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Booking Impact


TNA Booking Sheet: EC3 def. Curry Man.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: EC3 def. Curry Man.
Analysis: In the opening segment of Impact Wrestling, Ethan Carter III is introduced after Dixie first reintroduces Rockstar Spud to the TNA fanbase. After a promo by both Carter’s, we’re ready for EC3′s opponent, who is none other than Curry Man. The returning Curry Man put on a good showing for himself, but EC3 takes the win and remains undefeated.

EC3′s push is a prime example of how to take your time with a gimmick. The gimmick within the gimmick is his winning streak over competitors that have no chance of winning. In another time, EC3 would have been pushed too soon with the fans not having an emotional connection with the character. However, these wins are building EC3 and building him up for something larger down the line. A win over Curry Man might seem like something to brush off, but Curry Man has history. If you didn’t know, Christopher Daniels is the man behind the bright mask. It’s a comedic character that’s not meant to be taken seriously, but a win over Christopher Daniels is still pretty cool.

TNA Booking Sheet: Lei’D Tapa def. Velvet Sky.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Lei’D Tapa def. Velvet Sky.
Analysis: After Gail Kim is ejected from ringside because of interference, Lei’D Tapa and Velvet Sky continue on until Tapa takes the win.

Tapa surely takes the victory in order to continue on as the dominating Knockout in the division. If Gail Kim’s bodyguard/ associate took a loss, how would that look for either of the two at this stage in the program? Towards the second half of the contest, Sky looked to be building up nicely and got in some good looking low kicks. She is certainly accomplished in the realm of TNA Wrestling and has always been a good representative of the Knockouts. If Sky were given time to once again focus on her in-ring ability and not relegated to being just another pretty face to have on screen for men, she could bring herself to the top once again. Tapa made a few visual mistakes in the ring, but she is still growing in the main stage of TNA. She is still a great talent that still hasn’t been completely let loose.

TNA Booking Sheet: The BroMans def. Norv & Dewey.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Norv & Dewey def. The BroMans.
Analysis: Zema Ion returns as the exclusive DJ to The BroMans as they faced Norv Fernum and Dewey Barnes. The BroMans pick up the win easily as the losing team would have to wear turkey suits and dance. After some embarrassment, Dewey and Norv began to embrace the idea and had fun while wearing the suits to the dismay of The BroMans.

Despite being the TNA Tag Team Champions, and focusing on building their stock, The BroMans should have taken the loss here. It was too obvious that Barnes and Fernum would come out of the match as the losers. A surprise victory for taking the two lightly would have made for a more entertaining, and overall better, segment. A little reward for the two taking repeated loses to Ethan Carter III would have been nice to see. BroMans would wear the suits and angrily try to attack, only to have their plans thwarted by the duo.

On a side note, Dixie announced the winners of the night’s matches would be a apart of the “Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner” Feast at the end of the night. If Norv and Dewey were victorious, being taken out in the back by Robbi E and Jessie or Dixie having BroMans in on the feast anyway would’ve been good heel moves.

TNA Booking Sheet: Team Roode def. Team Angle via DQ.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Team Roode def. Team Angle via pinfall.
Analysis: Team Angle were eliminated one by one by a more stable Team Roode. While Gunner & James Storm were pinned to be eliminated, Magnus was taken out due to a knee injury on the outside of the ring. When a member of Team Roode brought a steel chair to the ring, Angle capitalized and used the chair to strike Roode for the DQ loss but the upperhand overall.

Agreed that Team Angle should have taken the loss, but that loss could have been better via direct pinfall. Backstage, Bobby Roode touted how he is now 3 wins over Angle. Though that is how a true heel would handle the situation, if a pinfall was made after the match became a cluster of confusion, then Roode would truly have bragging rights over Angle. The set up to their next one on one contest would be set and the only thing left would be to have these two finish it in the TNA World Championship Tournament.

What are you thoughts on the winners and losers of Impact Wrestling this past Thursday? Sound off below and let’s get the conversation going!

NOTE: Though comments and discussion are encouraged, we ask that spoilers for next week’s Impact Wrestling broadcast are NOT provided in the comments area in consideration of your fellow readers who do not wish to be spoiled. Thank you.

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  • steidman

    I am really enjoying the Kim / Tapa story. What would really blow this angle up is to have Kim get bored with the competition and force the KOs to have to beat Tapa to get a shot at the title. Eventually, ODB and Velvet, after getting beatdown in singles match, double team Tapa to take out the monster.

    Then could set up one of two scenarios:

    (1) the "OMG" story where Tapa is battling ODB and VS and out of the blue comes Awesome Kong and cleans house. Then could lead to an AK v LT match where Gail tries to interfere. Eventually, this would set up AK v Gail for the title. If I were TNA, I would be trying like hell to sign AK to a 1-yr deal to make this happen. AK could feud a little with Kim and then again with Tapa who would be AK to claim the the title and as the KO monster.

    (2) is have Tapa take out both ODB and VS in a handicap match and then as Gail comes into celebrate b/c there is no competition, Tapa takes out Gail. This could set up a match b/t the two, and Gail could weasel her way out of until ODB and VS force her to face Tapa. In the end, Tapa takes the title and solidifies herself as the KO monster

    Either way could be an interesting story, of course with some more detail. But of course I would have to vote for option #1

  • Steven kelly

    Genius way to use rockstar, they can slowly phase dixie off tv have him as her mouthpiece and he cn rub somebody up wrong way leading to a feud