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With two weeks until TNA’s return to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL via Turning Point, Impact Wrestling was not in-ring strong tonight in order to build on new feuds and have a base for the Florida return. As always here on Booking Impact!, we look at the in-ring competition for the evening and analyze each outcome to determine if the booking was spot on. Booking Impact! starts now!

TNA Booking Sheet: No contest due to interference by Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa w/ Kim issuing an open challenge to any female wrestler outside of TNA Wrestling to challenge her.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: No contest due to interference by Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa w/ a Four Way TNA Knockouts Championship Match set for Turning Point.
Analysis: A very solid Knockouts contest to start off the in-ring action for the evening. Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa were obviously going to make their presence felt, but it’s the challenge made by Gail Kim which is interesting. At this time, there is no #1 Contender for the Knockouts title and with Gail Kim’s open challenge, anyone able to defeat Kim will receive a title shot.

Gail Kim’s open challenge is spot on. However, the timing of this angle could have been postponed until after Turning Point in two weeks. A great way to build on ODB’s Knockouts Championship goals, as she is really the strongest Knockout considered to be a challenger, is to book the interference and announce the Four Way at Turning Point to for the gold. The ladies in tonight’s Triple Threat Match would have been given their roles leading up to and at Turning Point with ODB being the odds on favorite. Gail Kim would come out of the match victorious and after the bout, or at the next episode of Impact Wrestling, make her open challenge. A successful title defense would truly cement her claims as having defeated everyone in the division.

TNA Booking Sheet: EC3 def. Dewey Barnes.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: EC3 def. Dewey Barnes.
Analysis: In yet another match booked to not only showcase the skills of EC3, but to also get into the skin of the TNA fans, EC3 picks up the win.

There isn’t much to analyze as this is another week of EC3 building his wins via a questionable opponent. It’s great heel heat and his character is coming along very nicely. He is comfortable in his role and is taking advantage of his time in the ring. With this win however, it’s time EC3 is set to challenge a regular TNA talent. With Dixie Carter stressing backstage because of AJ Styles’ out of the country doings with the TNA Championship belt, it would be easy to book a program where EC3 possibly annoys Dixie to the point where she puts him in a match where he may actually lose, only to come out on top in impressive fashion. Only time will tell, but EC3 is aiming to be successful. The former Derrick Bateman is focused.

TNA Booking Sheet: Bad Influence def. Eric Young & Joseph Park.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Bad Influence def. Eric Young & Joseph Park.
Analysis: A filler match that was pretty good in its execution, but could have been more entertaining with the TNA Tag Team Champions (Bro Mans) involved in some capacity.

This was, again, a filler bout with the goal of advancing the Abyss storyline, but that wasn’t even furthered. It’s about time the Joseph Park character is done with, or atleast have Abyss appear more regularly until the obvious reveal is made that Joseph Park is Abyss. Everyone performed as they always have and that’s pretty much where this bout is left. A Bro Mans appearance to keep the champions and championships on TV and relevant would have been ideal.

TNA Booking Sheet: Jeff Hardy def. Chris Sabin.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Jeff Hardy def. Chris Sabin.
Analysis: Chris Sabin was surprisingly intense in this matchup against Jeff Hardy but comes up short as Hardy takes the win with a Swanton from the top rope and over a ladder onto Sabin. This was of course the match of the night and both competitors produced a hard hitting bout to close this episode of Impact Wrestling.

As mentioned in Prepare For Impact!, Chris Sabin was the weakest of the bunch and a loss was expected. However, also noted in Prepare For Impact!, this loss does not hurt Chris Sabin. He is the TNA X-Division Champion and is not only still a wrestling champion, but he can trade the title in if he keeps it long enough for a TNA World Championship match if he so chooses. Sabin will be alright as we look ahead in the TNA World Championship Tournament. It appears that the tournament will be played out one match/ one week at a time, unless otherwise stated by Dixie Carter/ TNA Wrestling. Austin Aries is set to face Kurt Angle in what will be a very interesting contest, especially with how Kurt Angle’s night turned out throughout Impact Wrestling (which will be discussed on Making An Impact! here on The TNA World Championship Tournament is in full swing.

Tonight’s Impact Wrestling episode brought out many mixed feelings. As stated, it was not in-ring wrestling strong because of developing stories and feuds that need to be established for the TNA return to Orlando, which is also the starting point for the new TNA Wrestling. More reviews and thoughts on the drama of Impact Wrestling will be discussed in Making An Impact!, so stay tuned for that. In regards to the in-ring competition, give us your thoughts below and let us know if the match outcomes on tonight’s broadcast were right or wrong in your opinion. Sound off!

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  • Sean

    As usual, for us UK fans, this is the source for the TNA updates! Beats waiting till Sunday. Thanks Ric, although i strongly disagree that dewey barnes wasnt in your ric's booking sheet! lol i guess my sarcasm doesnt always come off, via the net

  • Aaronscottj

    I know this was in-ring, but what did you think of the breakup of MEM?

    • Ric Santos

      Hey there. Check out my Making An Impact! for my thoughts!

  • Steven kelly

    What i liked watching it today was the friends of aj styles spot with a bit of him defending at AAA in mexico, plus dixies furious reaction after. Im guessing they wil do same after his japan defence :) its a great way to keep poking dixie with that stick :)