Bound For Glory – Breaking Dawn

This isn't over Bully

This isn’t over Bully

If you are a Twilight book fan, then you will understand the meaning of the title.  Okay, let me explain. In Breaking Dawn, a huge change happened to Bella. This change ended a phase of her life (her human phase) and started a new one (the vampire phase). But don’t forget, these changes were painful and not easy at all. On the other hand, the pain was for something important, the ultimate goal was to be with her beloved one aka Edward, so it was worth the effort.

For months TNA has been going through a rough trip.  The fact is going on the road showed TNA what is wrong with them.  It is a tough year for TNA with the releases of several wrestlers and backstage members. This period of TNA reminds me of Bella’s transformation into a vampire, painful and dark, but the question is, ”Will Bound for Glory be TNA’s breaking dawn?” Let us go through BFG’s match card and see.


Allow me to express my love for this match card.  Without a doubt this is one of TNA’s strongest ppv cards in a while. When you take a look at it you will see a lot of match of the year candidates. I love this card, and I have high hopes for the event, but you know what is more interesting?? The wrestlers who are taking part in this.

AJ Styles

Samoa Joe

James Storm

Bobby Roode

Chris Sabin


Kurt Angle

Bully Ray


Gail Kim

Austin Airies

In other words, the TNA originals or those who have been there from the early years of TNA are fully involved. Add to them new and hungry talents like Magnus and Manik and you have a balanced card that mixes between old blood, veterans, and new blood. From my last couple of articles I was vocal about doing such a mix, so well done TNA. Let’s start with this match:

Sting VS Magnus

Magnus and Bully Ray

There is this point in your career that you have nothing else to prove, and you gain enough knowledge and wisdom that you eventually try to teach it to the next generation. On the other hand, a young wrestler is a hungry wrestler. He wants to prove himself to the world.  He doesn’t have the wisdom and the experience of the veterans. This is how I see Sting and Magnus. When Sting decided to bring the family back, both Sting and Angle saw something in Magnus that reminded them of themselves. They saw the hunger and passion in Magnus, but here is the thing, Magnus is really HUNGRY, he wants to prove himself to himself and to the world. I don’t see Magnus turning heel but he won’t be face as well. Magnus will be somewhere in the middle, and on last week’s Impact you will see what I mean. Magnus wanted to end the match in a big way via submission, but he had the chance to pin his opponent.  He wasted this chance to satisfy his hunger and to send a message to Sting, “I CAN DO IT.”  The look on Magnus’ face when Sting tagged himself to finish the match(Magnus point of view) says a lot. We will have a strong Master vs Student match. So will it be Magnus’ breaking dawn?! Will Magnus win the match and satisfy his hunger?? Or, will the veteran give his student some hard love?! Well in my opinion, let the veteran give his student some hard love and let Sting win the match, this will set Magnus on fire.

Ultimate X match

Joe vs Jeff Hardy vs Austin Airies vs Sabin vs Manik


 Now this is by all mean Manik’s mega test to prove himself to the world. He is facing experts and X-division veterans. If Manik wins this match, then his name will be cemented in TNA’s history.  What a push!! On the other hand, we have hungry and greedy competitors who want more. Austin Airies wants to show TNA that he is the best wrestler in the world. His eyes is on the gold, so the creator of option C wants to catch the X-division title to cash it in for a chance to win TNA’s World Heavyweight Championship again.

But hey don’t forget Sabin, the former TNA Heavyweight Champion. Sabin wants to prove that he is the X-DIVISION and winning the title will satisfy his ego and may be put him on the Heavyweight Championship map again.

On the other hand, we all know that before having a X-division we had a Jeff Hardy. The high flying dare devil decided to make an impact in the X-division. Hardy entered a tough challenge with people like Austin Airies. AA and the others are stating that this is their back yard but Hardy wants to prove that there is room for him in the division. For Hardy winning the X-division title won’t add a lot to his already full CV but it is a chance to put him on the radar to compete for the WHC.

Last but not least we have the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe, one of the X-division’s Godfathers. In my opinion, Joe needed this match. Joe is hungry for a championship, Joe needs to be in the World Heavyweight Title picture and what is better than winning the X-division title in doing so? Joe is one of those wrestlers who are sometimes misused.  Joe deserves a shot in the main event picture. I love his involvement with the Mafia but I miss seeing the gold around him.  This match is important for all 5 competitors.

Will it be Manik’s triumph? Will Hardy prove to the X-division that he was X-division before there was an X-division?? Will Austin Airies get the chance to get an option C again?? Will Sabin satisfy his ego with another X-division title win?? Or, will Joe do the unthinkable and get his hands on the title that he helped in establishing?

TNA Knockouts Champion match

ODB vs Gail Kim vs Brooke

Gail-Kim-vs.-ODB-vs.-Miss-Tessmacher-vs.-Mickie-James-vs.-Velvet-SkyIf someone has something to prove in this match then it is ODB. Let’s face it, it is a must win match for ODB.  No second choices here. For a long time, ODB has been used in several comic stories and was away from the title picture until the recent cuts. I think the recent cuts were useful for ODB to put her back in the title picture. But her trip isn’t easy.  On one hand we have Gail Kim and on the other we have Brooke.

Brooke is on a mission to make the Aces and 8s dominate the KO division through her, so a win for her is going to be a massive achievement. As for Gail, she has achieved everything.  A win for her isn’t important. It will only give her a chance to dominate the KOs division and satisfy her ego.

So for ODB, she has to win so that the Aces and 8s couldn’t dominate the division. She also has to win in order to keep Gail away from getting the title and establish a reign of terror in the KOs. Plus I want to see a Lei’d Tapa vs ODB match for the gold, a face vs. heel match in this case is better than a heel vs. heel confrontation.

World Tag Team Championship match 


Back in 2010 when we were introduced to Immortal, I was really impressed with Gunner. Gunner is an animal.  He has this great aggressiveness and I wanted TNA to give him the TV Title during the Immortal days. The problem with Gunner that he was so green and he needed more development but he had the potential.  I saw something in him. So, he was taken off TV and went to developmental.  However, he may have the body and he is aggressive but he lacks mic skills. So in the case of lacking mic skills what to do?? You either hook him up with a manager like what WWE did to Brock Lesnar or give him a partner, and who is better than the cow boy James Storm?!

I like this team but here is the problem: Gunner and Storm didn’t get a real test or a big threat.  That is why this match is important for Gunner and Storm more than the others. Gunner needs to make an impact to shut up the critics and to prove that he is the future. My predictions?! This match will be the first real threat to team Storm/Gunner if the right team wins the gauntlet match (EGO). If EGO gets the win and faces Storm and Gunner then we will have a great match, and, yes, the champions should retain.  It is time for Gunner to shine on.

Hall of fame VS Hall of Fame

Without a doubt Kurt Angles deserves to be in TNA’s Hall of Fame. The guy was at the peak of his fame and career in the WWE, but he decided to join TNA!! Kurt Angle comes out and gives 110% of his efforts. Angle is one of the most loyal wrestlers in TNA, and the way he reacted when he was announced to be in the Hall of Fame says a lot. So, he without a doubt deserves this honour.


I think this match is made for Bobby Roode.  Angle doesn’t have anything to prove. Right now Angle is in this phase of his career that depends more on pushing new stars rather than doing any new accomplishments. Bobby Roode was having a bad year.  Since he lost his title it seemed he lost his touch. Back when Bobby was the champion he was an awesome heel who spitted in the face of authority. Since Bobby joined EGO he began to get his ”mojo’ back’. Roode changed the BFG series and he made a well deserved come back so the real question right now is, “Now what?!” Roode should get more momentum.  Now what is better than beating the newly inducted Hall of Famer?! A win for Roode will give him a monstrous push.

Breaking Dawn

AJ Styles vs Bully Ray 


AJ Styles is one of TNA’s most underrated superstars.  Thing is, he is a victim of TNA’s strategy in only focusing on huge stars. Right now AJ is in the middle phase.  He is changing and his new side began to develop more but the changing phase is not over yet. In Breaking Dawn, Bella went through a dark and painful phase to become immortal but that was the first step.  The second step was cementing this change by facing authority. In AJ’s case, for this change to get cemented and get the breaking dawn that he deserves, he must win the title. By winning the title AJ will spit in the face of authority and he will bring down Bully Ray’s reign of terror.  In other words, he will start a new era in TNA.  AJ winning the title will open the gates of hell because I really don’t think that Dixie will be happy about it, but hey, it will be a strong slap on her face. This match, in my opinion, is the battle that everyone is waiting for since AJ rejected the offer to join the Aces and 8s. The match will be a blood bath.  I really do think that it will be a match of the year candidate. Plus I have a feeling that we may have unexpected interferences, maybe Ken Anderson will come back to seek justice.  Anything could happen. If there is something missing then this match shouldn’t be a normal wrestling match.  This is a grudge match so give them the whole backyard.  A steel cage match??  May be a street fight match??  A no DQ match?? Hell, I wish this match could be a Hell in a Cell match.  Give them the tools that allows them to have a bloody and aggressive match.

So, this year’s Bound for Glory is the most important Bound for Glory for TNA because it will pave the road to 2014.  What will TNA look like then? Will AJ Styles succeed in getting the title for him, the fans and his band of brothers?? Will AJ slap Dixie by winning the title?? Will ODB prove that she deserves the KOs title?? Will Sting put Magnus on the map?? Will Manik pass the test and defeat 4 other hungry wrestlers?? Will Jeff Hardy prove that he is ”X-division”?? Will Joe get the title that he helped to shape or will AA dominate the X-division again and cash the title for a shot for the WHC? Or will Sabin do it again and get the title?? Will Roode prove that he is still a threat??  Last but and not least will BFG be TNA’s ”Breaking Dawn”?


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  • Luchador

    reading your article made more more exited to see BFG

  • steidman

    On Paper, looks like a great card. With only 6 announced matches ( I am sure they will through in another one), hopefully TNA will give each match time to tell its own story. I am a fan of the "less is more" and this gives it more of a big PPV feel. I am going to be watching the show because I know there are going to be some great matches. Lets see if the San Diego can bring the energy to really make this PPV pop.

  • kyle

    Can i order this ppv now plzzzzzz lol breaking dawn i want breaking bad type ending.

  • cinimodyeslah

    this was a great article i can't wait for Bound For Glory this Sunday