Booking IMPACT! – Has The Storm Truly Settled?

Booking Impact


TNA Booking Sheet: The Wolves def. Abyss & Magnus.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: The Wolves def. Abyss & Magnus.
Analysis: Perfect booking with this outcome. Abyss and Magnus go down to The Wolves and the build to the dissension is set. It could have gone either way in terms of Magnus and Abyss. It would have been great to see Abyss knock out the champion cause the loss, furthering the distrust between the two heading towards next week’s championship match. Maybe even Magnus “turning his back” on Abyss in a way to show just how much Magnus is truly all about himself, even with someone watching his back.

TNA Booking Sheet: Angelina Love def. Madison Rayne.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Madison Rayne def. Angelina Love via DQ.
Analysis: Madison Rayne should have won the match via disqualification. Tonight’s loss is another notch in her belt of losses and that’s not good. With Ric’s Booking Sheet, the match ends when Velvet Sky enters the ring to try to reason with the two and then blindsides Madison. Madison is still taken out as shown on the broadcast, but atleast she would have gotten a win after multiple losses as the Knockouts champion. Maybe even having Madison go over Angelina and having The Beautiful People beat her down afterwards could have worked too with something along the lines of the three making amends and then the beating ensues. More on tomorrow’s TNA Blog Zone for

TNA Booking Sheet: Samoa Joe def. Eric Young.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: No Contest Due To An Uncontrollable Brawl Between The Two.
Analysis: With the two going head to head earlier in the night and the build to their match, a no contest would have been the proper end to this contest. Having the two just go at it to the point where the referee loses control of the match, building up next week’s title match and calling into question just how long Young will keep Abyss at bay before he decides to combat Joe for a chance at the title himself. With EY’s recent showing as a serious threat, this is a case where both should be looking strong heading into next week’s bout and both should have a good chance at picking up the championship win.

TNA Booking Sheet: Gunner def. James Storm.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: James Storm def. Gunner.
Analysis: Ric’s Booking Sheet has Storm going over Gunner. Storm is on a helluva role in his feud and the momentum needs to continue for him. Booking Storm over Gunner also etches his name as a huge main event contender later in the year the next top heel, maybe even going over Bobby Roode for that spot. Gunner defeated Storm tonight on the broadcast and for Gunner, a loss could have been a much better deal. Gunner is being built as a babyface, so what better way to continue the build than to have a disappointing loss at the hands of The Cowboy? The story of respect and vengeance for himself and family could have been better extended into the Sacrifice pay-per-view in April. Tonight should have been Storm’s night to leave a bigger impression with a win along with the hard fought match. However, a great performance by Gunner tonight and much respect for him.

Do you agree with the booking of tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling broadcast? How would you have booked the in-ring action? Sound off below!

NOTE: Though comments and discussion are encouraged, we ask that spoilers for all IMPACT Wrestling broadcasts are NOT provided in the comments area in consideration of your fellow readers who do not wish to be spoiled. Thank you.


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  • TCB

    I know this is about the matches, but I just want to say one thing before I go into what really want to add:

    If there’s one thing I’m actually liking about TNA currently it’s this:

    1) Actual different characters being shown on television that extends to various feuds without it all being so convoluted.

    2) Things feels a bit more tighter in regards to how storylines are played out week by week.

    With that said, I wish a couple of things were a bit bumped up (highlighting their X-Division champ more, but I feel that Kenny King will get involved in that at some point)

    Going back to this, while the main event was pretty damn good, Storm winning actually would make more sense and prolongs their feud to Sacrifice. Oh yes this battle isn’t over juuuuuuuuuuuuust quite yet. And hey, we may even get a Beer Money one-night reunion of sorts along the way.

    • Adam Eaton

      I completely agree James Storm should have gone over. If he is going to be a dominate then he needs to win with this new persona, otherwise he just comes off as a jealous cry baby.

  • Michael Steidl

    This show was much better than last weeks. I like the slow build TNA is taking with Abyss and Magnus and the ending to their match with the Wolves was perfect. I think over the next few weeks, the altercations between the two will escalate causing a greater rift. If I was TNA, I would have held off the four-way title match until Sacrifice. This would have allowed more of a slow build of the Abyss/Magnus tension and giving TNA to decide whether to give Joe the title or another swerve in the WHT scene.

  • Chris

    I was shocked that Eric Young lost clean to Joe. Makes no sense no matter which way you look at it. TNA needed to build Eric’s credibility going into the 4-way dance. He is new to the title scene and needed to show he belongs. Now he looks like a chump who can’t back up his mouth.
    To be honest, I am not even sure why they booked this match in the first place. MVP should have refused to book them in a match with each other as he wants to save it until the 4-way title match. But because they are both in fighting moods, he books them in separate singles matches. Both of them could go over in their respective matches and looked strong doing so. That would have set up a much more interesting title match.
    That’s just one man’s opinion