Booking Impact! – “A Bad Mood By Bobby Roode” – Taz

Yes, Taz said a bad mood by Bobby Roode instead of move and ran with it. Welcome to another edition of Booking Impact! here on, where I will be weighing in on the outcomes of tonight’s matches and let you know how I would have booked tonight’s in ring action. How would YOU book tonight’s matches?



Taryn Terrell Vs. Tara
Broadcast: Taryn Terrell def. Tara
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Taryn Terrell def. Tara
Assuming the feud with Gail Kim is over, Taryn Terrell needs to be showcased in order to build her popularity and gain momentum. Terrell goes over in my booking sheet for this reason with the only difference being that Gail Kim would have made her way from the entrance to observe. These two need a little more extension with their feud. A look at one another after the match and the feud continues.

Rob Terry Vs. Jessie Godderz
Broadcast: Rob Terry def. Jessie Godderz
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Rob Terry def. Jessie Godderz
A day or so ago, TNA posted a TNA ReAction video on Rob Terry. In that video, Terry stated that he will dominate going forward. For that reason, Terry is over on my booking sheet just as it played out on TV. Rob Terry has a good look and with the proper training on the mic and fan interaction, can be a force to be reckoned with. Book him in a match with a talent a little higher on the food chain that won’t be hurt by a loss to Terry and let’s start the process of building him up in some capacity.

Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero (C) Vs. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode for the TNA Tag Team Championship
Broadcast: Hernandez & Chavo def. Aries & Roode to retain
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Hernandez & Chavo def. Aries & Roode to retain
My booking sheet has this match of the night bout playing out as it did on TV. The only change having to be an in ring confrontation between Bobby Roode and Austin Aries about their flaws (or Bobby’s flaws as per Aries) after their loss. This is a big picture scenario and the big picture is the eminent break up of Aries/ Roode. We all know these two are great as a tag team but greater singles competitors with a future that can go beyond. Great story telling and exactly how it should have gone down.

Velvet Sky (C) Vs. Mickie James for the TNA Knockouts Championship
Broadcast: Velvet Sky def. Mickie James to retain
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Velvet Sky def. Mickie James to retain
Velvet needs to be a credible champion and to do that, she needs to defeat established talent with recognizable names. Tonight, it was Mickie James and my booking sheet agrees with TNA on this one as well. The match on TV was as good as it was going to get but I would have liked to have seen the roll up victory by Sky done in the middle of the ring. Mickie James, agitated over her loss, would muster enough sportsmanship to help Velvet up and shake her hand… and then pulling her in to let her know that this isn’t going to be their last meeting.

Ric’s Spots
- The crowd was much more alive tonight than in the past 2 weeks. Our own Alex Barie was in attendance tonight and mentioned that the crowd began to slow down later in the evening. Let’s see how next week’s show (taped tonight) looks on TV.

- A live show with no X-Division, just a quick mention of an apparent choice the fans can make on who will get a chance to compete in an X-Division championship match or qualifier. Bad booking on TNA’s part.

- The show was too Aces & 8′s heavy as usual. The heat is really starting to die off now but the pieces are being put together for what might be a Team TNA reboot and the end of the Aces on the horizon. I’m not talking about Fortune either.

It was a 4 for 4 night in regards to the booking of tonight’s matches between myself and TNA. Do you agree with the booking on tonight’s broadcast? Would you have changed some of the outcomes? Sound off below. This isn’t TV-PG but keep it nice folks.

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Until next time: “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game”

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  • Numero Uno

    I would have Taryn going over Tara. Rob Terry going over Jesse by dq or countout. Chavo & Hernandez winning by dq. Mickie James going over Velvet Sky.

    • Ric Santos

      I think I see your point with Chavo and Hernandez with Bad Influence involved. Why James over Sky?