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Another solid Impact Wrestling is in the record books and the BFG Series is underway. Some interesting developments tonight as Sting proclaimed that he will be bringing back a new Main Event Mafia, The Aces & 8′s look to have some friction and “Rampage” is on the same wave length as Kurt Angle. The storylines are progressing nicely, but let’s take a look at the in-ring action and see how tonight’s booking compares with my final booking sheet for the night. It’s Booking Impact! on!


IMPACT WRESTLING – DULUTH, GA – 6/13/2013 (TAPED 6/6/2013)

Bad Influence (Kazarian & Daniels) Vs. Gunner & James Storm – BFG Series Qualifier
TNA Booking Sheet: Kazarian & Daniels def. Gunner & James Storm to advance in the BFG Series
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Kazarian & Daniels def. Gunner & James Storm to advance in the BFG Series
Analysis: Two hot teams coming into the BFG Series Qualifier. A well paced match on television with very good spots from Bad Influence tonight. As good as Gunner and Storm looked, tonight was Bad Influence’s time. Their energy said it all.

Bad Influence takes the win for the simple fact that if they won’t be honored as tag team champions, then they are deserving of a chance to battle for the main singles title in the company. Gunner & James Storm have to carry the division as credible tag team champions, so that is where the focus should be. The result on television was spot on.

Crimson Vs. Joseph Park – BFG Series Qualifier
TNA Booking Sheet: Joseph Park def. Crimson to advance in the BFG Series
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Crimson def. Joseph Park to advance in the BFG Series
Analysis: Head scratch match of the night. The booking of this match on TNA’s part fell flat on its face. The issue being exactly what Crimson said in the ring: he was undefeated for 470 days. He made TNA history and should have started his rebuilding in the company tonight. Joseph Park is everyone’s favorite underdog, so what better way to set up another underdog story for Joseph than to put him in the BFG Series. These two were not put together as a sign of a possible BFG Series win, but to enhance Joseph Park and have him gain favor with the fans. This feel good moment should have been altered greatly. How about this:

For Crimson to be taken seriously again, Crimson should have gotten the win over Joseph Park to advance (and ultimately be eliminated). Joseph Park sees his own blood from a busted lip and transforms, destroying Crimson in the ring after the match up. In this scenario, Park is utilized correctly and the Abyss saga continues.

Magnus Vs. Rob Terry Vs. Kenny King Vs. Matt Morgan – BFG Series Qualifier
TNA Booking Sheet: Magnus def. all opponents to advance in the BFG Series
Ric’s Booking Sheet: N/A
Analysis: N/A

Eric Young Vs. Austin Aries – BFG Series Qualifier
TNA Booking Sheet: Austin Aries def. Eric Young to advance in the BFG Series
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Austin Aries def. Eric Young to advance in the BFG Series
Analysis: Aside from the fact that Austin Aries is one of the best talents on the TNA roster and the professional wrestling world, it’s a guaranteed money match if Aries and Roode have another one on one for a chance at the world title. Though Eric Young is a veteran of the game, he can’t be taken seriously as a contender with his current gimmick.

A tweet posted by yours truly mentioned that Austin Aries is different since the incident with Christy Hemme weeks ago. If his quiet, taking a step back so Roode can have the spotlight demeanor has anything to do with that, this is his comeback as The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. Having a technical and aerial athlete such as Austin Aries promotes the high risk action we may see in the BFG Series. Tonight, the bout came off without a hitch and was solid on television.

Devon Vs. Mr. Anderson Vs. Wes Brisco Vs. Garett Bischoff Vs. Knux Vs. DOC – BFG Series Qualifier Battle Royal
TNA Booking Sheet: Mr. Anderson “defeats” Aces & 8′s to advance in the BFG Series
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Mr. Anderson “defeats” Aces & 8′s to advance in the BFG Series
Analysis: My previous articles have mentioned Mr. Anderson destined to ignite a change within the Aces. That spark can lead to deep dissension in the ranks or something bigger, such as a change in leadership. Tonight, Mr. Anderson get’s more shine as the winner of the Battle Royal and advances into the BFG Series…mostly through the planing of the Aces & 8′s.

Having DOC break away from the plan of all members eliminating themselves for Anderson’s victory, the stage was set for more heat within the group. Let’s not forget that this is the BFG Series, so what if Mr. Anderson advances and Bully Ray is still champion? Will Anderson lay down for his leader? Will he fight and shock the world with an Aces & 8′s takeover from within? The bout itself played as it should have.

Kurt Angle Vs. AJ Styles – BFG Series Qualifier
TNA Booking Sheet: AJ Styles def. Kurt Angle to advance in the BFG Series
Ric’s Booking Sheet: AJ Styles def. Kurt Angle to advance in the BFG Series
Analysis: It’s set in stone that AJ Styles will challenge for the world title, so a win in order to qualify for the BFG Series is an obvious booking decision. Though questionable on AJ’s part due to interference by the Aces & 8′s, he took advantage of a situation that presented itself to him. The new attitude of AJ works in this case. Regarding the match itself, no changes or adjustments necessary. This match up was superior to the Slammiversary 2013 bout, so these men should be very happy with their work tonight.

AJ Styles should slowly “come to his senses” soon and truly return as The Phenomenal One before challenging for the world title. Coming full circle is key in the end result and that is why AJ Styles takes the victory tonight.

What did you think of tonight’s booking compared to my own? Sound off below and thank you for reading another edition of Booking Impact!

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  • Andrew

    I, agree with you on the Magnus and Matt Morgan. Magnus is going to be world champion in the future for sure. Morgan has been the sleeping giant for so long,it's time for him to become a serious contender. But as far as past BFG series winners, getting a free pass into the series.. I'm not a huge fan of the idea. But hey I'm sure they are there for a reason.

  • TNA Chris

    I don’t think they want to rush the park story and I think they want most of it done involving the aces and eights

  • Kashoo

    The only booking decision that was all wrong was Crimson coming back after 12 months "sitting at home?". It was a waste of time to bring him back cut an actually good promo and lose.

    • tnaisbest

      Totally agree. Can't stand the Joseph Park character and was thrilled to see Crimson back.

  • Kashoo

    As well it was really stupid to have him say he was sitting at home for 12 months as he has been in OVW all this time domination there with his Crimson Coalition gang. He was even wearing his Crimson Coalition camo vest. Occasionally the bookers in TNA forget that TNA fans arent stupid and that there is such a thing as the interweb. Al in all Crimson has looked really good in OVW and in the match last night.

  • TNA Chris

    Stone Cold was happy with the AJ vs Angle match.