Booking TNA Through 2014: Genesis Results


Hello again readers! We have just passed Genesis and we are on the Road to Lockdown which will be held in Oakland, California! Voting is up and the next PPV will be Against All Odds which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada . For this B.T.2014 we will be going through 3 weeks in TV, every Thursday and Dixie Carter has a special announcement coming soon, which will change TNA forever. First the results of Genesis:

M1: AR Fox, Petey Williams & Team X (Greg Marreta & Kenny King) d. Chris Sabin, B&B Legacy and Samuel Shaw w/Christy Hemme. (King pinned Sabin after Shaw knocked into Hemme accidentally, which then Shaw left the ring distracting Sabin only to get hit with a Coronation by King for the win.)

M2: Manik (c) d. Rockstar Spud w/Marty Scrull to retain the TNA X-Division Championship. (Manik pinned Spud, toward the end Manik was clutching his head holding the ropes and then violently bopping his head up and signaling Suicide, then hit the D.O.A, which was only used by Suicide for the pin. After which he turned back into TJ.)

M3: Lissa Anderson d. Talear Hendrix (c) to win the TNA Knockouts Championship. (Anderson pinned Hendrix after interference by Ivelisse after giving Hendrix the finger, she distracted Hendrix and the referee. Which then Anderson took advantage by a low blow and then hitting the Kudo driver for the win.)

M4: Gunner won the Hardcore Battle Royal by last eliminating Mr. Anderson after a fireman’s carry face buster on a steel ladder then tossing him over the rope to win.

M5: Bobby Roode(c) d. Austin Aries and James Storm in a Three way Ladder Match to retain the TNA TV Championship. (Storm and Aries were on the ladder, then Storm punches Aries in the eye, and then Storm inches and grabs his beer bottle, then Aries knocks Storm on the head grabbing the bottle sending him to the floor, then Roode comes from out of nowhere and knocks the ladder off sending Aries, chest first into the Guardrail knocking him out and Roode steals the victory as trainers checks on A double.)

M6: AJ Styles d. Magnus, Samoa Joe and Crimson to be the 1# Contender. (Samoa Joe eliminated Crimson after a Rear Naked Choke which made him pass out. Magnus eliminates Samoa Joe after a rollup reversal while in the Rear Naked Choke, only to infuriate him and then Joe hit Magnus with a chair, busting him open. Joe beats up referees and then Joe attempts the Muscle Buster on Styles on the entrance ramp only to engage in a brawl with a returning Crimson who came from the back and they both brawled in the audience. It’s now down to Styles and Magnus and after some back and forth action, a missed top rope elbow which Styles then hit a Spiral Tap, only for Magnus to kick out at 2. Styles then tries a Styles Clash but Magnus reverses it into a Kings Lynn Cloverleaf which AJ reaches for the ropes and Magnus breaks at 3, only for Styles to reverse it with a drop toehold into a Calf Killer which after one minute he breaks it both men brawl until Magnus hits his Signature Clotheslines only to have the third reversed into a standing dropkick. Magnus gets hit and bounces off the ropes and AJ hits Magnus with a stiff kick to the gut and hits the Styles clash on Magnus for the win.


The Main Event. the HHH.v.HBK of TNA ?

The HHH.v.HBK of TNA ?

Main Event: Christopher Daniels d. Kazarian (c), to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a Last Chance Match. (At the beginning of the match, JB gives the formal ring announcements and when referee Slick Johnson has them shake hands Daniels puts his hand out after he takes a swig of his Appletini while Kazarian dose so reluctantly only to get spat on by Daniels starting off the match with Daniels in control. After trading punches and signature holds, Kaz gets the upper hand on Daniels, when he attempts a top rope hung DDT only to be countered when Kaz hits a low blow and chucks Chris over crashing to the floor with Kaz. Still hanging on, Kaz scouts the area, throws up his horns and dose a springboard but bounces off the second into the third mocking the BME only to have Daniels roll out then Kaz landing hard on his feet. Chris recovers and hits a low blow and attempts a “Fade to Black” on the floor, which Kaz then reverses it into a “Fade to Black” then taking out Daniels, and the crowd chants, “This is Awesome,” and “TNA, TNA, TNA.” Kazarian drags Daniels into the ring pins him only to get the shoulder up at 2. Kazarian shocked and the crowd is going nuts! And Kaz picks him up and goes for another “Fade to Black” only for Daniels to yank the trunks balancing it in his favor and hitting a pile driver. Happy about knocking his former friend, drags him to the edge and flips him the bird and goes for the BME only for Kaz to roll out of the way and nail a super kick on Daniels. Daniels bounces off the ropes and Kazarian does Chris’ “Angel’s Wings” move and goes for the pin: 1-2- shoulder up! Kaz is astonished and does it again but another kick out. Daniels is busted open. Kaz turns it into a fight, taking it outside and after trying to whip Daniels’ head into the post but Daniels reverses the whip and sends Kaz ramming hard in the face on the post as Kaz goes down. The ref is at 6 but Daniels comes in the ring, and then leaves again. He taunts Kazarian and tears off the all the monitors and throws Frankie on the table, “Tables, Tables, Tables!!!” chant grows across the arena and Daniels is going to do a “BME” springboard off the ropes. He flies and Kaz rolls out at the last second sending Chris crashing and burning into the announce table. The crowd is on the edge of their seats and Kaz gets in at 6, but trainers are looking at Daniels but a bloody and bruised Christopher runs in at 9 only to be stomped on by Kaz. Kaz and Daniels trade punches and then Kaz whips Daniels into the corner and yells, “Flux Capacitor!!” He gets Daniels up and readies the move, but Daniels fidgets out and hits a low blow pushing Kazarian down and then Chris turns and pulls up his knee brace and hits the “BME” and his knees hit directly on Kazarian’s ribs. He hooks the legs: 1-2-3!!! Christopher Daniels defeats Kazarian for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and celebrates as Trainers and Refs check on Frankie’s Injury to end the show.

So, what did you think? Comment and tell me who you thought rocked and you’re picking for “Match of the Night”. Thursday when we have a Special Friday Night Impact! Only on


Here’s the first” Booking TNA.” article. To look back on here.

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  • steidman

    Not bad. I actually like the direction that TNA is headed but that they just need to learn where to make tweaks. If I had creative control this would be my card for Lockdown:

    First Hour:
    1. Lethal Lockdown for X-Division Title – Austin Aries (c) v. Kenny King v. Manic v. Zema Ion v. Wrestle-1 wrestler

    For the first match, you got to start off with an exciting X-Division match to get the crowd flowing. I would give this match 17-20 mins. The first competitor eliminated would be Manic by Kenny King, keeping KK in a strong position after Lockdown. Next elimination would be Zema by AA, the champ getting to show strut his stuff. The last elimination would be KK by the Wreste-1 wrestler, who is inserted into this match by MVP as he and Muta were revealed as the new investors. While Wrestle-1 would get to shine, AA would still walk out the champ.

    2. Storm v. Gunner

    This would be a hard hitting match, giving Storm and Gunner about 8 mins to beat the crap out of each other. Gunner would be playing the heel, which would be set up after his failed title shot. Storm would have done his best to neutralize intereference from Magnus's goons but Magnus would still have gotten the pin on Gunner. This time, Gunner would snap on Storm, leading him back to the dark side where his aggression could be of better use. The match would go to Gunner, as he needs a win against a top opponent and Storm is excellent at putting over talent

    3. Chris Sabin and Alpha Female v. Velvet Sky and Mystery Partner

    The build up of this feud has been ongoing and I would not change much that has already been done. The Sabin would challenge VS to a match and for her to find a partner. VS would tease that a member of the TNA roster was her partner but would not reveal his identity until Lockdown. And making his return to TNA would be Alex Shelley, coming back to to battle his old partner. I would give this match 10 mins allowing Alpha Female to show her stuff as well as to give Shelley and Sabin time to show their stuff. In the end, VS and AS would be victorious.

    4. Monsters Ball Match – Eric Young v. Abyss

    I would have held off to EY and Abyss showdown until Lockdown, giving them 10 mins to beat the living hell out of each other. I have enjoyed the culmination Abyss and Joseph Park melding into one personalty. Abyss would still get the win.

    2nd Hour

    5. Knockout Title Match – Gail Kim (c) v. Madison Rayne

    I would have held off changing the title on Madison until Lockdown. It would allow the two build up heat heading into Madison taking the victory. I would give the KO 10 mins here to strut there stuff. The loss by GK would be the first crack between her and Lei Tapa, as Tapa was neutralized by ODB. This would lead to a ODB, GK, LT and Madison feuding over the title post Lockdown

    6. Tag Team Title – Bro Mans (c) v. Bad Influence v. The Wolves

    IMO, the Bro Mans are a very underrated team, whereas BI and the Wolves are definitely the top two teams in TNA. The lead into this match would have the Wolves and BI exchange victories over each other on the Impacts leading up to Lockdown, with both wanting a shot at the title. MVP would make the match giving his new investment a shot at the title. Definitely would give these guys 15 mins ad have BI walk out as the new champs, prolonging the feud between BI and the Wolves.

    7. Casket Match – Bully Ray v. Mr. Anderson

    Not much I would change in this feud as I think that TNA has down a good job building this secondary feud. I would have the payoff match on Lockdown, with Mr. Anderson getting the win. Another 15 min affair.

    Third Hour

    7. Lethal Lockdown Team MVP (MVP, AJ, Jeff Hardy and a Wrestler 1) v Team Dixie (Bobby Roode, EC III, Rockstar Spud, Crimson )

    Obviously, AJ resigning is something that may be a long shot but TNA should get him on a two year deal and after lockdown exclusively have him feud with younger stars such as EC III, Kenny King, Sam Shaw and other newcomers. Again, anotehr Wrestle-1 wrestler is on MVP's team as Muta has come forward as one of "they." As for Team Dixie, I wanted to add a new face and Crimson IMO was not given a fair shake before his departure and could grow into a ME caliber player. In the end, Team MVP would prevail with AJ pinning ECIII, which would be a catalyst for these two to feud.

    8. TNA World Title – Magnus (c) v. Samoa Joe

    Really not going to change much with this one, as TNA has gotten right pushing Joe back into the Main Event. Lockdown would be good place to make a title change, Magnus still has a lot of years ahead of him and his current reign has cemented his spot as a main eventer. Joe winning would allow new fresh feuds to develop over 2014.

  • Nic Winstead

    Interesting Lockdown lineup, and I see crimson is there to, give Vince a scare. I like it and thank you.