An Alternate Slammiversary Main Event


The main event of TNA Slammiversary has been involved in controversy, and not for the reasons one may think. MVP recently injured his knee while performing in the UK, calling into question his chances of participating at this year’s event. Ideas and “what if’s” are being thrown around as to what could happen in the event MVP is not able to compete. Well, here is a booking move that could take Slammiversary into a new gear and deliver not only a guaranteed TNA World Heavyweight Championship match, but a main event that has the potential to tear the house down. Remember, MVP could be cleared to wrestle on June 15th, but in the event he is unable to, follow along…

The show opens up backstage with Kenny King, Bobby Lashley and MVP in his gear laid out. As the camera pans from the group, we see a hand holding a pipe. The camera moves up and Bobby Roode is breathing heavy as he looks down at the fallen. The pay-per-view begins.

One match in and Dixie Carter meets with Bobby Roode as he is leaving the building. They exchange un-pleasantries, but Dixie appreciates Bobby taking out MVP. Because they need a main event match, Dixie offers Bobby a chance for the title in the main event as a “reward”. Bobby deliberates and accepts, but makes it perfectly clear that he owes Dixie nothing. He makes his way back into the ring as Dixie quietly proclaims “Oh, but you will”.

After Bully Ray’s match against EC3,and giving EC3 his first singles loss, Bully Ray calls out Dixie and demands to be put in the main event tonight as he saw the exchange between herself and Bobby Roode. As much as he is there to watch EY’s back, he wants to be champion just as much too. A few sly words back and forth between the two and Dixie finally gives in after a threat from Bully to put her through a table, which he almost does. The main event of Slammiversary is a No Disqualification Three Way Dance for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: TNA Champion Eric Young defending against Bully Ray and Bobby Roode.

Tearing the house down, all three leave it in the ring with Eric Young picking up a huge win, cementing himself further as a legitimate and fighting TNA Champion for the people. Bully Ray shakes his hand as Bobby Roode shakes his hand as well, but leaves the ring in disappointment and frustration for losing the match. Bully leaves and Eric Young has his Slammiversary moment as confetti surrounds the arena with our world champion in the middle of the ring.

It’s a real possibility that MVP may not be able to compete and this alternate Slammiversary main event gives the fans something special for the night. You have three of the best professional wrestlers in the 2nd biggest event in TNA, the first being Bound for Glory, putting on a wrestling clinic (in the case of Bobby Roode and Eric Young) and putting on a no-nonsense, get the job done pretty nasty performance (in the case of Bully Ray). This is a formula for an exciting main event and a captivating way to top/ end the night. On another note, these three are more than deserving in receiving a title shot and should be the three leading the main event scene after Slammiversary as we make our way towards Bound for Glory 2014.

What are your thoughts on this alternate take on Slammiversary’s main event in the event MVP is unable to compete? Give us your thoughts below and let’s get the conversation going!

The Misunderstood Anti-Hero,
Ric Santos

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  • CJ Blaze

    I would definitely want to see the scenario you came up with. Would make the show a lot better than what it seems to be so far.

  • Luchador

    Have Joe beat MVP and take his spot, Joe and Eric are face but Joe has frustration built up and wants the belt and Eric wants to keep it badly

  • O’m7

    I would have TNA post on twitter earlier on in the day saying Dixie Carter has been hospitalised after falling down some stairs, then leave it an hour for an update with another tweet indicating she had been assaulted & police have detained someone for questioning, then leak it out that it’s Bully Ray that is been questioned.
    The show starts with JB explaining events that have happened earlier in the day while a video shows medics attending to Dixie at the bottom of the stairs 7 been brought to hospital in an ambulance, followed by Bully been arrested. JB then says here’s an update from John Gubrick,.. John says Dixie is conscious however is having trouble remembering what happened & that following questioning Bully Ray has been released after his alibi of been at a local gym checked out & John say’s his match with EC3 will go ahead.. EC3 interrupts him & say’s he knows that piece of crap is behind this 7 will pay for what he did to Aunt D.
    The first match starts The Bro-mans vs The Menagerie, when that match finishes it cuts to MVP in his office with Bobby Lashley & he’s telling Bobby to tell the police he was with him all day. Then it’s Madison vs Britney match, then backstage & the police detectives are questioning MVP & he’s telling them he was with Bobby Lashley all day, the detectives leave the room to question Bobby Lashley whether he was with MVP or not. Bobby tells them he was with his wife all day & hadn’t seen MVP until about two hours ago, MVP is arrested for assaulting Dixie Carter, he starts calling Lashley all the names under the sun.
    Next match Mr Anderson vs James Storm, after that match & it’s backstage with John Gubrick & Al Snow & they say there about to have a video conference with with the Board of Directors to discuss tonights Main Event. Next match Magnus vs Willow. Backstage again & John & AL Invite the camera crew into the office & tell them after discussions with the Board & the chaos of the day, that they have decided to go TNA old school & have a King of the Mountain match for the World title involving Eric Young, Aries, Samoe Joe, Bobby Roode. Bobby Lashley & Gunner,
    I’d run this story for a few weeks in a who attacked Dixie mystery a bit like who shot JR kind of way, at the end of it I’d have it turn out Dixie got Bobby Lashley onside, MVP say’s money is power well guess what? Dixie has more more of it & she told MVP he’d pay… It emerges that after getting Lashley onside all she had to do was set up a fake meeting for MVP to attend that required him to sit long hours in traffic on his own & the final part of the plan was to pay The Beautiful People to attack her & then pretend she had amnesia.