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The match outcomes for tonight’s Impact Wrestling from Indiana, PA will go up against my booking sheet, as always here on Booking Impact!. Will you agree with me or TNA? Will TNA and I share the same vision? Let’s find out on Booking Impact!


IMPACT WRESTLING – INDIANA, PA – 5/2/2013 (TAPED 4/25/2013)

X-Division Triple Threat Match – Sonjay Dutt Vs. Zema Ion Vs. Chris Sabin
Broadcast: Chris Sabin def. Sonjay Dutt and Zema Ion
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Chris Sabin def. Sonjay Dutt and Zema Ion
Ric’s Reasons: It doesn’t take much thought in regards to the booking of this match as the only sensible outcome is having a returning Chris Sabin be victorious. Any other outcome would have not only wasted a good return, but would not have allowed Sabin to make his statement: I am a player and I am back in the game to win!

The match played out great but Sonjay Dutt should have had more shine as he is just as much a veteran as Chris Sabin is. Zema Ion was his usual Zema Ion self, which isn’t bad but doesn’t leave a lasting impression at the end of the night.

Handicap Match – Joey Ryan, Jessie Godderz and Robbie E Vs. Rob Terry
Broadcast: Rob Terry def. Ryan, Godderz and Robbie E
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Ryan, Godderz and Robbie E def. Rob Terry
Ric’s Reasons: This was the kind of match up needed to start the showcasing of Rob Terry as a serious singles competitor. My booking sheet has Terry going under to the three for a couple of reasons.

First, if TNA is going to keep the three man tag team on tonight’s match up, they need to be given a fair opportunity to have their time in the spotlight. These men are not local jobbers and despite their questionable characters, when focused, they can get the job done.

Second, upon the loss, Rob Terry still could have looked like a threat and powerhouse. In my booking sheet, after Terry’s loss, he stops the celebration of the opposing team and decimates Robbie E while Ryan and Godderz leave their companion in fear of Rob Terry.

“I Quit” Match – D’Lo Brown Vs. Kurt Angle
Broadcast: Kurt Angle def. D’Lo Brown
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Kurt Angle def. D’Lo Brown
Ric’s Reasons: As mentioned in a previous article or two, Team TNA has begun to look very weak (a little too weak). Putting Angle over is the right move to give Team TNA a bit of momentum against the Aces and is in line with my booking of the match.

Very nice touch with Aces & 8′s having beef with D’Lo in regards to his quitting and swearing a win on his colors. This is a perfect place to finally start to have the Aces show they are starting to crack.

Gail Kim and Tara Vs. Taryn Terrell and Mickie James
Broadcast: Terrell and James def. Kim and Tara
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Terrell and James def. Kim and Tara
Ric’s Reasons: This is the match that should have taken place a week or two ago in order to continue the feud between Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim. The match played out pretty much how it looks on my booking sheet but it’s the end of the match where TNA and I saw eye to eye.

Gail Kim takes out her frustrations on Terrell and leaves her mark as the dominant Knockout on the roster. The feud is continued and interest is built.

#1 Contender Match for the World Heavyweight Championship – Matt Morgan Vs. Sting
Broadcast: Sting def. Matt Morgan
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Matt Morgan def. Sting
Ric’s Reasons: Can anyone say “predictable”? Though stating to Hogan that he would be the savior of TNA for a price last week, Morgan clearly wants to be in the spotlight and would do anything to be champion.

My booking sheet has Matt Morgan victorious over Sting with some underhanded tactic behind the referee’s back. A steel chair to the back when the Aces come out to distract Sting and/ or the ref, maybe some brass knuckles hidden in Morgan’s trunks and used at the right moment, something along those lines.

Morgan’s victory would put Hogan in an even deeper and more complicated situation. Also, Morgan would rub the victory in Hogan’s face and he would become the selfish savior. This would then lead to different ways the story could have progressed but, in then end, AJ Styles is the true savior.

Do you agree with my outcomes or TNA’s? Do you agree with any outcomes that remained the same? Sound off in the comments below and thank you for your loyalty to!

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