Booking Hardcore Justice Part 2 – A Return To Grace

Impact Wrestling: Hardcore Justice Part 2 delivered on all fronts tonight from beginning to end, with even the Joseph Park bout getting a great response from the crowd! Say what you will about any backstage happenings, TNA Wrestling can put on a great show for the fans. Tonight, as always here, we ask the question: Do you agree with the booking of tonight’s matches on Impact Wrestling: Hardcore Justice Part 2? Booking Hardcore Justice Part 2 starts now!



Bobby Roode & Kazarian Vs. TNA Tag Team Champions James Storm & Gunner
TNA Booking Sheet: Bobby Roode & Kazarian def. James Storm & Gunner
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Bobby Roode & Kazarian def. James Storm & Gunner
Analysis: A great opening contest to kick off the evening. The man of the match was definitely Bobby Roode, showcasing brilliantly the skills that brought him to the dance. In time, this man will be a Hall of Famer. All men gave fantastic performances, but Roode was the clear standout.

Roode and Kazarian take the win on the strength of their new found dominance in the BFG Series. This is a program where EGO (the newly revealed name of Roode, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels) needs to look strong all the way through until the very end. Either at the end of the BFG Series or when Bobby Roode commits the expected betrayal leading into the end. Though Storm and Gunner are the tag team champions, this is about making EGO as much of a threat as possible. Booking agreement.

Sonjay Dutt Vs. TNA X-Division Champion Manik
TNA Booking Sheet: Manik def. Sonjay Dutt
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Sonjay Dutt def. Manik
Analysis: Another great contest between X-Division wrestlers Manik and Sonjay Dutt. Though the high flying nature of the division was not on display in full, both men shelled out maneuvers that made it anybody’s to win. Manik picks up the victory to end the contest.

Being “the best wrestler to never win the X-Division title”, Sonjay Dutt would have picked up the win in Ric’s Booking Sheet, proving that he is a contender and should be taken seriously. This would then lead to an X-Division Championship rematch to prove who is the better of the two. Manik is on a roll, so a loss would not have hurt him significantly, but would have opened the door to a possible X-Division feud. Booking disagreement.

BFG Series Street Fight – 20 Points On The Line: Jay Bradley Vs. Hernandez Vs. Christopher Daniels Vs. Joseph Park
TNA Booking Sheet: Joseph Park def. Bradley, Hernandez & Daniels
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Joseph Park def. Bradley, Hernandez & Daniels
Analysis: Truth be told, this was a surprisingly entertaining matchup. With Joseph Park involved, as well as Jay Bradley (who hasn’t been featured on Impact enough), this looked to be the filler of the night, but it’s safe to say we were all pleased. “YES!” chants from the crowd was an interesting aspect and goes to show how into the matchup the fans were after the Austin Aries interference on Daniels to knock him off of the match.

Joseph Park picks up the win because, quite frankly, Bradley has not proven himself yet and Hernandez was never truly a favorite to win or gain many points. Daniels not picking up the win adds a twist to the EGO program. Despite anyone’s feelings towards Joseph Park, the big picture of the match was EGO and what would happen if Daniels did not pick up the win. Austin Aries also has a program to look forward to during and possibly after the BFG Series has closed for the year. Booking Agreement.

Gail Kim Vs. ODB
TNA Booking Sheet: Gail Kim def. ODB
Ric’s Booking Sheet: ODB def. Gail Kim via disqualification
Analysis: ODB showed us she can still hang with the best of them; being a Knockouts original of course. Gail Kim maintaind a good presence throughout the contest and put ODB in a few predicaments throughout the contest. ODB, however, did not back down and took the fight to Gail. However, Kim picks up the victory via pinfall.

Ric’s Booking Sheet actually has ODB over Kim but via disqualification. Gail Kim needs to return to what she looked to be evolving into earlier in the year: the vicious Knockout of the division. Either a steel chair shot or Figure Four on the post, it should have been presented in a way that Gail Kim did not care for the win or loss, only for hurting ODB and proving her point. Booking disagreement.

Loser Leaves TNA Wrestling – Aces & 8′s (Mr. Anderson, Garett Bischoff, Knux, Wes Brisco, & Devon) Vs. The Main Event Mafia (Sting, Magnus, Samoa Joe, Rampage Jackson) & AJ Styles
TNA Booking Sheet: MEM def. Aces & 8′s – Devon is pinned and is to leave TNA Wrestling
Ric’s Booking Sheet: MEM def. Aces & 8′s – Knux is pinned and is to leave TNA Wrestling
Analysis: Without a doubt, a fantastic main event matchup with an AJ Styles entrance that raised the level of excitement. The Phenomenal One has returned to grace, helping The Mafia take out the Aces and causing Devon to walk away from TNA Wrestling. What will happen now that AJ Styles appears to be back with Team TNA? Along with tonight’s victory, AJ Styles is moving ahead into the BFG Series and looks to be, now more than ever, as the favorite to win it all.

Though The Mafia should have picked up the win, who should have gotten the loss for the Aces is a different story. Knux is not a significant member of the Aces & 8′s program or TNA Wrestling for that matter. Though a loss of work is not a good thing, realistically, Knux does not offer much and is relegated to being an extra body for a group count. There’s an understanding that with Devon losing, it’s a huge loss for the Aces & 8′s and a statement was made by Team Mafia. However, Knux should be relieved of his duties in TNA Wrestling. Atleast give him something to work with so the fans can care about him as a member of the Aces & 8′s. But that doesn’t look to be in his immediate future. Booking agreement/ disagreement.

Do you agree with the booking on tonight’s Impact Wrestling: Hardcore Justice Part 2? How would you have booked the matches on tonight’s broadcast? Sound off below!

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  • Steven kelly

    Ive gotta wait til sunday to see what was said to aj to make him change before il comment(we get it 3 days late :( )

  • Steven kelly

    Followed u and mister barrie on twitter im @torchdoc

    • Ric Santos

      Thanks friend. It was a very good night of wrestling in my opinion. I think you’ll enjoy.

  • steidman

    another solid impact. While I was enjoying the "loner" AJ Styles, I understand Angle's troubles caused a wrinkle. But I will say i marked out when his old music came out. Interested to see how he explains his actions next week.

    • Ric Santos

      Oh dude I marked out big time too, haha

  • Jeramie

    I was extremely pleased with impact loved it all except roode cant stand him

    • Ric Santos

      Roode is cool by himself.