Bad Blood 2: AJ Styles, Dixie And The Aces & 8s

Last week’s show wasn’t about the wrestling because wrestling wise, it was an average show. Promo wise, however, the show delivered. This show tried to make the road to BFG matter and as a fan, I was satisfied.  So we have two important promos that opened up a lot of possibilities.  In other words, anything can happen in the upcoming weeks till we reach Bound for Glory:

1- The Aces and Eights promo.

2- The AJ Styles and Dixie confrontation. 

So we have a lot to talk about, IT’S SHOW TIME….

1- Bros before Hoes 

At No surrender, it was obvious that the rest of the Aces and 8s decided to throw Anderson under the train and keep following Bully Ray.  Why not?? The guy helped them in being a threat to TNA for more than a year and made them into something.  Plus, the Aces and 8s are brothers, “you’ll never walk alone” remember?!  So by helping the boss out, he’ll give them credit and things will be back to normal again and the Aces and 8s will be back as a unit to dominate the company.  Maybe all of these ideas and thoughts were in Wes, Garret and Knux’s minds when they decided to stop Anderson’s coup and help Bully Ray to retain his title.  Everything will be fine, what might go wrong??


So here we are, Bully is out with his belt alongside Brooke, Wes, Garret and Knux and everything looked good and the group is united once more until Bully Ray began to speak giving all the credit to Brooke and ignoring the rest of the group. By the way, there was a theme on last week’s episode but I’ll leave that when we reach the end of the article. So the natural result here is getting angry.  We helped you since day 1 and for what?? You and I saw this coming a long time ago.  Bully is using the group to keep the belt around him.  It was all a lie.  The whole “we are brothers and equal” line was just a big fat lie and Anderson was the first one to realize this and now the rest of the group began to realize that they are just puppets to Bully Ray.  He doesn’t really care about them.  He picked up a bunch of middle to low card wrestlers or people who were angry with TNA (Anderson and Devon) to help him win the title and that’s it.  So what is next?? Well everything is possible but if it was my call I’d make Wes, Garret and Knux help AJ to win his match against Bully at BFG to prove to Bully that he is nothing without them. A lot of things could happen, so let us just watch and see where this will lead to, but it is interesting to watch.  I love this new direction. One last thing, Knux is beginning to shine as he is a good wrestler with nice mic skills. As a company, you need people in the low and middle cards and Knux fits there well. He isn’t a main-eventer, but he is young and he’ll do well in TNA if they take care of him.


2-  TNA vs Dixie


When it comes to giving Dixie her wake up call, three wrestlers come to my mind: Sting, AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. Those three are really close to Dixie and they have a really great relation with her. On Facebook, Alex said something interesting: Why did AJ say that he will win the title for him, for the fans and the wrestlers in the back?  Isn’t this against his No One gimmick? Well I may have a theory about this and it all starts with this guy:

Kurt Angle and Dixie

Yes Kurt Angle! You see, Kurt alongside AJ, are the faces of TNA. They are the ones who are always there to save the day. They busted their butts for the company and have the respect of the fans. When the MEM was reformed, it was obvious that Kurt was the real leader. He acted like the leader and vowed to save the company from the Aces and 8′s and bring the belt back home, but things went south when he decided to go to rehab. So, TNA has to find someone to fill Kurt’s shoes to save the company. What about Sting? Well, if you ask me, I feel that Sting’s heart is elsewhere nowadays. A lot of people can feel this, plus Sting’s abilities are getting limited as days go by. His in ring years are limited so there is only one person to depend on, someone who TNA fans truly love and respect even if he doesn’t have the best mic skills in the world. He has been there since day 1 trying trying to create an alternative that you and I can watch. That’s AJ Styles! So Kurt’s decision to go to rehab led to this transformation and it is working. The ratings are getting stable and TNA fans are happy to see AJ getting back to where he really belongs. Plus, I don’t think that he totally ignored his “No One” gimmick. He wants to save the company alone his way. He doesn’t need any one to do so. Let’s face it, the guy can’t ignore the bad time this company is going through. Somebody must step up and save the company before it slips down to hell. So you come out and begin to kick the hell out of Dixie and, by the way, it seems that TNA did their homework and saw what people say on the internet because AJ just nailed it as he said the things that everybody was saying for awhile. I do think those same things were in AJ’s mind. The guy seemed pissed and those words came from the heart, so kudos to TNA for expressing all of these thoughts which kinda reminds me of CM Punk’s promo in 2011. As for Dixie, what were you expecting?? A heel turn was expected after what AJ said. Every authority figure reacts the same way when you question his/ her actions and judgments because they see what they are doing as good for business. Plus, Dixie and her family are the reason that TNA is still going. It was a natural reaction and saying anything but that is nonsense.


Theme of the week….

So what was the theme of the week?? The two promos had things in common. The main thing was the feeling of lack of appreciation and making questionable decisions. You see that Aces and 8′s are pissed that Bully brought people from outside the group and gave them all the credit while ignoring those who were there since day one and not giving them the appreciation that they deserve. And the fact that Bully made really bad decisions that they only have 4 members now!!! See where I’m going?? AJ also feels that he and the rest of the TNA originals are not appreciated and Dixie focused only on bringing wrestlers from WWE and gave them the car keys to run with while they actually didn’t respect TNA and it is true. Just read Kevin Nash’s comments or see Christian’s reaction when he came back to TNA for one night while those who loved the company were either released or decided to go and try their luck elsewhere and the result… lower ratings, financial issues and going back to square one. The Aces and 8′s think that Bully destroyed what made the group work and destroyed their chemistry. The same goes for AJ as he accused Dixie of destroying TNA’s chemistry. Last week was about spitting in the face of authority. Those promos told a story and while they may not be awesome wrestling wise, promo wise it was great. Stories were told and anything could happen, so let us wait and see…


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  • Steven kelly

    Im exited thats for sure

  • Brad Drysdale

    That was a good article, and these two storylines inevitably will meet somewhere between now and BFG.
    Here's the problem with the current direction leading up to the biggest PPV of the year.
    TNA has put on good PPVs traditionally not because of 1 or 2 good matches, but whole cards where every match is exciting. The last few years they have moved away from this, by not building up minor storylines and the feeling this year is similar: that AJ vs Bully has all the momentum and all the programming geared towards it.
    This comes at the expense of the rest of the card= we're 4 weeks out from TNA's version of Wrestlemania and we have only the main event booked, with not a lot of direction to what other matches we're going to see. I feel that the quality of BFG is going to suffer for this reason, because wrestling fans don't buy PPVs to see 1 good match, and then stick around for another 2.5 hours of stuff they don't care about. Well I don't anyway…hence why I stopped watching WWE PPVs

  • Chris

    It is just crazy Ric that you and Alex repeatedly say that AJ said that he would win for the guys in the back. He said that he would win for himself, the band of brothers and the fans. The band of brothers are the guys that he mentioned such as Low Ki, Jay Lethal, Petey Williams, Alex Shelley, Jerry Lynn. They are the people that were around in TNA before Bischoff and Hogan came in and that made TNA what it was. They are the originals and the ones that helped build TNA to the product that it was. The whole promo is about those guys and how Dixie screwed up TNA by bringing in so many WWE guys for nothing. Need an example? Booker T. Scott Steiner. Kevin Nash. You want me to keep going? Rob Van Dam. What the hell did he do? The only one that I can't really put here is The Pope D'Angelo Dinero because he started being a star here in TNA where WWE wouldn't let him be one.

    AJ's promo was not about the guys in the back. To heck with the guys (Legends) in the back. It's about the originals and the band of brothers that built TNA to the great product that it was. To even think that the promo had anything to do with Sting, Kurt Angle, or any of the other guys in the back is histerical. Screw the WWE/WCW Legends. Fire them all. Literally. Chavo, your fired. Angle, your fired. Sting, fired. Bully Ray, fired. Aces and Eights, fired. Hogan, fired. (Or at least off of TV like Bischoff did.) Bischoff can stay, just screw the legends. Daniels is still really good for a wrestler. Keep him. Release Jeff Hardy. He reminds everyone too much of WWE. On the same note, get rid of Taz.

    TNA- Get some talent of your own and stop releasing the true talent and keeping them off of the air (Abyss, Kenny King, EY can be great if he didn't always have to be a comedy act.) TNA has been great at getting talent. They just don't keep them for long. Every time they get a great star, they leave. Where is the Pope D'Angelo Dinero? Where is Kenny King? Build Samoa Joe up to be a dominant force like he was intended to be and like he was back when he and Angle were feuding. Sign some stars like WWE is doing. Open your eyes to the talent that is out there and not just signing legends.

    AJ Styles said the exact same thing many fans, including myself, have been saying for the longest time. Get Lethal back. Get Williams back. Get Alex Shelley back. Get Amazing Red back. Get the Young Bucks back. TNA is its best when it features the independent stars that give you great quality matches every time they step into the ring, not when legends such as Sting and Bully Ray main event pay-per-views.

    If TNA would release all of the "legends" they could easily sign some great talent! I am talking about the stars I mentioned earlier that AJ mentioned and Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, Davey Richards, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Jigsaw, and Jack Evans. Those are only the ones that come to mind. There are plenty of others TNA could sign. Think about it!

    How much money would TNA have if they released Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Sting, Chavo Guerrero, Bully Ray, Wes Brisco, Taz, Garrett Bischoff, Knux, and Jeff Hardy. I really wonder how much of their money just goes to this set of guys and how much goes to guys like AJ Styles, Robert Roode, Kaz, Daniels, Abyss, Samoa Joe, Manik, James Storm, Austin Aries, Chris Sabin, and Gunner.

    TNA's problem always seems to be money. In reality, that's not their problem at all. That's like saying that you are too busy to do something. No, it just means that your priorities are different and it's not high enough on your priorities. All the money problems mean is that you are spending it in the wrong places. It wasn't the wrong thing to take TNA on the road. It was (and still is) paying "legends of the business" way too much for hardly anything. What does Sting bring to the show? What does HH bring to the show? You say production. I say that is Bischoff's doing. I am okay with Bischoff if he would just get over his "you have to put legends in the main event" mentality!

    HH does nothing for TNA. He just comes out to his music, gets a pop from the crowd, tries to work the crowd the same way that he did 15 years ago, and treats everything like the 80s and 90s. Putting AJ as Flair? Abyss as Hogan? Give me a break. What does Angle do for TNA anymore? Don't get me started on Kurt Angle. He was my favorite wrestler for many years. I loved Kurt Angle. But I honestly do not think that he is worth as much as he is being paid. He is a legend and needs to hang it up. And Sting? Oh yes, I want to see a washed up legend who used to be huge in the 90s come wrestle with a shirt on. Sting does absolutely nothing for TNA anymore. He is so past his prime that it is not funny. It's not laughable. It's just sad.

    We need to listen more to Paul Heyman and Jim Ross than Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. If your over forty, im chopping you. See ya later! Your out of here! Why should I spend all my money on guys that can't do anything for the business?