Booking Impact! – No Gauntlet, But A Battle Royal

No Surrender is set with a world title match and two Final Four matches to determine who will be the #1 contender for a shot at the world title at Bound for Glory. An expected win by AJ Styles and a surprise betrayal by Mr. Anderson highlight the positive moments of a somewhat subdued Impact Wrestling broadcast this week. Nevertheless, programs were progressed and possible feuds developed. As always, let’s a take a look at the in-ring action and decide if tonight’s booking decisions were on point. Booking Impact! starts now!



Knux Vs. Chris Sabin
TNA Booking Sheet: Knux def. Chris Sabin via DQ
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Chris Sabin def. Knux via pinfall
Analysis: As the opening contest, the fans seemed uninterested with only a handful of reactions here and there. This took away from what was, at best, an acceptable wrestling contest and made it look worse. Knux is not an interesting character and Chris Sabin, who did his best in the ring tonight, didn’t seem to mesh with Knux fully to produce a quality match. Overall, the goal of storyline progression was reached and that is the most important aspect.

There is an agreement with Sabin using the hammer on Knux at the end of the contest; however, this should have been altered. Ric’s booking sheet has Sabin over Knux after a failed attempt at an assist by Bully Ray with the hammer. Sabin takes hold of the hammer after his win and strikes Knux. Not only does this continue to show Sabin as a real threat to Bully, this shows the aggressiveness needed by Sabin to compete in the main event level. The loss on Impact television does further a frustrated Sabin in this storyline, but a triumphant and take no prisoner Sabin could have been a better route to take. Sabin is a threat and the Aces continue their downward spiral. Booking disagreement.

12 Man Bound for Glory Series Gauntlet Match for 20 Points
TNA Booking Sheet: AJ Styles is victorious and gains 20 points, leading the BFG Series
Ric’s Booking Sheet: AJ Styles is victorious and gains 20 points, leading the BFG Series
Analysis: What was billed as a 12 man Gauntlet Match was actually a 12 man over the top rope Battle Royal. Either way, AJ Styles was the clear favorite going in. There’s been alot of analysis in regards to AJ Styles and his chances at winning the BFG Series and then the title at Bound for Glory. There is certainly stiff competition from Bobby Roode and Austin Aries, but this is AJ Styles’ time to get back where he belongs. Magnus is maturing into a future world champion, but this is simply not his time.

AJ Styles picks up the expected win as it goes in line with the current predicament the Aces & 8’s find themselves in. The group is slowly dissolving and AJ Styles will give them their hardest blow. Styles may not even have to do much, except win the world title, as we are seeing the cracks become deeper in the Aces & 8’s camp by the groups own members. This has always been the predicted outcome of the BFG Series so the only thing left is to enjoy it as it unfolds. Booking agreement.

TNA Tag Team Champions James Storm & Gunner Vs. Garett Bischoff & Wes Brisco
TNA Booking Sheet: Bischoff & Brisco def. Storm & Gunner
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Bischoff & Brisco def. Storm & Gunner
Analysis: What was a solid tag team match did not translate properly on television due to the lack of interest from the crowd. This is concerning as what’s supposed to be a big moment may not come across as such to the television audience and even the live audience. This is with exception to the main event and Battle Royal matches as the crowd was very much into these two bouts.

A Team Aces & 8’s win makes the most sense for a few reasons: A James Storm/ Gunner win would be too predictable (more so than an AJ Styles win earlier in the night) and this gives Brisco/ Bischoff a possible feud to look forward to. The tag team champions are utilized along with more members of the Aces & 8’s. There isn’t too much to dig into with these pairings except that they progress the Aces & 8’s story and a possible tag team championship run for Briso and Bischoff. Booking agreement.

No Disqualification Match: Bully Ray Vs. Sting
TNA Booking Sheet: Sting def. Bully Ray
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Sting def. Bully Ray
Analysis: A solid contest between two performers who work extremely well together. This Slammiversary rematch was reminiscent of said pay-per-view in obvious ways with the difference being Mr. Anderson’s loyalty to Bully Ray called into question. Or is it Bully Ray’s loyalty to Mr. Anderson that’s called into question?

The matchup could not have ended better with Mr. Anderson having an “oops” moment with the hammer in his possession. Throwing the hammer to the other side of the ring helped Sting and helped Mr. Anderson, as he will face Bully Ray for the title next week. Bully Ray is expected to walk into Bound for Glory as world champion while AJ Styles is looking to receive that golden ticket, so expect a Styles/ Ray Bound for Glory main event. Though Bully Ray may be the favorite in his match at No Surrender based on the foreseeable BFG match with AJ Styles, Anderson will impress. The question is, what will happen? The Aces will surely be involved in some capacity, but to protect their President? Vice President? Bully will do his best to exploit any weaknesses, so don’t count the champion out next week. Booking agreement.

No Surrender takes place on Spike TV next week with Bound for Glory coming up soon after. The players are almost set in their positions for the pay-per-view event in October.

Do you agree with the booking of the in-ring action on tonight’s Impact Wrestling broadcast? Do you agree with Ric’s booking sheet? Sound off below as we set our sights to No Surrender!

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  • Dominic

    i agree with the booking of the matches

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    u don;t have your world champ tap out and he look so weak when he is a title match next week so thats very bad is bully ray losing goodf booking come on now its bad booking period

    • Ric Santos

      You have no idea about build and storyline progression. The big picture scenario. You are a troll that only gives negative insight on everything TNA does. You do not contribute at all and are irrelevant to this website.

  • Steven kelly

    Im still holding out for a shock mr.anderson win to really shake up the story. Wishful thinking bt hey tna has swerved us b4 :)

    • Ric Santos

      We shall see ;)

  • TCB

    While I did expect Anderson to cost Bully the match, I just didn't envision it the way it all went down with Bully tapping out. I would have figured Anderson physically costing him the match. But it is what it is; Bully wasn't going to win that match in my eyes because of some reason. So it's not 'who' but more like 'how' I thought the finish would be.

    Nevertheless, I pretty much agree with what you had Ric.

  • kyle

    Great booking but i would of had knux fight some one else like chavo and let him destroy him giving more heat to knux and aces.