Booking Impact! – A Bored Crowd And Bad Matches

Tonight’s Booking Impact! comes off of the heels of the go home to Impact Wrestling in Corpus Christi, TX. As always, I will look at the matches on the card tonight and give my two cents as to how I would have booked the in ring action. Do YOU agree?



Gail Kim & Tara Vs. Taryn Terrell & Velvet Sky (Knockouts Champion)
Broadcast: Gail Kim & Tara def. Velvet Sky & Taryn Terrell via fast count from special referee Joey Ryan.
How I would have booked it: No contest due to Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim disobeying the ref’s orders (a regular referee) when the two would not stop fighting after a 5 count.

This was a terrible opener. The Knockouts seemed bored throughout the contest, the crowd was not into this and Joey Ryan just added to the non sense. He had no business being involved in any capacity because he hasn’t been a player in TNA at all for months. Where has he been? Don’t know and don’t care, especially after tonight. Regarding my booking, Taryn and Gail should have picked up from where they left off last week. Their hatred for one another would eventually cause the match to end in a no contest with the two just fighting it out in the ring, to the outside and to the back. Build the two in a good program for the Knockouts Division and get them in a one on one match in Corpus Christi (which is what I am assuming will be TNA’s pay-per-view quality show for the month).

Adam Pearce Vs. Magno in a TNA Gut Check Match
Broadcast: Adam Pearce def. Magno via pinfall while holding on to the ropes.
How I would have booked it: Pearce def. Magno

Despite the dangerous botches from Magno, this match had its bright spots. However, they weren’t enough to have me care enough about these two that much in the ring. In regards to the outcome, I have this booked pretty much the same way. Pearce’s underhanded win plays well into his look and demeanor but also shows us that he is willing to do anything to get a contract. He does not have an awesome look, and neither does Magno, but there is skill in there somewhere.

Sonjay Dutt Vs. Mason Andrews Vs. Petey Williams for a #1 contender spot for the X-Division Championship.
Broadcast: Petey Williams def. Mason Ryan and Sonjay Dutt via the Canadian Destroyer.
How I would have booked it: Petey Williams def. Sonjay Dutt and Mason Andrews.

Best match of the night by far. Petey Williams is one of the best technical wrestlers ever to step into a TNA ring and is one of the most deserving of a title shot. I was torn between Williams and Dutt, as Sonjay Dutt has proven over and over again that he is a top dog in the X-Division. You cannot deny the backing of the fans that Petey Williams has and that Canadian Destroyer is glorious every time it’s done. I agree with the booking on tonight’s show and how everything played out. A Petey Williams/ Sonjay Dutt/ Kenny King X-Division Championship match needs to happen ASAP.

Aces & 8′s (Devon, Knux, D.O.C., Garrett Bischoff & Wes Brisco) Vs Kurt Angle, Joseph Park, Eric Young, Magnus & Samoa Joe
Broadcast: Aces & 8′s def. Team TNA
How I would have booked it: No contest due to referee losing control of the match.

Another match with amazing talent but no inspiration is projected from them. I am not sure if the men are tired or just bored themselves, much like the crowd throughout the night. Coming off of the loss from last week by Kurt Angle, James Storm & Eric Young, I have these men going at it in the ring after a high pressure tag team bout erupts into a brawl. It’s come to a point where winning and losing is not part of the game. There should be matches with winners and losers, sure, but things need to get heated in a 10 man tag situation to show how dangerous the Aces are and how Team TNA need to step up their game. Hulk Hogan is promoting the war that TNA is in and how dire their situation is. If that’s the direction this is going, we need to make all Aces & 8′s segments high pressure and Team TNA ready for that war.

Random Thoughts
- Impact Insta-Fact, or whatever it’s called, is a cheap ripoff of WWE’s “Did you know?” bit. It makes TNA unoriginal and very amateur.

- Why weren’t Christopher Daniels and Kazarian used in some capacity? I understand this was taped after the live show on 3/28/13, but come on. It’s the go home to Corpus Christi. Where was Kenny King? I agree with Anthony Moorman in his latest What TNA Should Have Done! 4-4-13 ( Have Kenny sit down for commentary, tell a story and also scout the competition.

Do you agree with my booking of tonight’s matches and opinions in my random thoughts? Drop a comment below and let’s get a dialogue going. Stay tuned for my next installment of The Ric Says. Alex Barie tweeted his thoughts on tonight’s program and my response inspired the forthcoming piece. I hope you enjoyed and remember: “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game”.

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  • Anthony Moorman

    I’m going to have to disagree with a few points Ric, I actually enjoyed Joey Ryans schtick because it was a small way to reintroduce him after being absent so long and played perfectly into his gimmick. I think your ending to the match makes sense. But because u have that ending in a no contest I definitely wouldn’t end the main event in one, TNA has had issues in the past of over booking to many matches, and not having enough wins and losses, two out of four matches in one night would be too many. Plus with all the losses Aces have suffered the past 9 months they need the wins to rebuild credibility, I think changing Hulks emotion of TNA being in a dire situation would be more effective

    • Ric Santos

      Hey Anthony. I see your point with Ryan but it could have played out better. It was actually quite annoying to a point. If TNA wanted to reintroduce him, how about we add one more match to the card instead of a pointless ref position in a terrible match?

      I think no contests are fine as long as it makes sense to the story. I see your point again for sure though.

      With Bully as world champion and 2 Aces tag team victories two weeks in a row, I think they have enough credibility going into Corpus Christi next week. Hogan can be an overactor at times, haha.

  • Brad Drysdale

    I was excited to see Joey Ryan going into the match, as let's face it, i'd rather see him in the Knockouts division than not at all. It was a clever way to squeeze another wrestler in there, but in the match itself I wasn't a fan…he only counted a pinfall once. He was just too much.

    • Ric Santos

      He was unnecessary and annoying. It took away from the match and the feud between Taryn and Gail.

      At least he was used, but not the right way.