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The post Hogan TNA Wrestling continues its dynamic return to engaging stories and progress with another episode of Impact Wrestling on Spike TV. As always here on Booking Impact!, we take a look at the in-ring action and analyze the match outcomes to determine if tonight’s victors should have been. Booking Impact! starts now!

TNA Booking Sheet: Bro Mans def. James Storm & Gunner to retain.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Bro Mans def. James Storm & Gunner to retain.
Analysis: Things continue to roll in favor of Bro Mans as the tag team champions defeat James Storm and Gunner to retain in a very entertaining opening contest. The intimidation factor was a non factor as the Bro Mans outsmarted their opponents and continued to prove their worth in TNA Wrestling.

Bro Mans are showing tag team cohesiveness and are at a good place in TNA Wrestling. TNA is clearly giving them the ball and they are running with it. It was obvious that Robbie E was lost in the shuffle for some time and Jesse Godderz, though never truly lost in the shuffle, has finally found his footing. If TNA continues to invest their time in building up the Tag Team Division with Bro Mans at the helm as the top heel team, the division can slowly build on that and be a staple in TNA Wrestling once again. Bro Mans should be the constant factor and a win tonight makes the most sense, especially after their huge Bound for Glory Sunday.

TNA Booking Sheet: EC3 def. Norm Furnum.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: EC3 def. Norm Furnum.
Analysis: EC3 picks up the obvious win tonight over his Bound for Glory opponent, Norm Furnum. TNA continues to build on EC3 and this match was another chance for Carter to show off his wrestling pedigree.

Being the third match for Ethan Carter III, and a rematch from Bound for Glory, the pacing and attempt at a comeback from Furnum was spot on. Ethan Carter III should still have been booked to completely dominate in his first two bouts, but this third bout falls in line with the right kind of pacing up to this point. EC3 takes the win to continue his build as the egotistical and super athlete his character believes he is. This is a traditional kind of build and it does seem that EC3 is not being rushed, which is excellent. Once he begins to work with the established stars of TNA, expect something special. This certainly isn’t brown nosing as TNA clearly has faith in the EC3 character and establishing new talent is what it’s all about.

TNA Booking Sheet: Magnus secures the win by eliminating Sting and Kazarian.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Magnus wins the gauntlet.
Analysis: Magnus takes the win in an Over the Top Rope Gauntlet Match to be named the 8th man in the Heavyweight Championship Tournament. A very good contest with Sting appearing as the odds on favorite. Once Magnus entered, it was only a matter of time before he and Sting would have some kind of conflict.

Aside from Sting, Magnus was truly the only other competitor who had a shot at winning. Not to take anything away from any of the other competitors, but the Magnus and Sting drama is too rooted for there not to be some kind of progression in the form of Magnus getting yet another one over the Stinger. It’s every man for himself in this kind of matchup, so it will be interesting to see what kind of interaction Sting and Magnus will have next week. This time, Magnus seemed to be the honorable winner while Sting appeared to be somewhat dejected; his world title shot exclusion banned for the night. Magnus surely has a chance at going far in the tournament, but the bigger picture is the unresolved angst between Sting and Magnus, which will certainly play out in the weeks to come.

TNA Booking Sheet: Gail Kim def. ODB with interference from Lei’D Tapa to retain.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: ODB def. Gail Kim via Disqualification; Gail Kim still TNA Knockouts Champion.
Analysis: Gail Kim defeats ODB on Impact Wrestling with the help of Lei’D Tapa. The Deadly Alliance is certainly showing who’s in charge in the Knockouts Division, but a different outcome could have made the same point without ODB looking a bit weak.

There was a spot in the match where Gail Kim applied her Corner Figure Four on ODB. Gail Kim should have kept the hold on ODB, applied later in the contest, and get the DQ on purpose. With ODB down, Gail attacks in the ring with ODB looking to get the upperhand until Lei’D Tapa enters and hits ODB with a signature maneuver. Though ODB would be the one taken out in the end of things, she still would have won the contest and put up a valiant effort to stop Gail’s post match beating. This booking works also with giving the heel faction some traditional heat and further cementing them as the dominating force, win or lose. There should be a Knockouts Tag Team Match set up soon with Lei’D Tapa officially involved.

TNA Booking Sheet: Bobby Roode def. Kurt Angle via referee stoppage due to Kurt Angle unable to continue.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: No contest due to Kurt Angle unable to continue.
Analysis: In the very much hyped and fantastic main event matchup, Bobby Roode defeated Kurt Angle after Angle hurt himself again with a belly to back suplex from the top rope. Angle hits the mat and is immediately shaken. Roode gets up before the referee counts to ten, but waves the match after Angle clearly could not compete. The end to this matchup is a sure sign that things are not settled and another Roode/ Angle classic will be on deck soon.

Though another matchup between these two is expected, the outcome could have worked out differently as well. If tonight’s broadcast ending was the sign of another match some time later, a no contest would have truly emphasized that point. Bobby Roode would be upset that he didn’t beat Angle and goes to the back raving while Angle would come to and, perhaps on TNA 24/7, express his frustration for the outcome and vow to take out Roode for real, Damn Real! It also would have added to the “blurring the lines of reality” point and given a truly somber end to the program. Tonight’s bout was also another lesson is professional wrestling performance. There is nothing more to say as these two left it in the ring and performed at top level.

Impact Wrestling delivered another entertaining and engaging broadcast tonight. Things are making more sense and flowing episode to episode. Continuity was always an issue with TNA Wrestling, but they could be on the verge of finding that formula to keep us interested and invested in the wrestlers and stories. Let’s continue to watch and support TNA Wrestling into the new direction of the company.

Sound off below and give us your thoughts on tonight’s outcomes. Were they justified? Would you have preferred a different winner for a particular match? Let’s get the conversation started!

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  • Steven kelly

    No abyss ric ?

    • Ric Santos

      He did not have a match. Booking Impact only discusses the matches. He had a segment that will be looked at in Making An Impact.

      • Sean

        Amazing at the different levels of perspective between the two intriguing reads. Like before, the analysis of the Angle vs Roode mach is top notch, and being from the UK, unable to see it, you described it really well, giving flashbacks to their Bound For Glory 2013 bout

  • TCB

    This build of EC3 is coming along pretty well. Perhaps Nerv & last week’s opponent for EC3 in a 2-on-1 Handicap match can build more of that arrogance for himself.