Booking Impact! – The BFG Series Finale Tonight… Continues!

Hulk Hogan made the announcement that instead of tonight’s show having the final one on one matchups in the BFG Series, a final Gauntlet Match will take place next week for 20 points. Interesting turn of events for the competitors vying for a spot. Along with the BFG Series strong broadcast, Gail Kim and ODB also competed in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match. Let’s take a look at the in-ring competition tonight so you can decide if you agree with the match outcomes as presented. Booking Impact! starts now!



Bound for Glory Series Match: Kazarian Vs. Jeff Hardy
TNA Booking Sheet: Jeff Hardy def. Kazarian
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Jeff Hardy def. Kazarian
Analysis: A strong opening contest between two men who were not originally scheduled to compete. Magnus was to battle Jeff Hardy while Kazarian was to battle Hernandez. With Magnus off TV tonight with unknown issues, the deck was shuffled and we were presented with tonight’s opening contest. For a match on short notice, the two performed like the professional’s they are and set the tone for the rest of the night.

Hardy gets the win for obvious reasons. The BFG Series has reached its end with the top 4 heading into No Surrender in September. Jeff Hardy is, if not a strong candidate to win the gold, a strong candidate to make it into No Surrender for an opportunity. Kazarian is certainly deserving of a shot at the title, but it is simply not his time. The BFG Series is currently lead by the heavy hitters in TNA, so Kazarian doesn’t advance. Great effort by both men, but Hardy is the man who takes the win. Booking agreement.

#1 Contender 2 out of 3 Falls Match for a shot at the TNA Knockouts Championship: Gail Kim Vs. ODB
TNA Booking Sheet: ODB def. Gail Kim
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Gail Kim def. ODB
Analysis: writer Alex Barie had a great description of the matchup via his Twitter/ Facebook page: “Wasn’t a fan of the beginning of the match, but they slowed it down and worked a story through the other falls”. ODB and Gail have developed a rivalry and both work well in the ring. One could see that there was a plan going into the matchup and they were successful in it’s execution overall.

Though ODB is much deserving of a shot at the TNA Knockouts Championship, it’s not her time yet. 2013 has been very good to Gail Kim with feuds involving Taryn Terrell and making her presence felt more than in previous programs. The understanding of a face challenger against a heel champion is understood, but a Gail Kim Vs. Mickie James matchup draws. With ODB in the title match, there is almost a feeling that Mickie James will retain. This is absolutely not a knock on ODB as she is a solid in-ring talent; however, placing her as the #1 contender seems a little erratic on the part of TNA. It’s Gail Kim’s year and she should be challenging. Booking disagreement.

Bound for Glory Series Match: AJ Styles Vs. Bobby Roode
TNA Booking Sheet: AJ Styles def. Bobby Roode
Ric’s Booking Sheet: AJ Styles def. Bobby Roode
Analysis: Tonight we witnessed a preview of a future world title match between Styles and Roode. They are the two forces that will lead us through the world title picture very soon. Regarding tonight’s match, yet another solid outing by both men for BFG Series points with AJ Styles picking up the victory.

Bobby Roode is in a good spot. He is already in the top 4 of the BFG Series, so a loss doesn’t truly hurt him. Coming out of last week’s main event victory, AJ Styles needed to remain hot and pick up the win. Even though he gained the victory, he remains a few points shy from making it into the top 4. Knowing what we know now about next week’s program, AJ Styles has another shot at the top 4 and at knocking off Magnus as the BFG Series leader. Even if the decision to continue the series had not taken place, AJ would still have his title shot somehow later in the year. Booking agreement.

Bound for Glory Series Match: Christopher Daniels Vs. Austin Aries
TNA Booking Sheet: Austin Aries def. Christopher Daniels
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Austin Aries def. Christopher Daniels
Analysis: Entertaining end to the in-ring portion of Impact Wrestling. While Austin Aries is riding the saddle again, Christopher Daniels continually shows why he is deserving of a chance at the TNA world title. However, Aries was the better man tonight and solidifies himself in the BFG Series.

Austin Aries has risen to the occasion and looks to take his opportunity by the horns at the BFG Series’ end match to determine who will go on to challenge for the world title. Even if Aries is not destined to win the final 4 Way Match at No Surrender, the BFG Series was the place to return to being “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived”. A successful BFG Series run gives Aries a future shot for the world title in itself. The year is not over yet, so anything can happen before and even after Bound for Glory. Keep an eye out on Austin Aries. Booking agreement.

How do you feel about the in-ring action on tonight’s Impact Wrestling broadcast? Do you agree with the winners as presented by TNA Wrestling? Ric’s Booking Sheet? Sound off below!

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  • Steven kelly

    I can see it all now its clear hogan hinting at one last match the situation with brooke/bully. At no surrender mr.anderson will beat bully leading to mr.anderson usurping bully then itl be set up hogan vs bully grudge match at bfg what do you think mr santos mr. Barrie feasible?

  • TCB

    I was so relieved to hear that there's just one more week; that's perfect for Styles to get the top spot.

  • Steven kelly

    I was looking at this a bit more and aj styles vs mr. Anderson at bfg would work. If scenario i suggested takes place(see above comment) if anderson gets control of aces & 8s the only blot on his book would be the failure to bring aj into the group so he would be compelled to get retribution

  • The Boss

    Let us not forget the AJ contract issue. Many have speculated on Hulk Hogan getting a title shot against Bully Ray at BFG. But how could he do it when the BFG series winner already gets that shot?

    Perhaps AJ wins the series but his contract “expires” before the PPV. With no opponent Hulk Hogan steps in and wins the title himself. That could be how they get around the tournament.