Are General Managers Of Wrestling Shows Necessary Anymore?

There are two reasons why I thought of this article. One reason is because of TNA Wrestling and the other reason is because of WWE. First off, there has been a lot of disgruntled people because they see Hulk Hogan, who is the general manager of Impact Wrestling, multiple times during the show. On WWE’s end, Vickie Guerrero was “fired” on WWE Raw and Brad Maddox became the new general manager. I asked myself what these general managers really mean. Are they really necessary on a wrestling show anymore? Let’s analyze!


First off, I want to start off with TNA! As I stated, Hulk is the general manager of the show. Now, general managers on the show have the role of “being in charge” of said show. They make the matches and they enforce the rules. So, while Hulk may appear multiple times during the show and he may even appear every time the show starts… his role is to run the show. So, it only makes sense to show him to announce the matches and try to make the show an organizational success.

As I also stated before, Brad Maddox is now the new general manager of Raw because Vickie Guerrero was “fired” by Stephanie McMahon. The whole evaluation segment really brought life to the whole business side. While Triple H is the COO, Vince McMahon is the Chairman. What he says goes. So, no matter what kind of ideas or plans Triple H has, or even Stephanie, Vince has the final say. He gave up that say when he let Stephanie decide the fate of Vickie. So, Brad now has the description of the guy “in charge”. I picked up two things in this segment that join together about how the wrestling business works.

In reality, we know that the general mangers don’t have any control. We know there is a team of creative bookers who what the script for each wrestling show. It then gets passed to the actual person in charge, whether it would be Vince or Dixie Carter. They, the owners, have the final say. As technology grows, so does our knowledge of the wrestling business. Those people who are either very new to the product or the younger generation do not know the ins and outs of the business. In fact, when I was young, I believed that the general manager actually had the power. I even praised Eric Bischoff back in 2002 because I thought he was the one who really invented the Elimination Chamber! With that being said, the general managers have that role for those type of people. After looking at it now, can’t they make it more believable?

After the whole evaluation segment on Raw, the company structure was shown. The general managers were as low as they can be in regards to having “power”. It shot up from there to Stephanie McMahon and then Triple H. Finally it was Vince McMahon. Sure, you have some other officials like Kevin Dunn as Richard Gray wrote about in the final question here. There are just so many top tier people. Having too many could be disastrous as each top person has to be on the same point as the others. What we saw on the past couple weeks on Raw was a perfect example. Triple H wanted Vickie Guerrero to do something but Vince wanted Vickie to do the opposite. It’s just like that in the real world. To answer my question above… wouldn’t it be more believable if they had one of the top officials run the show?

Paul Heyman

Also during the evaluation segment, Vince McMahon stated that Vickie Guerrero was the most entertaining general manager of all-time. I certainly can’t disagree that she is entertaining, but how do you characterize a good GM? By the matches they “make” or by the unpredictable stories that occur? Who really is the best general manager because they really don’t make matches or even sign superstars? We seen them range from Stone Cold Steve Austin to Mick Foley to even a computer. Ultimately, the creative writers are the actual general managers. They are the ones who write the script. In reality, the whole general manager defies logic.

One of the better examples of a general manager is actually Hulk Hogan in TNA. While Hulk doesn’t have all of the power in the company, he does have quite a huge influence. In fact, he could be the number two person, with Dixie Carter being number one. Hulk makes sense. He has had power in the company since 2010. While things have changed on what he can do in those three years, he still has huge power.

At the end of the day, general managers are just an on-air role. They have as much influence on the show as the commentators do. With the way wrestling shows are these days, most of the matches are “made” by the superstars themselves. General managers are there for only show. On the other hand, having a general manager gives a wrestling show more of a real feel to it. It gives it that spice to make it like an actual brand. Now that the brand extension is over the role of a general manager diminished even more.

In conclusion, general managers are only characters that have as much influence on the show as a cupcake, but they have one of the main roles on that show. They are the one “in charge” of that show. The more knowledge fans gain the more we know about how a wrestling show is made. While general managers aren’t necessary, companies can very well make the role more believable. We know who write and run the show, so why not give them on-air roles? The more believable means the more we would question.

Imagine if Hulk Hogan, or even Dixie Carter, “fired” Kurt Angle? We would be questioning that whole story. Remember when Kurt lashed out on Hulk a few years ago on television? The wrestling world blew up. It was believable. It seemed real! There’s not a reason why the general manager role can’t be pushed to the limit.

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  • Joe E Valentine

    Bruce Prichard heads up the TNA creative team. He is doing most of the booking for TNA now.

  • phil

    In my opinion, tna should do these things
    1. leave hulk backstage most of the time (he can come out occasionally)
    2. please get brooke Hogan to concentrate on her job rather than bully ray/get brooke Hogan to leave
    3. get rid of Prichard from tna, there is very few good storylines at the moment, and he is useless as a gut check judge (his favourite word is 'no' I think)
    4. make the GM someone who does not ramble on about the same old things time and time again.
    5. reinstate the tv title, and use it as a title for mid carders
    6. bring less washed up mma stars in to the company, and bring in more young wrestlers from the uk, like rockstar spud, to prove that the company is international (possibly also have gut check involving uk wrestlers on the uk tour)
    Feel free to question me about any of the points, I can back them up

    • Joe E Valentine

      On point #2, just take Brooke Hogan off TV all together. Point #3, I believe you are wrong about Prichard. Aces and Eights v M.E.M is awesome. AJ going solo and all for himself is good. The whole deal with the x-division title and Austin Aries WAS good until they gave the title back to Saban. Killed all momentum on that one. Then the Magnus push within the BFG and him joining MEM is also very good.

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  • Charlie

    Point 3….You got your wish!