very encouraged, not just with Aces and Eights, but with the whole show.


From the crowd reaction (1) to Bully Rays promo, this was one of the best Impacts maybe ever. As a fan and writer for this site, you have to be encouraged with the direction the program is going. With the exception of the Robbie E vs. Robbie T bout (2), this was a good show. They have buildup going for Aj Styles, Matt Morgan is better on the Microphone, and Aces and Eights really are selling themselves (3).

TNA Impact going on the road has a chance to make a name for them, and I doubted Bully Ray before, but he made me a believer last night. Hopefully the ratings will reflect (4) and TNA will continue to build on the momentum.


(1)    How could you not love the crowd last night, anytime the fans are into it, always makes the show better.

(2)    Hopefully this ridiculous feud is over, much like the TV Show

(3)    ACES AND EIGHTS has a different feel than the NWO.  Immortal, Jarrett’s Army, the Main Event Mafia seemed like blatant rip offs, ACES AND EIGHTS are different.

(4)    Last night was the perfect opportunity; it was a terrible TV Lineup, bad basketball, terrible episode of the Office.

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  • cedric taylor

    I believe in this faction because they have IT. Individually they aren’t that good. But together, (with Bully Ray) they are a perfect team. They are more Sons or Anarchy. Something I happen to think is current and fresh….

    • Carl

      I agree Cedric, they have a different feel than any recent Faction. Immortal, Main Even Mafia and Jarrets Army all were too similar to the NWO, ACES and Eights are fresh. It is nice to see and hopefully they can keep the momentum going, thank you for reading.