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Welcome to another edition of Booking Impact! here on, coming off of a great Impact Wrestling broadcast. As always, let’s take a look at the match outcomes and see if you agree or disagree with how I thought the matches should have finished.


IMPACT WRESTLING – TUPELO, MS – 5/16/2013 (TAPED 5/9/2013)

Bobby Roode Vs. Chavo Guerrero
Broadcast: Bobby Roode def. Chavo Guerrero due to interference by James Storm (if the match was not thrown out).
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Bobby Roode def. Chavo Guerrero via pinfall
Ric’s Booking Reasons: Roode and Guerrero were in the middle of a very good and well paced technical match up tonight. However, and the crowd’s boos confirmed, James Storm’s actions ruined the match and took away from it’s prestige.

My booking sheet has Roode and Guerrero finishing the match with a clean win by Roode. After the match, while Roode is celebrating at the corner, James Storm makes his way in and sprays Bobby with the beer followed by a crack over the head with the bottle. Considering he is injured, I would not have Storm have any hand to hand altercation. These actions would have given the segment an edgier end.

Jay Bradley Vs Christian York
Broadcast: Jay Bradley def. Christian York by pinfall
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Jay Bradley def. Christian York by pinfall
Ric’s Booking Reasons: Some will disagree with me, but Jay Bradley is the better wrestler between the two. That is a strong comment considering that York is a 16+ year veteran. However, York is still sloppy and almost seems uncomfortable at times in the ring. Jay Bradley looks confident and knows the role he is playing. He carried the match.

I have Bradley over York as well with no real difference in how the match up plays out compared to TV. Bradley has “it” and I want to showcase the man’s raw talents for the TNA fans.

Gail Kim Vs. Velvet Sky (TNA Knockouts Champion)
Broadcast: Velvet Sky def. Gail Kim by pinfall
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Velvet Sky def. Gail Kim by DQ when Gail’s vicious streak shows
Ric’s Booking Reasons: Gail Kim is now showing an edgier side to her character that is excellent in this TNA period. Brooke Hogan already established that Mickie James will challenge for the gold next week so a Velvet win made the most sense. However, the outcome of that win should have been different.

I have a DQ win for Velvet on the strength of Gail Kim and her new found intensity. A DQ win for Velvet because of Gail not listening to the referee’s 5 count or hitting Velvet with a corner post figure four and not letting go allows Kim to look strong and dominant. Sky, though winning the match up, looks like the vulnerable champion that looks to lose the title at any time but can possibly rise above. The champion needs to be challenged and Gail Kim should be the knockout to set that standard going forward in this story, even if the gold is not around her waist at the end.

Petey Williams Vs. Chris Sabin Vs. Kenny King (TNA X-Division Champion) for the X-Division Championship
Broadcast: Kenny King def. Chris Sabin and Petey Williams by pinfall to retain
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Kenny King def. Chris Sabin and Petey Williams by pinfall to retain
Ric’s Booking Reasons: As mentioned in my previous articles, Kenny King should have a lengthy title run to establish himself further in the X-Division and to bring prestige back to the gold. There isn’t too much to address as it was another fantastic X-Division Championship match with the right man winning.

There could have been a bit more interaction between Sabin and King, however. Sabin is gunning for the X-Division Championship and last weeks verbal exchange between the two was the catalyst for something special in the future.

Christopher Daniels Vs. Hernandez
Broadcast: Hernandez def. Christopher Daniels by pinfall
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Hernandez def. Christopher Daniels by pinfall
Ric’s Booking Reasons: This was a hard one as I see reasons for both competitors taking the win. However, Daniels picking up the loss doesn’t hurt him as much as a loss would hurt Hernandez.

Hernandez is a big man and has always been underrated. Though underrated, he is still not a strong singles draw so a win tonight makes sense as it adds a little more stock and shine for him. Daniels is established enough where either a win or loss, the fans will always dig him, even when they hate him.

D’Lo Brown Vs. Joseph Park
Broadcast: Joseph Park def. D’Lo Brown by pinfall
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Joseph Park def. D’Lo Brown by pinfall
Ric’s Booking Reasons: Obviously, a loss for D’Lo progresses his story with the Aces & 8′s and continues his spiral down the Aces ladder. My booking sheet has this match playing out as it did on TV, more so for the D’Lo situation as Joseph Park has no real story to develop. A short take on the only filler match of the night.

TNA and my booking sheet were pretty much on the same page going in to tonight’s broadcast with some adjustments here and there to the outcomes. As a show, it was a strong and very entertaining Impact Wrestling. If the same energy and quality is brought to Tampa, FL next week, get ready for another ride.

How would you have booked tonight’s Impact Wrestling? Do you agree or disagree with me and my reasons? Sound off below and thank you for reading Booking Impact!

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