AJ Styles’ New Look – What Has Happened To Him?

We all know AJ Styles as one of the best wrestlers in TNA Wrestling. In fact, he can wrestle for the spot as one of the best ones in the world. AJ Styles always got the name “Mr. TNA” or “The face of TNA.” Him representing TNA is so far off right now that it is almost insulting.

AJ Styles hasn’t had a great 2012. In fact, 2011 wasn’t a great year for him either. 2012 featured him in a long and hard-fought battle with Chrstopher Daniels and Kazarian as he had a “relationship with TNA President Dixie Carter. It then went to Claire Lynch. The big drama finally ended with AJ fighting Daniels at Final Resolution. Of course, AJ lost that match. In the middle of December, AJ Styles cut a promo where he said he will do his own thing. We haven’t seen Styles since…until now!

We actually seen Styles on this week’s Impact Wrestling in a video that TNA’s cameras filmed. The picture of Styles is below:


It is hard to see Styles like this. I know it is a storyline and I sure hope TNA goes somewhere with this that will lead AJ to the main event title shot… and win! It is quite hard to see the guy like this. His talents are being wasted. He should be on TNA every week. They should have built the company around him. There’s no need to have him missing for 2 months.

What do you think? Has this messed up AJ’s character or is this setting up for something bigger?

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  • saad rehman

    cool looking

  • Bob

    Just like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles is being horribly wasted in TNA. He was stealing the show 10 years ago in ROH. Now he's supposed to be in his fucking PRIME, but instead he's a shadow of what he once was.

  • Gergg

    Wouldnt mind seeing AJ doing a "Sting " and becoming an "independent" wrestler. Someone needs to continue Stings storyline when he retires and AJ would be perfect for it.