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Booking Impact


TNA Booking Sheet: Mr. Anderson def. Knux.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Mr. Anderson def. Knux.
Analysis: Opening the night with a confrontation with the Aces & 8’s, Mr. Anderson challenges any member to a match and defeats Knux. The bout itself was created to obviously build up the Mr. Anderson Vs. Bully Ray bout at next week’s Turning Point special. The new stipulation added is if Bully Wins, Anderson is gone from TNA Wrestling. If Anderson wins, the Aces & 8’s are disbanded. On paper, it looks like Anderson is the favorite to pick up the win, especially with taking out Garrett Bischoff at the end of the night and defeating Knux to open the show. But what if the Aces take the victory? Either side taking the win will add a new layer to the progressing story, but an Aces win might actually give Anderson a deeper storyline should he “leave” TNA. Only time will tell until Turning Point next week.

In regards to the victory tonight, Anderson definitely needed to build momentum, so a victory for Anderson is the most logical outcome. He ended the night hot and his Turning Point bout won’t be a pretty wrestling match, but a hard hitting fight.

TNA Booking Sheet: Christopher Daniels def. Joseph Park.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Joseph Park def. Christopher Daniels.
Analysis: Daniels is booked over Park via an unseen low blow. Later in the evening, Joseph Park comes out and acknowledges the claims being made that he and Abyss are never at the same place. So, Joseph Park makes an open challenge for next week against… Abyss.

Though TNA books Daniels over in this one, Joseph Park should have been the victor, as unpopular as that decision may seem to the IWC. However, if Joseph Park were to make his challenge to Abyss tonight, it would have made more sense to build up to his announcement with a shocker win to get the crowd behind him. Daniels being too concerned with the referee or a botched interference from Kazarian leading to Park taking the win and then his announcement would have flowed much better.

TNA Booking Sheet: EC3 def. Barnes & Fernum.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: EC3 def. Barnes & Fernum.
Analysis: If you have been reading Booking Impact!, you know my thoughts on EC3. He has “it”, without question, and this particular program has its justification. However, it’s time for EC3 to face more challenging opponents. At this point, get Eric Young involved with defending Barnes & Fernum, the only two men EC3 has been facing since his debut. Have a solid program between EY and EC3 to really give the EC3 character some heat and credibility in his skill set. Just an idea. Tonight, this is yet another match where, again, the purpose is well known in getting the EC3 character heat, but he should be elevating and not remaining stagnant.

TNA Booking Sheet: Gail Kim def. Hannah Blossom.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Gail Kim def. Hannah Blossom.
Analysis: Prepare for Impact! made the point where this is TNA’s chance to give the Knockouts division a bit more stability with Gail Kim as its reigning champion. In making her open challenge, Gail Kim has proven that all competitors have been defeated and new talent need to be introduced to establish the division once again. We will see more of Kim’s open challenge, with harder competitors answering, but Gail will rack up victories until one Knockout emerges and takes the win over Gail.

Lei’D Tapa should be the Knockout to defeat Kim. If Kim continues to defeat her opponents until no one answers, Tapa turns Kim around and takes her out for the win and a shot at the Knockouts title after a final call for a challenger. That is how the booking of this program should be built up and could certainly happen. As the saying goes, if you’re not in this business to be champion, why are you here? Tapa made her presence felt weeks ago and is looking to be champion, like every other Knockout.

TNA Booking Sheet: Kurt Angle def. Austin Aries.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Kurt Angle def. Austin Aries.
Analysis: Defeating Aries with Bobby Roode’s own finishing submission hold as he looked on from the entrance, Kurt Angle has made his statement and a bold claim of moving on into the finals in the tournament. It was a good move to not showcase an “injured” Kurt Angle and let the man loose on an equally skilled Austin Aries, who by no means looked weak or is in any danger of not receiving a future title shot.

The TNA World Championship Tournament is catered to a Bobby Roode Vs. Kurt Angle finale. There can be no other outcome as these two have built the foundation to a great feud after their Bound for Glory match. All along I’ve stated that Bobby Roode and AJ Styles would be the ideal TNA World Championship feud, but a Kurt Angle and AJ Styles feud would be just as electric. Whoever comes out of the tournament as the winner will face AJ Styles, that is certain. The one who comes up short will also face AJ Styles in what should be shaped into a complex and intriguing title scene to kick off 2014.

Do you agree with the match outcomes on tonight’s Impact Wrestling broadcast? Do you think another competitor should have taken the win tonight? Sound off below!

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  • Steven kelly

    I watched bits on youtube it looks like it was a great show and yup using roodes finisher was a great mind f*ck move with roode watching hehehe aries always gives 110% n nearly had angel with last chancery bt wow what a way to end show with the destruction of garrett total class n awesomely paced n booked. N yup park should have wom

  • Steven kelly

    On a side note it was disappointing how they used hannah blossom(erroneously called holly blossom on tnas youtube channel) as a jobber for gail kim she was ovw champion til recently for cripes sake they could have used a local talent to job against kim n left hannah in reserve for when lei d tapa finally wins belt then they could have brought her up to face tapa make it a revenge story for tapa taking hannahs title in ovw

    • Sean

      Should of given her more of a build up. Its all rushed in TNA unfortunately. Needed a storyline build up. As an OVW champion, she deserves more creditibility, as youve said.

      Nice review Ric Steiner, woops i mean Ric Santos, you've got us into a wrestling mood with your article. Your right, its unpopular to want Joseph to win any fight :-P, but I can appreciate your reasonings, as it will make the call out with Abyss more compelling. However, they have had a long time of their association already, like with Joseph's war with Bully Ray a while back