Booking Destination X! – The X Leads To Gold

TNA Wrestling produced a fantastic Destination X broadcast tonight, easily removing all thoughts of the recent controversies behind the scenes. Destination X 2013 has lead us into what may be the next era in Impact Wrestling with Chris Sabin as our world champion. However, were the winners of tonight’s bouts the right winners? That is for you, the TNA faithful, to decide as we begin a special Destination X edition of Booking Impact! here on

Destination X


Bound for Glory Series Match: Bobby Roode Vs. Austin Aries
TNA Booking Sheet: Austin Aries def. Bobby Roode
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Austin Aries def. Bobby Roode
Analysis: Not only did we see a stellar match between two technically gifted athletes, but two possible story lines were progressed effectively. Austin Aries picking up the win not only ups his game in returning to the main event scene, but Bobby Roode is now experiencing a shift in his goal of dominance in the Bound for Glory series.

This could lead to a more dangerous Bobby Roode. It’s almost reminiscent of Chris Jericho in WCW, where the losses piled up until he began to snap. A much needed change for the It Factor may be in order. Great match and spot on booking.

X-Division Championship Match Qualifier: Homicide Vs. Petey Williams Vs. Sonjay Dutt
TNA Booking Sheet: Sonjay Dutt def. Homicide and Petey Williams
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Sonjay Dutt def. Homicide and Petey Williams
Analysis: This match could have been a hard one to book, as Sonjay Dutt is deserving of a chance to compete for the X-Division Championship and Petey Williams would have been an interesting player in the title mix. This is most likely a one shot for Homicide so he is out of the equation right off the bat.

Sonjay picks up the win because, as stated, he is deserving and brings a unique high flying element. Mike Tenay said it best: Sonjay Dutt is the best X-Division athlete to never win the X-Division title. Sonjay is the right kind of X-Division talent for the job.

X-Division Championship Match Qualifier: Chavo Guerrero Vs. Kenny King Vs. Manik
TNA Booking Sheet: Manik def. Chavo Guerrero and Kenny King
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Kenny King def. Chavo Guerrero and Manik
Analysis: The argument can be made that Manik is on a bit of a role since returning to TNA (we can give a bit of credit to Austin Aries for bringing Suicide/ Manik to light weeks ago). He has been on point in his matchups and hasn’t disappointed yet. Kenny King, on the other hand, looked to be the X-Division leader this year. Starting 2013 strong, he has been in a bit of a decline as of late.

Kenny King should be a key component in the X-Division title scene. He plays his character well, can hold his own on the mic and really brought prestige back into the X-Division. Kenny should have won and advanced as the avenging heel, looking to make it back to the top with no one standing in his way. Manik brings in a great chemistry, but he could have been used for a future qualifier to advance and gain a shot at Kenny King as the champion.

Cheers to Chavo Guerrero for competing. However, Chavo is not a good fit in the X-Division. He seemed a bit odd in the X-Division scenario.

X-Division Championship Match Qualifier: Rubix Vs. Rockstar Spud Vs. Greg Marasciulo
TNA Booking Sheet: Greg Marasciulo def. Rubix and Rockstar Spud
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Wes Brisco def. Rubix and Greg Marasciulo
Analysis: This match, as broadcasted on Destination X, should not have happened and was the strangest match of the night. Rockstar Spud has not been on TV enough to warrant any championship opportunity. Rubix was included to spice up the match and bring some guaranteed excitement. Greg Marasciulo was the wild card and picked up the win on the strength of his WWE recognition. However, a win my Greg Marasciulo should not have been the end of the match. The last qualifier should have been completely different!

Wes Brisco should have been included to replace Rockstar Spud. A storyline would be in place where Mr. Anderson would show doubt in Bully’s chances but hides it from the rest of the Aces. He would approach Wes about his idea, being that Wes is in great shape and “looks like he can take care of the X-Division on behalf of the Aces & 8′s”. He finds a way to get Wes in and Wes picks up the win and advances (with the help of Mr. Anderson, of course). Bully then praises Anderson for his idea and Mr. Anderson sucks in the adulation, but keeps his true feelings regarding Bully and the world title to himself.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Sabin Vs. Bully Ray(C)
TNA Booking Sheet: Chris Sabin def. Bully Ray to become NEW TNA Heavyweight Champion
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Bully Ray def. Chris Sabin to retain the TNA Heavyweight Championship
Analysis: First and foremost, congratulations to Chris Sabin on a hard fought win. He has proved that he CAN hang with the big boys of TNA wrestling. The two put on a powerful wrestling match that created history and will affect the landscape going into next week’s broadcast.

Despite the victory by Sabin, Bully should have retained in the name of story progression. Bully Ray needed to be a long term champion in order to truly assert his and the Aces’ dominance. Not that they haven’t already, but as wrestling fans know, lengthy title wins bring much more prestige and importance to the championship. Bound for Glory is coming up in a few months with the BFG Series going strong. A loss to the winner of the Bound for Glory Series at Bound for Glory would have been an even more exciting moment for TNA Wrestling, especialy after losing its grip of the title for most of the year in this scenario. But again, congratulations to Chris Sabin on his win and becoming the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Do you agree or disagree with my booking of tonight’s Destination X? Sound off below and thank you for reading another edition of Booking Impact!, the Destination X special!

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  • TNA Chris

    Annoying how they made Sabin look god awful in that match giving him zero offense after those kick and slapping match.

    • Ric Santos

      I disagree. He looked great and told an underdog story. It looked as though he had no chance and legitimately seemed like the loser towards the end. However, he proved everyone wrong.