AJ Styles Travels The World Story – Where Do You Stand?

The world is a mystery. There are things that we will never understand. We live our life as we do. We live it as we please with curiosity and questions. There are answers we get to our questions, but there are also questions that we ask that aren’t answered. They actually can’t be answered. It is beyond our control. Simply put, there are mysteries in our world that we have to live with.

TNA Wrestling held their Bound for Glory PPV on October 20, 2013 where AJ Styles defeated Bully Ray for the TNA World Title. He appeared in the next episode of Impact Wrestling but that was his last appearance. We haven’t seen him on the show since. The story is that AJ took the TNA World Title and “left” the company. However, he is still under TNA contract. The casual fan doesn’t and shouldn’t know that though. At any rate, AJ took the TNA World Title and headed to Mexico’s AAA promotion and defended it against El Mesias. He, of course, retained the title. Below are some pictures of his appearance at the event:



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AJ Styles just headed over to Japan and wrestled at a Wrestle-1 promotion show where he faced and beat Seiya Sanada. Right after the event aired, TNA Wrestling released an update on AJ Styles and possible future appearances. Here is an excerpt from their statement:

Over the last several days Styles has reportedly received inquiries from promoters in the UK, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Syles also told the Wrestle-1 crowd last night that he intended to return to Japan.

An #Impact365 video was published on Friday where Dixie Carter talked about AJ Styles and his travel agenda. She threatened legal action on any promotion that would be using the TNA Title. To answer questions, this is part of the story. Here is the video:

As this feud and story continues to develop, I began to think about it overall and how it is being looked at. Richard Gray from WrestlingNewsWorld.com sent some tweets out on his official Twitter account. Below are said tweets:







I completely understand where Richard is coming from. In fact, I agree with him to an extent. While I do agree, I have to disagree. AJ won the TNA World Title and then took it home with him. He “left” the company. He left with the TNA World Title. Dixie comes out the following week and states AJ is not champion. He is stripped of the title and she makes a tournament to find a new champion. However, AJ still has the title. It’s not about trying to understand what is going on but it’s about what side to take. AJ Styles’ fans… the fans who cheer for the babyface characters will side with AJ and say that he is champion because he HAS the title. The heel based fans will have to side with Dixie because she is the one in charge. What she says goes. If she says the company is going back to Orlando… then it’s going back to Orlando.

Wrestling fans always have that hunger for reality. They love to see a story or feud become real and personal. Face it, reality based television is what the television world is turning into. TNA Wrestling is trying to bring a story to reality. Everyone knows AJ “left” with the title. The company asked themselves, “How do we make this realistic?” They went to several promotions and set deals. They were able to have AJ Styles go there with the title. The promotions supported it. The sound of having the biggest title in a company at another company’s show is draw-dropping. Imagine if we seen Bret Hart bring the WWE</> Title to WCW?!

I always try to think of the casual wrestling fans when I analyze the wrestling business. Face it, casual wrestling fans make up the majority of viewership of any wrestling show. Wrestling companies need to cater to them. They need to make them happy and interested so they keep tuning in every single week. I love reading and seeing AJ Styles in different promotions with the title, but the majority of the casual wrestling fans who watch the product have no idea what’s going on. If they don’t know what is going on, do you think they will keep tuning in?

I wrote on my Facebook page that it is essential for TNA Wrestling to show AJ Styles on their show via video or pictures of some sort. They need to show him traveling the world with the TNA World Title. They need the casual wrestling fan to get involved. They need to give the fans the knowledge otherwise they wouldn’t understand. However, doing this would be tricky because he is “not” employed by the company. Luckily the “Friends of AJ” paid for a spot on the show to air these videos.

Nothing in the world is perfect. No one is perfect and there’s never a storyline that is perfect. Saying this story has been flawless is an overstatement. Saying it has been perfect is absolutely false. TNA Wrestling, in my mind, is doing two things with this story. The first one os making you pick a side. Who do you believe – Dixie Carer or AJ Styles? Is AJ the real champion because he has the title or is the person who wins the tournament the real champion because it was made from the President of the company? The second thing is that TNA is trying to make it realistic. Reality in the wrestling business is tough because of the internet and how easy anyone can get information. The company is trying to make it seem real. They want you to think AJ is making history right now (which technically he is). Sure, AAA or Wrestle-1 aren’t huge promotions, but they play a huge role in the countries they are in and don’t forget, TNA is more of an international company. No one would be attacking if we saw the WWE Championship appear at a WCW show. I would love to read your reaction and thoughts to this current TNA story.

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  • phenomenal1

    Great article. Personally I am loving the storyline, I was worried how they would let the casuals know about aj’s endeavours, but I am glad they used the “friends of AJ” card as its perfectly plausible for a scorned member of staff to air it without dixxie knowing. Maybe dixxie should find who the “culprit” is have her bully the person then aj comes and makes the save. He would be like a hero coming to save the day.

  • Aaronscottj

    Friends of AJ should be a Spike sanctioned deal, I’m trying to think how AJ will be granted a Title v Title Match when he returns. Dixie would have to be overruled, but exactly by whom is what I can’t figure out.

    • Alex Barie

      Absolutely great point! I completely forgot about how that match would actually happen by detail. I was thinking he would come back and then challenge the champion of the tournament, but, as you said, who will make that decision and let that happen? Will Dixie? What about someone else? Unless they forget that detail all together, but that will lack severe logic.

  • http://Mobage.com Steven kelly

    Aarom has a point who would sanction aj vs the new champion match unless he kept goading and attacking said champ till he snapped or he goads dixie till she does but apart frm that its a great story and i love that jay bradley hinted on #365 that he would share footage its going to keep us guessing til im betting ppv genesis

  • http://www.tnanews.com/gut-check-didnt-they-see-nexus/ Sean

    A great analysis of the AJ Styles situation, using the comments of the main boss too. The problem we have, is some can't appreciate the complexities and demand instant results. AJ Styles' situation is being used to help underline the enormity of the discrepancies AJ endured in TNA. But some people may not like this, as they want him back, to have the situation resolved. Just like the mentioned Bryan and Orton situation, which to some was irritating that it wasnt resolved on the night, but it helped to underline how unfair Bryan's treatment was.
    Both situations havent really been done before. Its something to enjoy, something for us to remember it, to make it memorable.

  • TNAisamazing

    I really like the storyline and I hate that people are comparing it to the Punk storyline. Punk 'left' for like a week and then came back. AJ is ACTUALLY defending it in other companies

    • carlos_whey

      Beacuse they know tna is doing this storyline better shit if cm punk wouldav come back to his home turf ROH with the WWE title that would have been epic but he didnt so im happy tna is doing it with aj

  • dean

    CM PUNK "came" back to wwe after A week because McMahon did not want to see his title defended in small prmotions like ring of honor and the indys.

    wwe is the MAIN promotion in the industry so it can afford to act like other promotions do not exist or are irrelevant to them.

    with tna going back to universal studios after FAILING to draw fans and money at road tv tapings, Dixie carter might as well change her precious title into the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS CHAMPIONSHIP and she better give mickey mouse , goofy , and pluto title shots at the theme park.

    • carlos_whey

      Wouldnt that be disneyland ? Dumbass

  • http://hulkhoganhistory.weebly.com The Boss

    This whole issue (not to mention your article) would be so much easier to understand and follow if you would simply distinguish between the title (the championship and the right to be called champion) and the physical belt (which by itself means nothing and is only a trophy). We need to stop referring to the belt as “title” as it only shows laziness and causes unnecessary confusion and this AJ angle is a prime example.

    Stated properly the angle is explained as follows:

    AJ Styles won the championship (or title) at Bound for Glory but he no longer had a contract (kayfabe) so Dixie stripped him of the title (or championship) and ordered a tournament to crown a new champion. AJ however, feeling that was still the rightful champion and left the company with the belt still in his possession. While TNA prepares to crown a new champion AJ has been taking the belt around the world and “defending” it as if he was still champion.

    It’s not hard to understand if you use proper grammar. It’s time to stop referring to the belt as “title”.

    • Alex Barie

      Your whole explanation reminds me of Richard's Gray tweet where he stated: "The champ isn’t really the champ so they’re crowning a new champ but the champ is defending the title in Japan. But – he’s not really champ."

      You go and say that we should stop referring to the belt as title, but you very well use it in your explanation. Obviously the word "title" has multiple meanings. The World Heavyweight Championship can be called the World Title or title can be used as a characteristic like Dixie Carter's title in TNA is that she is President of the company. See the difference?

      The point of the story… is AJ Styles the TNA World Champion or not?!

      • http://hulkhoganhistory.weebly.com The Boss

        I did not use the term “title” to describe the belt. I used it – correctly – to describe the championship. The belt is not the championship it is merely a trophy to decorate whomever holds the championship.

        A “title” refers to a descriptive headline or a rank/position. In the case of AJ Styles his title is “champion”. In a store your title might be “manager” or “assistant manager”, in a major business your title might be “executive” or “CEO”. But no where in the dictionary does it say that the word “title” refers to a belt. Do do so only shows a lack of control of the English language and poor grammar gives the impression (correctly or incorrectly) of poor intelligence.

        • Alex Barie

          I would have understood your last sentence if the beginning made any sense at all.

          If you are on a mission to fix the way people use the word "title" you better start telling others from WWE.com to ImpactWrestling.com to every wrestling reporting site.

          In the case of the english language, I guess the wrestling world shouldn't use the word "heel" to describe the bad people on wrestling shows. That seems to be your logic. I'm sure this whole thing is a kayfabe…. oh wait.

  • Ryan b

    AJ Styles did well in Mexico. Is he being paid by TNA or those companies? Only problem is you KNOW AJ Styles won’t lose. No Chance. Good story 100%

  • http://Mobage.com Steven kelly

    I noticed watching footage of japan defence and tna have messed up. We all know that ajs theme is tna property ergo if he isnt contracted to tna he cant use it but they played get ready to fly in japan as his intro music epic fail

    • carlos_whey

      An how will this affect tna ? Last time i rememberd im about to piss many of you but
      Wrasslin is fake its funny how u guys put so much attention to small things like ajs intro music in wrestle-1 haha just shut up an enjoy the match