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Another episode of TNA Impact Wrestling has come and gone from Corpus Christi, TX. As we gear up for next week’s episode from Pennsylvania, how do you feel about tonight’s match ups and finishes? Here are my two cents. Do you agree with me?



Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff Vs. Kurt Angle
Broadcast: Brisco and Bischoff def. Kurt Angle
How I’d book it: Kurt Angle def. Brisco and Bischoff via DQ due of interference from Aces & 8’s

Lately, the Aces & 8’s have been looking a little too unstoppable while Team TNA has been looking a little too weak. Last week’s world title victory for Bully already put the Aces at a very high position for their storyline so another week of it makes no sense. In my booking sheet, the Aces come in to give Angle a beat down which causes the DQ. Angle fights back and clears the ring. Running out of the ring and back with a steel chair, Angle begs for the Aces to come get some as they retreat into the crowd. The Aces look villainous and cowardly, as they should, while Angle keeps the Team TNA spirit alive with Hardy out due to “injury”.

Zema Ion Vs. Petey Williams Vs. Kenny King (TNA X-Division Champion) for the TNA X-Division Championship
Broadcast: Kenny King def. Ion and Williams to retain
How I’d book it: Kenny King def. Ion and Williams to retain

This one is a no brainer. At this moment, with the exception of Petey Williams, Kenny King is the best X-Division competitor on the roster. Despite winning the title, Kenny King has not been exposed enough since then to warrant a title loss. The X-Division title needs to regain prominence so a long title reign should be in the cards for King. However, he needs to be utilized more and the X-Division on display going forward if TNA wants the fans to care. Despite the match being very robotic and predictable, the overall spots would be the same but with King retaining with his finisher or another high impact maneuver.

Ms. Tessmacher Vs. Mickie James for the #1 Contender’s spot for the TNA Knockouts Championship
Broadcast: Mickie James def. Ms. Tessmacher
How I’d book it: Ms. Tessmacher def. Mickie James

Very sloppy match with a terrible outcome. In any event, I have Ms. Tessmacher over Mickie James as she has made more of an impact than James on television lately. Mickie James looks bored on TV and comes off as not having her whole heart into her matches. Velvet Sky is not as over nowadays as Ms. Tessmacher too. Sky’s matches have a very “I can tell she’s acting” feel to them, which doesn’t make for great TV. Ms. Tessmacher should be the good girl/ face of the Knockouts Division, though she still needs some improvement herself in certain areas of her character and style.

Devon (TNA Television Champion) Vs. Samoa Joe for the TNA Television Championship
Broadcast: Devon def. Samoa Joe
How I’d book it: Samoa Joe def. Devon and becomes the new TNA Television Champion

The broadcast outcome clearly displays my thoughts from the opening contest: the Aces are looking a little too unstoppable. There should have been a balance and Samoa Joe winning the title, would have tipped the scales. We get the Aces are a strong unit (or lead to believe that) and Bully won a helluva match last week, but Team TNA needs to shine and keep the Aces on their toes. Joe wins and as the Aces are livid in the ring, holds the Television title up high as he makes his way to the back.

James Storm Vs. AJ Styles
Broadcast: AJ Styles def. James Storm
How I’d book it: AJ Styles def. James Storm

Best match of the night where I have AJ defeating Storm with the help of Christopher Daniels and Kazarian giving a distraction and a Styles Clash. The events after the match were appropriate and make sense with my booking as well, considering the loses and embarrassment the Aces would have to go through on my version of the show. AJ also had to pick up the win in order to keep his value up.

Ric’s Spots
– Where were Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim? Gail had a small speaking part where she commented on Hardy’s situation but there was no progress to this particular Knockouts story. Did last week’s show end the feud?

– A weak crowd made for a weaker television broadcast. There was no inspiration at all. However, and as Alex Barie said, the production and pacing was good. Not rushed and the stories that were presented at least had time to take more shape.

That wraps up Booking Impact! this week, so what did you think of the show? Do you prefer my outcomes over the broadcast? Sound off in the comments and thanks for reading. Check out the next installment of The Ric Says tomorrow night!

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  • wrestlingscoops2323

    the booking sucked last night and they over did it with the aces and eights last night big time and it was overkill and tna is looking way to weak now