Age Is Misleading To The IWC In The Wrestling Business

The past couple of weeks have really opened my eyes about the current state of the wrestling business. I can go on and on about what I see differently, but I am focusing on the age of wrestlers and how it misleads to the wrestling fans, but more so the IWC!

I analyze the wrestling business from the production of the television shows to the business decisions that are made in order to make the most amount of money. That’s what my Facebook and Twitter page is all about! I give analysis about what is going on in the wrestling business and I form an opinion. Going to TNA Wrestling‘s Impact Wrestling show almost three weeks ago as well as writing the IW Blog Zone last week really helped me see some things about TNA, and WWE, that I didn’t see earlier.

One huge topic that really isn’t brought up is the age in wrestling. I certainly think this is an appropriate time because Sting just became the #1 Contender for the TNA World Title. He will fight for the title at TNA Slammiversary against Bully Ray. The IWC were vocal, as always, about the decision to make Sting the contender. It made me think whether I or if they were missing something.

First off, I am a big fan of Sting. Sting is one of the biggest names in the wrestling business and he never fought inside a WWE ring. Usually we think every big name goes through the WWE. The WWE is the monster. They are the top dog, so all of the big names had to have went there. Sting is the exception. Even though Sting is a huge name in this business, he is 54 years old. How great does that look on paper? Saying a 54 year old guy is fighting for the title is a turnoff, right? On the flip side, saying Sting is fighting for the title is a turn on, right? It all depends who you ask. You can ask a 10 year old or a 47 year old. You can ask a casual fan or a member of the IWC. Everyone has their own opinion. What is quite funny, though, is how the IWC reacts to this.

Sting bloody

Plain and simple, the IWC did not like the decision to have Sting go for the TNA World Title. They say he is old. Well, how old is too old? Can we really put a number on what is too old in the wrestling business? I see it as talent and how they can work. If they can work, they can compete. If they can give a “Match of the Year” then I have no problem that they go after the title. Sting may not be at his prime right now, but he can very well work. I saw him in action when I went to Impact Wrestling a few weeks ago, and, honestly, I didn’t his age affect him. I didn’t see him struggle or a slow down. Sting was flying all around the ring. He can work!

I want to give you some insight on a few stars where their age did not affect their push to the top for a title reign:

The Undertaker

The Undertaker

The Undertaker’s last title reign was in 2010. His reign lasted months but ended in early 2010 when he fought in an Elimination Chamber match. Undertaker, at that time, was 44 years old. When he was holding the title, I did not see anyone whine and complain about it. I sure wasn’t. Why? Because people love The Undertaker. The IWC respect him. They pretty much drool every time he goes to have a match. They certainly should! The Undertaker is now 48 years old. 48 years old and he had the “Match of the Night” at Wrestlemania 28 and quite possibly the “Match of the Year” that night. Some people have have questioned if he can still work before his match, but no one questioned his ability after the math. Undertaker is 48 years old and can still work just as good as a 25 year old. He may be better than half of the WWE roster. Were people complaining that he was eating time up on the card where some young gun could have had that spot?



Kane’s held the World Heavyweight Championship in 2010, after cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Kane was 43 years old then. Were people complaining? No… in fact, I seen people praise WWE for the decision because Kane did not have a title reign in awhile. Yes, again, that was the IWC. Shouldn’t they have been pushing for younger talent? Kane is now 46 years old and he is one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. He is showcased pretty much every single week. He is over with the crowd. Yet, people aren’t saying that the title should go to someone younger. Yet, they aren’t saying he should be off the show. Should he? Absolutely not, but it makes the IWC contradict themselves.

The Rock

The Rock

The Rock was WWE Champion earlier this year. He held the title for a couple months, but it was still a reign. While the IWC attacked WWE, Rock, and his title reign, they attacked it because he wasn’t on WWE Raw every week. A champion heading into Wrestlemania very well should be showcased every show leading to the pay-per-view. The strange thing is, no one mentioned his age. He was 40 years old while holding the title. Certainly he is younger than Undertaker or Kane, and even Sting, but I want to ask how old is too old? Couldn’t the little time Rocky was on go to someone like Dolph Ziggler or Drew McIntyre?

Bully Ray

Bully Ray Title

Bully Ray is 41 years old and is the current TNA World Champion. When Bully won the title, the whole IWC talked about the swerve as Ray joined Aces & 8s. He announced himself The President of the faction. Before that, in 2010, Bully turned from face to heel as he attacked his long-time partner Devon. Ray’s work all through 2011 was praised by the entire IWC. Ray was the best heel in TNA, and quite possibly the best heel in all of wrestling at that time. Ray got heat every single night. He played the character so well. He proved himself on the mic and he worked in the ring. He was the package. When he turned face, the IWC got bored of him. They really didn’t find him too entertaining. Now he is heel again and the champion. Is the age 41 too old for the wrestling business? I don’t know because I praise him for his current work on the mic and in the ring.

Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels

I really wanted to bring Christopher Daniels up in this post. While Daniels hasn’t been the TNA World Champion yet, the whole IWC wants him to be. They love his work from the mic to in the ring. They love his character. I constantly see them talk about him in such positive ways. I seen plenty of them say that they want Daniels as TNA World Champion. Do they know how old Daniels is? He’s 43 years old. Did they know that or were they playing it off?

There really isn’t any age that is too old for the wrestling business. You can be 20 years young but can’t work in the ring at all, but you can be 45 years old and still put the “Match of the Year!” I certainly want wrestling companies push young stars. The young wrestlers are the future. At the same time, the veterans of this business are not only good for business, but they still can work. Even when the older stars shouldn’t work, like Ric Flair or Bret Hart, the IWC goes crazy when they show up on WWE. The IWC likes to attack anything they can get their hands on, yet they contradict themselves time after time.

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  • _JIM_

    The IWC needs to quit looking at a guy's age and judging him solely off of that number. That's ridiculous and quite stupid if you ask me. I myself don't base how I feel about a wrestler because of his age. I don't have this magic number in my head that once a worker reaches that age I automatically think that welp, he's over the hill and shouldn't be given big matches anymore. That's silly. I judge workers of of their actual performances. If a guy can still go, there is no reason that he shouldn't be given chance to have big time matches anymore. I really don't understand that line of thinking at all.

  • tom

    The IWC couldn’t wait to see the end of Flair and Foley i TNA but marked out when they showed up on Raw. Theee is no other excuse other than they are conditioned to eat the propagandic crap Vince has been shovelling them since a young age that they’re now conditioned into believing that the WWE empire still delivers the best product

    • Ray

      I like how everyone is bitching about some generalization THEY created along with it’s motivations.

      IWC = Biggest strawman EVER.

  • Ric Santos

    Fantastic! In my opinion, I think the IWC’s opinion has to do with their presence. Sting, Hogan, etc. perform on the mic and ring with a certain classic aura. That aura rubs off the wrong way to the IWC. Undertaker, Kane, Daniels, Bully, they do not have this aura. They have, in fact, changed with the times and have worked on themselves to ensure they can run with the new pack.

    I don’t doubt Sting’s or Hogan’s or anyone’s love for the business, but feel they haven’t done anything to make their characters “get with the times”. Know what I mean?

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      That's what I trying to say, brother. Kudos!

  • 1's Wraith

    Contradicting is what people do if they don't do their research and gives insight to something only to take it back and deny anything they say while trying to back it up with false information but that's even in opinion itself since no one can absolutely say what's right and what's wrong but there are ones that put themselves out there only making themselves look foolish.

    With that in mind, if you want to point fingers and say anyone contradicts themselves then all you have to do is tune in Raw each week and listen to that idiot Michael Cole. It's not REALISTIC saying the IWC is contradictive when it could be looked at as some of the IWC is like this. The IWC voices their opinions much like anyone else and if no one likes it then simply don't read any of their comments.

    Firstly Taker barely wrestles so him being mentioned should be irrelevant and just because he has one really good match doesn't mean he is better than half the roster. Taker uses his political power just like any other known wrestler. Why do you think WWE has never had another wrestler the size of Taker become as popular? Not to mention it's not as if he's there every week like alot of the talent they have. His streak is a ridiculous notion that he's so good that he has to be undefeated. If you look at most of his earlier matches, he's beat wrestlers that were way past their prime. Later on it's not like he's there spending time to help other wrestlers get over. Vince sticks him in an angle which goes on to lead to WM and maybe does a couple shows afterwards, where is he for the majority of the year while everyone else is busing their ass to make a name for themselves? He's at home taking a long rest and people wonder why he's so good….well he has more than enough time to prepare for a big match or a couple. All just to get a nice payday.

    As far as Kane, he's more of a glorified jobber and and nothing more, how many great matches can you say he's had? Sure he became WHC in 2010 but has been put in a more comedic role for the longest time but I will say atleast he helps talent get over in some ways. He never became quite as good as he should be. Just because he's a tag team champion doesn't mean anything. The tag division hasn't meant anything in years so saying Kane being one half of the tag champs is like saying Dixie Carter knows how to run TNA. It meaningless.

    The Rock is another one who left and came back only to become WWE champion and help the ratings but if it wasn't for the guarantee that he'd be WWE champion if he came back, does anyone actually think he would take time off from his movie schedule? If you do then you're being ignorant.

    Daniels is awesome and will always be but he's worked his ass off to get to where is at and yet he's never been world champion. If Daniels hasn't been world champion by now then it's not going to happen but Daniels unlike certain others in is willing to give everything he has weekly and at this point probably doesn't care to be world champ. I've had the pleasure of meeting Daniels and he was pretty damn cool. There is no reason he shouldn't have had the opportunity beforehand but that's probably just the hand he was dealt or possibly chose not to which is why you have your AJ Styles, Hardy, etc.

    There wouldn't be anything wrong with Sting being champion if TNA didn't have a lucrative roster but they do and it's only because of Hogan using his political bullshit to push Sting because he feels no one else is capable of being champion, except maybe Hardy. Both Roode and Aries were good champions but it was only because Hogan along with the ignorance of Dixie saw Hardy when he was blazes out his mind of drugs and couldn't perform which ultimately led who else Sting becoming champ then to Anderson who for whatever for not even an entire month but who did he drop it to, Sting again then Angle and Storm who got be champ an entire 8 days which Hogan didn't believe Roode was good enough to become champion at BFG even though they spent months building him up that and it was set that he was to become TNA champion but Hogan at the last minute didn't see a reason for this so it eventually went to Storm which was not on a ppv but on their weekly show but he dropped it to Roode once again not on a ppv but on !mpact. Surprisingly Aries became champ at DX but lost to no one else then to Hardy, the savior of TNA. Gimme a break but he eventually dropped it to Bully which isn't so bad but the entire A&8's angle has been unproductive. TNA does the same bs with them every week trying to make them not look like one of the weakest factions in any company.

  • 1's Wraith

    So you mean to tell me out of the entire roster and someone like Matt Morgan who is more than deserving of being the guy isn't good enough that they have to rely on a 50 year old Sting to become number 1 contender? Doubtful. Let me reiterate that earlier I pointed out that it wouldn't be a problem that Sting is number 1 contender if TNA didn't have the talent they did and it's not like this is the AWA. Nick Bockwinkel was 51 when he became champion for the 4th and final time but it's not the AWA had close to the same type roster TNA has.

    The point of this is that TNA has talent that's under 40 and 50 that is more than capably of being THE GUY but Hogan doesn't see it and let me also point out that those wrestlers that are mentioned in WWE are good for the time they spend…..BUT WWE is doing ALOT more in pushing younger stars and not putting older wrestlers like Taker in almost every main event they can think of or even Kane for that matter like TNA does with Sting or Hogan making it seem that anything he does is for the good of the company when he's a selfish prick who only feeds on other peoples misery because it's all about him and who he wants to be in the main event. You know what they say the greedy on want more and the more power he is given, the more he's going to inject himself into the bigger angles.

    Isn't it about time for a something different? Let someone else get a chance to get a chance to be in the spotlight but I know that's to much to ask, especially to the mindless sheeple that will eat up any shit TNA gives you and asks for seconds. This whole theory on the names mentioned above in relation to this notion of Sting becoming number one contender or has any influence on the way CERTAIN PEOPLE IN THE IWC THINK is utter bullshit.

    Once again Taker barely wrestles and just because he has one match that could be a contender for MOTY is only because he has MONTHS BEFORE A BIG SHOW WHICH IS MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME TO PREPARE and it's not like he was wrestling hurt like what's that guys name that made a name for himself, CM Punk.

    Kane has been tag team champion for over 200 days but is considered a glorified jobber. Anyone that thinks otherwise is just being ignorant.

    The Rock came back guaranteed to become WWE champion only to drop it to the face of the company and help get ratings up. It's wasn't ever going to be a long term deal and besides didn't he get hurt. He's not there to constantly get pushed to the top like the same people. Sure there is going to be a different WWE champion every so often but it'll all lead back to Cena eventually. Aslong as it isn't Ryberg.

    Daniels is great but if he hasn't become TNA champion by now, it doesn't look like it'll happen.

    Besides it's not like Sting is doing anything extraordinary to help talent get over and yet he gets another title shot? There was a perfect opportunity to put Morgan over last !mpact and give him a nice rub in the process but Hogan didn't see it this way and it's not like Sting did or said anything to change the outcome which he very well could have done.

    Summer is coming though so hopefully something will happen with Morgan but the way things are being run, it doesn't look so good and of course it'll be asking to much from Hogan and his legendary ego.

  • 1's Wraith

    There's one wrestler is in his 40's who's not mentioned either but who is a much better choice than anyone that was mentioned above and that's Angle.

    Kurt Angle helped carry TNA for years and even in the midst of his slutty wife whoring herself into Jarretts arms, he was professional enough to stay around along with the surrounding talent were doing the same ratings they were before Hogan and his backwards ideology arrived. Sting has just about always been involved in some main event for years now. which is clearly an overlap that something is wrong.

    • Brad Drysdale

      That was the point I was trying to make in my article. If there was no one else, then I would not have a problem with Sting challenging Bully Ray. But look who's sitting on the sidelines at the moment- many young, hungry guys who become more and more frustrated and care less about the company. It really sucks and I feel for those guys.
      If Sting put on AWESOME matches- again, I wouldn't have a problem. But in my opinion his matches are not very entertaining.

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