Booking Impact! – The House That AJ Styles Built And Left

Welcome one and all to the latest edition of Booking Impact! tonight after a solid Impact Wrestling broadcast from Tupelo, MS. Interesting showing tonight to say the least, but let’s have a look at the booking of tonight’s match ups and see if you agree, or disagree, with how I would have booked tonight’s show.



Tara and Gail Kim Vs. Mickie James and Velvet Sky (TNA Knockouts Champion)
Broadcast: James and Sky def. Tara and Kim
Ric’s Booking Sheet: James and Sky def. Tara and Kim
Ric’s Reasons: Angle, Sting, AJ Styles and the Aces & 8′s started off strong but the crowd needed a good match to enhance that intro. Having the face team over the heel team was a good way to get the crowd going on a happy note (considering the Aces had the upper hand in the opening segment). Not only that, but Gail Kim’s new found post match intensity was showcased again, which was smart as it progressed the Gail Kim story. TNA has a way of keeping talent off TV when they’re “injured” but Taryn Terrell should have made an appearance. That is the only difference between my booking sheet and the broadcast booking.

DOC Vs. Magnus
Broadcast: Magnus def. DOC
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Magnus def. DOC
Ric’s Reasons: No Brainer. This one was supposed to expand on D’Lo and his situation with the Aces, which played out how it should have. Magnus looked strong and there is now definitely a strain on the Aces. Cracks are forming. However, I have Bully Ray embarrassing D’Lo in the middle of the ring with DOC getting himself some as payback for D’Lo’s mistake. Bully then announces D’Lo’s new role as a prospect in front of the entire arena.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode Vs. Bad Influence (Kazarian and Christopher Daniels) w/ “The Cowboy” James Storm as special referee
Broadcast: No contest as Storm Super Kick’s Aries and Daniels, leaving the ring afterwards.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Bad Influence def. Austin Aries and Booby Roode via an accidental Super Kick from Storm on Aries (Daniels antagonizes Storm and moves away from the incoming kick, striking Aries).
Ric’s Reasons: Bad Influence needs to challenge for the tag team titles. First of all, they are a tag team focusing on tag team business. They draw, are entertaining and can carry the gold to its deserved place up high. Austin and Roode, however, recently showed some dissension in the ranks so it would have made sense for them to lose and then take it out on each other in the ring. This would further indicate a split and singles aspirations for the world title. This makes even more sense with the BFG series coming up.

Kurt Angle, Sting and Abyss Vs. Bully Ray (TNA World Champion), Mr. Anderson and Devon (TNA Television Champion)
Broadcast: Sting, Angle and Abyss def. Aces & 8′s
Ric’s Booking Sheet: No contest due to the shock by the Aces at Abyss’ return
Ric’s Reasons: When Abyss returned, he should have cleared the ring. Aces stay out in shock and run away through the crowd. Perhaps Devon is left in the ring and takes a slam through the table from Abyss to end the night as the Aces watch in disbelief. In this scenario, Aces don’t take a loss but look like cowards and Abyss/ Team TNA look strong.

Our own Alex Barie (@AlexAssumptions) also made a great point when he questioned the pinfall win when a table was used. Shouldn’t it have been a DQ victory for the Aces in that case? A little bending of the rules by TNA.

Do you agree with my match outcomes as compared to the broadcast? Would you keep the same outcomes? What did you think of the show? Sound off below and remember: “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game”.

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