Booking Impact! – A “Phenomenal” Statement

Impact Wrestling ends it’s two week stay in Louisville, KY with yet another solid broadcast on Spike TV. A new X-Division Champion was crowned while the Knockouts Champion retained her title. World Champion Chris Sabin remains champion after the final decision by Hulk Hogan while also setting up next month’s Hardcore Justice pay-per-view main event: The world heavyweight championship will be defended inside a steel cage. Interesting developments, but as always here on Booking Impact!, let’s take a look at the in-ring competition and decide if we agree or disagree with the winners. Booking Impact! starts now!



Ultimate X for the X-Division Championship: Sonjay Dutt Vs. Manik Vs. Greg Marasciulo
TNA Booking Sheet: Manik def. Sonjay Dutt & Greg Marasciulo to become the new X-Division Champion.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Manik def. Sonjay Dutt & Greg Marasciulo to become the new X-Division Champion.
Analysis: A very good opening contest, which started out a bit slower than one would expect. The second half of the bout picked up to where a match of this caliber needed to be and it did not disappoint. All of the boys looked good in the ring but hats off to Greg Marasciulo for proving that he is in fact a player.

Manik picks up the win for a few reasons. First, it’s unknown if Sonjay will continue to involve himself in the TNA on a regular basis. He is deserving of a chance to be champion, but it’s the consistency that is in question. Second, Greg Marasciulo is a new talent in the company and still needs to pay his TNA dues before becoming champion. Third, Manik has been the most visible of the three so it makes the most sense, at this time anyway, for Manik to become champion. How the X-Division title will be portrayed is another story in itself with hopes of Kenny King rising to the occasion again.

Bound for Glory Series Match: Hernandez Vs. Mr. Anderson
TNA Booking Sheet: Mr. Anderson def. Hernandez
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Mr. Anderson def. Hernandez
Analysis: The predictable match of the night as Anderson is looking to be the next in line to lead the Aces in the near(?) future. With all of the backstage happenings within the Aces & 8′s, and Anderson leading the pack last week, the smartest move is to push Anderson along as far as he can.

It’s not so much Anderson having a chance at winning the BFG Series as it is more about the potential friction that can come of that thought. Bully will have to feel jealous at his rising influence at some point, which will make for very entertaining moments within the Aces & 8′s. The big picture scenario and the end of the scenario will be the payoff.

Knockouts Championship: Gail Kim Vs. Mickie James (C)
TNA Booking Sheet: Mickie James def. Gail Kim to retain
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Mickie James def. Gail Kim to retain
Analysis: Besides the main event of Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles, this bout was absolutely solid and told a good story. Pacing is always key and it was spot on tonight. Both Gail Kim and Mickie James are embracing their current persona’s on a deeper level; producing entertaining moments in the ring.

Mickie retains tonight as the stage is not yet set for a Gail Kim title win. A win at Bound for Glory would be a better highlight with, if done properly, the road to Bound for Glory taking better shape with the time and build taken. Gail Kim looks to have a match against ODB soon, and with ODB as acting Knockouts referee, Taryn Terrell may make her presence felt in order to stir the pot. Between now and Bound for Glory, the Knockouts division should become must see wrestling TV.

Bound for Glory Series Match: Christopher Daniels Vs. Samoa Joe
TNA Booking Sheet: Christopher Daniels def. Samoa Joe
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Samoa Joe def. Christopher Daniels
Anaysis: A good matchup between two TNA mainstays in Daniels and Joe. The interference at the end with Anderson fuels the fire between the Aces and The Mafia, but could there have been another way to progress this clan war?

Samoa Joe should have picked up the win despite Anderson’s interference. The reason being that 1) an attempt at sabotaging the plans of the Main Event Mafia in terms of advancement, and failing, gives just a bit more frustration to the Aces & 8′s and 2) the set up to Anderson Vs. Joe for BFG Series points raises the stakes as to who will truly knock off who between the two stars. It can also lead to more than just an Aces & 8′s against Main Event Mafia scenario as a feud could brew between the two. The TNA version of events certainly progresses their story and removes the predictability factor, but a little predictability could have worked in this case.

Bound for Glory Series Match: AJ Styles Vs. Jeff Hardy
TNA Booking Sheet: AJ Styles def. Jeff Hardy
Ric’s Booking Sheet: AJ Styles def. Jeff Hardy
Analysis: Great main event tonight with both competitors putting in their all with vicious intent. AJ lit up Hardy with hard offense while Jeff Hardy’s defense and resiliency pushed him on. However, AJ Styles picks up the win via submission and proves that the old AJ Styles is very much here, only re-imagined.

AJ Styles needed to win this bout to justify all assumptions that he may win the BFG Series. This is AJ’s tournament and this may be the start of the wheels turning for him. Next week’s episode should touch on his win tonight with a confrontation with Jeff Hardy. Another match between these two could be an exciting series on its own. AJ is looking great right now but only time will tell as the Bound for Glory series continues.

What did you think of tonight’s Impact Wrestling? Agree with tonight’s match outcomes? Sound off below and remember to check out all of the articles here on Also, support TNA as they are and have been producing quality television for our entertainment.

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  • steidman

    was another great show. i know i am a bit of a tna homer but it baffles why more wrestlings fans do not tune in

    • Ric Santos

      TNA needs a better marketing department and, as fans, many have a “WWE or it sucks” mentality and won’t give it a shot. People fear what they don’t understand I guess.

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    tna was ok last night and thats it