AJ, Dixie, And The IWC – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


What I really like about this story is that it’s fueled by the Internet. TNA found a way to use whatever the IWC said in a story line while some fans are trying to describe Dixie’s heel turn as your normal boss heel turn. I disagree with this argument. Let us be honest here, most of the time the IWC loves to bash TNA either if they make good decisions or not. Plus, most of the fans that are part of the IWC think that they know it all. If they know how to run a business well, why don’t they start up a wrestling company?? If it was so easy why did ECW and WCW run out of business and vanished in a painful way?? TNA actually did try to do what the fans say. They brought big stars that should attract more people, so what did TNA do??

1 – Christian, 2 – Booker T, 3 – Kurt Angle, 4 – Kevin Nash, 5 – Kurt Angle, 6 – Jeff Hardy, 7 – Sting, 8 – Eric Bischoff, 9- Vince Russo, 10 – Hulk freaking Hogan. Can you go bigger than Hulk Hogan?? Is there any name out there bigger than Hulk Hogan??! These names that I actually mentioned are the BIGGEST names in wrestling history. Don’t lie to yourself that TNA can’t go bigger than this. They even brought RVD on board, so who else could they bring?? John Cena??? So was the response positive?? Did more fans care?? Was the IWC happy?? Well “nope”, on the contrary, the IWC’s response was, “Hey look, TNA is using washed up WWE stars.” They kept bashing TNA and when TNA releases one of these stars or if one of them quits, “Hey look, he is jumping ship. TNA is a sinking ship man. I can’t wait to see them go out of business and Vince buys the company.” Then when one of these stars goes back to WWE, “Hey, RVD is back ‘YES, YES, YES’ thanks WWE. You still got it Rob. It is really confusing to see such responses.

Another thing that catches my attention is when a fan gives you the feeling that he is a business man that needs to get discovered and gives you a list of what TNA should do and he begins the list by saying fire all the big stars like Hogan and Kurt Angle because they are old. Well in the WWE, people love to see people like Booker T, Triple H, HBK, and The Undertaker. Fact is, when these stars appear on RAW ratings go sky high. Face it, they are great assets plus even WWE knows that, even though Hogan is old, he is damn important. Look at how they are advertising the guy on their latest video game and by putting his name on fan polls. WWE knows that Hogan is ‘best for business’. What if Hogan decides to go back to the E?? YES, YES, YES welcome back Hogan!!! The IWC will say, “Hey look, Hogan left TNA. TNA is a sinking ship!!!”

“Go live TNA!” So TNA went live. “Hey TNA, get out of the Impact Zone.” So, TNA went out of the Impact zone. TNA did everything the IWC asked for. TNA did everything Hogan and EB said and the result… More bashing from the IWC. In the last few months, TNA did a damn great job in making TV specials and PPV quality matches on free TV. That is not a good thing to talk about though. Even when it comes to WWE the IWC, they are also annoying but not as annoying when it comes to TNA. And this is the worst drawback of WWE’s monopoly in the wrestling market since WCW went out of business back in 2001. Having one major company made some people say, “Hey, no one can compete with WWE. WWE will squash them.” Face it, TNA is a fresh breath of air in the wrestling world. WWE needs an alternative.

One of the interesting comments that I have read before is, ”Bring back the 6 sided ring.” Come on, you really think that a ring will bring good stories and ratings?? You watch a show for the ring??? It is like watching porn for the plot!! And even when TNA had the 6 sided ring, what did some people say?? “This ring is annoying.” But the most disrespectful thing is when you go and bash Dixie Carter. I’m not saying not to criticize her, but there are limits!! It was obvious that people love to call Dixie names and disrespect her on the internet!! When Dixie launched the “#AskDixie” some had fun kicking Dixie around and calling her names instead of acting like adults and use the hash tag the right way. Some fans decided to act like dicks. So, TNA realized something and that was whatever Dixie and the company tries to do, the IWC won’t be satisfied!! And even though TNA did a LOT of mistakes, and this website here addressed all of these mistakes, but does Dixie and TNA deserve to get bashed like this?? Dixie and her parents stepped up and saved TNA. We have to admit this. This leads me to Dixie’s heel turn. I can say it is a defensive turn. When you these bashing comments from the fans and your biggest star comes out and bashes you as well, (Though AJ has a point in what he said. The guy was fair by bringing all of these big names affected the TNA originals in a bad way. TNA should have balanced between big stars and TNA’s originals like now.), what would you do if you are in Dixie’s shoes?? Turning Dixie heel is the natural response to all of this. She has the right to snap which gives the story a new element and I think this will lead to making Bully Ray join camp Dixie to benefit from whatever is happening between Dixie and AJ. What about Hogan?? Hogan is a big name and even WWE knows that Hogan is an asset, but if Hogan’s heart isn’t with TNA then why keep him?? If Hogan’s heart is with TNA then keep the guy. TNA could benefit from him backstage with the new stars and in marketing their product and, to be honest, TNA’s marketing is a bit poor. Some fans didn’t know that RVD, for example, was in TNA!!!! So at the end of the day, keeping Hogan or letting him go depends on Hogan himself, but he is and will always be an asset. WWE made him mean something in a PPV and a video game without him even being there!!!

This guy reminds me of the IWC

This guy reminds me of the IWC

Finally, what is TNA doing right now?? Well going on the road showed the problems. TNA’s mistakes were hidden when they were in the Impact Zone. TNA began to realize all of these mistakes and from the direction TNA is taking 2014 will be a new era for TNA. Right now TNA is in a changing phase. The results will begin to take place in 2014. We just have to wait and see…

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  • http://luchalibre.webs.com/ Luchador

    most of the IWC are WWE fan boys wich do what WWE tells them, 2 samples Husky Harris they brought him back as Bray Wyatt a character like from the swamp or something and they like wow, loss matadores wrestlers that are known but this time with masks and different names another dumb gimmick that they bought also. I don't know if they like to play dumb and be fooled by WWE or just plain dumb

    • mikey

      One of the best things Wcw did was throw random guys out there to have matches, so wwe as well as tna do some new things, give guys more than one chance at there dream. (although the luchadores aren’t my cup of tea) atleast there new and not the same old stuff. Oh and does it matter if people play or are dumb? What’s it your problem? Grow up and get off your soapbox

      • http://luchalibre.webs.com/ Luchador

        I don't see how by changing their names and covering their faces is giving a second chance

  • cinimodyeslah

    agreed:) amazing article:)

  • https://twitter.com/TNA_is_Best Chris

    First, if I had the money, I might get a wrestling company. Who knows? It's not that people out there don't have the expertise or know how, it's that they don't have the money to do it.

    Yes, TNA has brought in big names. TNA has been called a retirement home for the wrestlers that WWE releases. To be realistiic, at times, I have definitely seen that. Come on, TNA seems to complain about money yet sends tons of money over to Sting, HH, and Angle. I am glad RVD is gone. For a while, I loved him being there but it didn't seem like he really did much for the company. Who did he put over? For a while, I also loved Christian Cage and Kurt Angle. When CC was there, he was my second favorite wrestler. When Angle was there, and during his first few years at TNA he was my favorite wrestler. But I am not sure that Angle should still wrestle. Now hold on before you think that I am attacking him. Angle is one of the best wrestlers. Let me explain my thoughts.

    You are right about fans loving when HBK and Taker come back. I remember watching Raw before WrestleMania and seeing HBK return. I love when legends come back for a night. When they stay more than a night or come back to be involved in a storyline, that's when its not fun anymore. When WWE stars leave TNA, it is good riddance. When WWE stars return to the E, it's cool because that is where they started. It would be as if AJ Styles left TNA then came back a year later. We would all love his return. It is because that is where the star started out. That is why it always feels so weird to me when I see a person who did great in TNA (R-Truth, Low Ki, Christian Cage) go to WWE. True, CC started out in WWE but he made a bigger impact in TNA.

    You are right. I was one of them who said, "Go live! Ditch the impact zone!" And look! It has worked! And TNA did do a great job in doing the ppv specials and great impact shows. The crowd has been so much better since going on the road. Not to mention the production! TNA has always been a breath of fresh air from WWE.

    In the first month or so that the four-sided ring was introduced in TNA, I very much disliked it. But I learned to like it. I really like it now and now it might seem weird for them to go back to six sides.

    TNA's marketing is poor. I am not sure how they can make it better or all of the ways to do it. But yes, there are many people out there that know about WWE and have never heard of TNA Wrestling. Then when they watch it, they are excited to see all the stars they used to see in the E.

    The reason why I am not a big fan of the legends is because they have been main eventing in TNA. Come on! You have Bully Ray for champion for how long? Sting in the main event? What is that? That is crazy! It's not about not liking legends, it's about paying them way more than the TNA originals just because they are a name that everyone knows. If they can't wrestle anymore, talking about Sting, fire them. Fire Angle. Now I think Angle can still wrestle. It just really bugs me that TNA feels it doesn't have enough money to pay wrestlers such as AJ Styles, Mickie James, and whoever else, but they have more than enough to deal out to the legends such as Stinger and Hogan and Angle and Bully Ray and Chavo Guerrero. Fire all of them. Not because they are all bad, but because if you did get rid of them, you would have tons of money for young top-tier talent who can really wrestle. I don't like the idea of anyone not having money to live on. But these people do have money to live on! They are the legends of the business! Since they are a legend, it is not a huge concern for them to not get more TNA paychecks. Give young stars that are in their prime all of the money that those legends of the business are getting.

  • Steven kelly

    I love tna have for 3 years i think theyre worst error was not letting daniels win the title off jeff hardy just before they came to england last. I mean they knew jeff couldnt travel so doing a tour and a month worth of tna without the champ was a mistake daniels could easily have dropped the belt bk to hardy when they got bk to america and it would have bn a fitting reward for his hard work over years or do u have to have two torn acls to get a shot sheesh

  • kyle

    yeah i do heat the iwx yyc or what ever they cry and complain about everything, then they get what they want rating's goes down and then ywc reviewer tna is so great but there rating. LOL i love tna if i had a dream job that would be it. wrestle, ref or manager something would be a dream.

  • slimrjs

    I have watch TNA / Impact since MEM 1.0 was formed and the Sunday before the end of the PPV where Nash turned on Joe and Sting became champ. The IWC were scratching their heads as to what happened !!! I entered following this company at the right time, At that tine of the ex-WWE talent I see the WWE getting was Joe with him dropping 50 pounds. Now I would not seeing WWE hiring any of the home grown TNA talent. Are the IWC the bad guys I do not think so. Is it Dixie not really as she was doing too much to begin with promoting shows, asking for feedback somebody else should do that under a generic TNA account. I feel this is a PR nightmare this company refuses to promote itself outside of Spike TV. In fact, this website promotes tonight shows more than TNA itself. Leaving the Impact Zone was not an Impact decision it the venue decision to boot TNA from the property. Going on the road without figuring what the company needed to make with making a profit and seeing big losses at every site is TNA's problem not the IWC. As for the wrestlers the only non WWE talent I would slightly consider hiring is Aries the rest of locker room is too old to provide any return in value to the WWE. If the rest of the Impact want to continue go to Mexico or Japan where past US performers are more valuable now like Lance Archer , Davy Boy Smith Jr.