Booking Impact! – Magnus: The Look That Said It All

A VERY momentous Impact Wrestling tonight on many fronts. The wrestling community is blowing up Twitter and building a fun atmosphere. With that said, let’s take a look at the in-ring competition tonight and see if tonight’s booking was as good as it could have been. Booking Impact! starts now!

Booking Impact


Kenny King & Chris Sabin Vs. TNA X-Division Champion Manik & Jeff Hardy
TNA Booking Sheet: Hardy/ Manik def. King/ Sabin
Ric’s Booking Sheet: King/ Sabin def. Hardy/ Manik
Analysis: A solid tag team outing starts Impact Wrestling. Manik and Hardy pick up the win while Aries enters in the end and declares a 4 Way Match at Bound for Glory with Hardy raising the stakes and making it a 4 Way Ultimate X Match for the TNA X-Division Championship. Manik agrees and we have Manik Vs. Aries Vs. Hardy Vs. Sabin.

This matchup works with either the faces or the heels picking up the win. However, Kenny King and Chris Sabin have been racking up the losses, so a win tonight for Sabin and King would have been ideal. Sabin, in his new found selfishness, pushes Kenny away while he has the win and takes the win for himself. He then begins the attack on Hardy and Manik which prompts Aries to jump in the ring and make his Bound for Glory match announcement. With King back and Sabin pushing on with this heel persona, they both need to step up and be shown prominently. Too many losses can hurt them heading into the pay-per-view, so TNA’s booking team needs to be careful. Aries and Hardy are already the choices to win it. Sabin, more so than King, needs to be promoted as the man who can take the win as well as he is no slouch in that ring. Unfortunately, Kenny King needs to be rebuilt again so this is not his time. He needs to return to the mic, return to more singles competition and establish the Kenny King brand again.

Gauntlet Match: Magnus Vs. EGO (Christopher Daniels, Kazarian & Bobby Roode)
TNA Booking Sheet: EGO def. Magnus
Ric’s Booking Sheet: EGO def. Magnus
Analysis: Magnus fought valiantly tonight in his gauntlet match, besting Christopher Daniels and Kazarian before falling to Bobby Roode via submission. This was the match of the night as a great story was told in the ring by Magnus and EGO. When Magnus submitted, the shot of his face upon his loss was amazing and told the entire story. The physical pain was nothing compared to the emotional pain upon the realization that he could not continue.

The booking of this match was perfect with solid action throughout from all competitors. Even though it was a loss, Magnus elevated himself more so than ever. He is doing all of the right things and with Sting being involved now in a match against Magnus, he can only go up. His Bound for Glory match should change the Magnus of 2013 into the Magnus of 2014, whether that be a face or heel. TNA trusts in him and he is taking the ball and running with it. It’s not a stretch to say that the Magnus program is the second best program after the AJ Styles/ Dixie Carter/ Hulk Hogan drama. This truly does seem to be the time for Magnus to breakaway from Main Event Mafia and begin his journey as the true future of TNA. In regards to EGO, these three men should be, if not already, the next big force in TNA. Daniels and Kazarian are, as stated many a time, entertainment personified. Bobby Roode is arguably the best technical wrestler on the roster after Kurt Angle and soon will be the best technical wrestler in the company. 2014 should focus on the Roode title hunt and eventual reign with Daniels and Kazarian in the supporting roles during the It Factor era. Perhaps another Tag Team Championship reign is in order for the Selfish Generation to truly return.

Samoa Joe Vs. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray
TNA Booking Sheet: Samoa Joe def. Bully Ray via DQ
Ric’s Booking Sheet: No Contest
Analysis: The always entertaining Bully Ray and Samoa Joe close the in-ring competition aspect of Impact Wrestling with a solid match that more so advertised Bully Ray and his Bound for Glory chances than continuing an Aces & 8′s/ Mafia feud. In fact, the Aces & 8′s drama was not even mentioned in depth. A sign of things to come for the faction?

Bully Ray needs to look dominant going into Bound for Glory, whether a win or a loss is taken. A no contest due to Bully and Samoa Joe going at one another and the referee losing control doesn’t allow Joe to lose any steam and allows Bully to continue to impose his will. Bully would eventually get the upper hand when AJ Styles comes in and his attack on Ray takes place. The great thing about this booking by TNA is that we finally have Ray and Styles acknowledge their matchup. This is the build needed for both men heading into the biggest event for TNA. AJ Styles looked strong tonight so Bully Ray needs to look just as strong next week. In building this particular main event, having either one of these men look weak is not an option. Keep the fans guessing, especially with the AJ Styles contract situation. An exciting main event leaves you guessing and this has the opportunity, being lead by two ring generals, to be an edge of your seat thriller come the evening of October 20th.

Impact Wrestling was drama heavy with only three matches throughout the program, however, the final product for the 10/3/2013 broadcast was entertaining and spot on. Three matches actually felt like enough for this particular kind of broadcast. Tulsa, OK plays host next week, so the road to Bound for Glory continues.

What do you think of the booking on tonight’s broadcast? Sound off below and let’s get the conversation started!

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  • Steven kelly

    Got a bit of a beef here. Oh not with you mr santos your great and an all around nice guy. But am i a troll? Do i post nasty rubbish about tna or disparage any wrestler? Do my posts here not make any semblance of sense? I visit here daily for the articles which i thouroughly enjoy yet it seems that only writer who actually answers me or offers their opinion on my posts is you. Hey i dnt mind if they reply to just tell me to sthu itd be a reply at least but no nothing its kinda like they think replying to us is beneath them, i may be wrong heck i have been before but when it happens constantly its hard not to see the pattern

    • Sean

      Hey Steven, I am another writer here, there are some points I agree and disagree with. The point I agree with is Ri Santos as usual has done another top job. He doesnt only provide the results but he also gives his opinions with his own opinion of how the match went. Theres a reason why he is the writer for giving the weekly in and outs about each Impact show, along with Mr Alex Barie. Keep it up Mr Santos.

      I would however like to disagree that no other writer has been willing to discuss with you. Since you have not afforded me with the opportunity to begin a discussion on my articles. Some state that my articles are long, but I discuss factors from an intriguing perspective that does require some depth, otherwise the one off article I did do with limited writing, doesn't provide the complete message intended. My latest article is 'Fail Sabin – The Heel Saga', feel free to comment.

      Also please check the other articles of every writer as they provide intriguing point of views, like Mr Barie's q&a article, like discussing the situation with the Television Title

      • Ric Santos

        Thank you Sean :) Much appreciated as always!

        • Sean

          Anytime, as you've said, I hope Kenny King does get rebuilt, and his mic skills are utilised. A top performer. He would of been a great heel, more suitable than Chris Sabin for that role

    • Ric Santos

      Hey Steven. First, thank you for your support and coming in to read out articles. I appreciate your support and I'm sure the other authors here do as well.

      I can't speak for anyone else as to why you don't get a reply, but I get the same way on Twitter when tweeting a celebrity and I get no response. I again can't speak for other authors but take in to account that we are all human and we do have lives that we tend to outside of writing. Perhaps they are busy or write and don't read comments to avoid getting into public arguments with real trolls on here. I'm sure it's not malicious and I encourage you to continue providing your feedback as long as its constructive, not offensive to anyone else commenting and shows real aspirations to talk about the product.

      I know I don't reply to every comment I receive but know you're not being ignored :)

      • Sean

        Now after that comment, Dixie and AJ Styles will reply to us straight away on twitter lol