Bound For Glory Series 2013

Bully Ray Champ

We are currently on the Road to Slammiversary, arguably the second biggest PPV of the year for TNA. However, aren’t we forgetting what else is around the corner? The Impact following Slammiversary signals the beginning of the most successful tournament in the company’s history, the Bound for Glory Series. This 12 man tournament spanning 3 months leading up to BFG has met with huge success in 2011 and 2012, and tournament winners Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy have gone on to successfully capture the TNA World Heavyweight Title, either at, or shortly after the prestigious Bound for Glory PPV.

Since the winner headlines the biggest night of the year, this series is a big deal. Who will be in it? Who will make finals? Who will be the champion and who will face him for the World Heavyweight Championship at Bound for Glory 2013?

Samoa Joe

Joe finished second in last year’s tournament, losing to eventual winner Jeff Hardy. He has been missing from TV lately but I expect a strong stand in the series from Joe.

Jeff Hardy

The returning Jeff Hardy will participate in the Bound for Glory series, seeing as he won last year and was just World Heavyweight Champion. It’s hard to know what TNA are planning for Hardy at the moment, if anything at all. He can put on some entertaining matches but I think his push may be over- he’ll end up finishing somewhere in the middle.


Magnus has been named as the future of TNA, and judging by his booking lately, TNA officials agree with this sentiment. I’m surprised that I didn’t know/remember that Magnus was in the tournament last year, but when I saw where he finished I understood why. In 2013 however, I’m expecting a strong showing from the young Brit.

Matt Morgan

Surely Morgan will be pitted against 11 other superstars for the chance to headline BFG. I expect a lot of talk from the Blueprint, but sadly, do not think he’ll “walk the walk”, falling short of his objective once again.

Kurt Angle

Angle was the Champion walking into Bound for Glory in 2011, and finished a disappointing 7th in 2012. I look to him to do well, but he has lost many matches this year, and unfortunately I believe his luck will continue to run this way, causing him to miss out on the top 4.

Bobby Roode

It’s looking like Splitsville for the Greatest Tag Team That Ever Lived, should Roode and Aries go down to Bad Influence this week on Impact. Regardless, to not have Roode in this tournament is madness. Hopefully we can see a push coming his way and I expect a top 2 finish for the It Factor.

Austin Aries

And his partner won’t be far behind. The BFG gives guys like Aries a chance to feature prominently in the show without a storyline, by having them wrestle almost on a weekly basis with something tangible, like points, on the line. At the moment, the roster is saturated with talent- too much talent, in fact, so such a tournament provides TNA the opportunity to utilise them all, which is the reason why the BFG series is so great. Who’s complaining?

James Storm

Storm and TNA Champion Bully Ray are the only two men to have made both finals of the BFG series. Storm doesn’t lose many of these matches, thanks to his deadly finisher the Last Call Superkick. Unfortunately, I’m sure Storm’s outta damn luck in 2013, and while I don’t see him making the finals, bet he’ll put on some fine matches.

AJ Styles

It only makes sense. AJ is my pick to take out the series this year, and most of the IWC are calling this one too… I had to jump on the bandwagon. Slammiversary will be the beginning of AJ Styles’ road back to the top, where he deservedly belongs. With Mike Tenay and James Storm putting over AJ’s new submission lock a few weeks ago on Impact, he’ll most likely rack up some handy 10 point victories.

Mr Anderson

Aces & Eights had to be given a fighting chance now didn’t they? Why GM Hulk Hogan would place bikie gang members in his precious tournament doesn’t really make sense, but it does sorely need some heels or they’ll be a hell of a lot of face vs face contests going on… we can only see so many! The great thing about having Anderson in the mix is that rather than wanting to win the Series, he’ll be more focused on taking people out and making sure they don’t get points to go on and fight Bully. He can keep it interesting.


Another Aces & Eights member, in order to even the odds. Also, why not have the guys who finish 5th-8th being eligible to compete in the “B-grade” finals, where the winner goes on to challenge for the TV title at Bound for Glory?? Would be a great idea, if the belt were relevant. Oh well!

Eric Young

Why not Christopher Daniels, Kazarian or Hernandez? Any one of them could have slotted in nicely, and quite frankly deserve the spot, as they’ll all had a phenomenal year. But all those guys mentioned are involved in the Tag Team Title Scene, and should concentrate on that. Eric Young made his return in early March, and we’ve rarely seen him since. Give a great company man a reward and give the people what they want. Get EY back on TV, and wrestling again.

Top 4:

AJ Styles (winner)
Bobby Roode
Samoa Joe
Jeff Hardy

Main Event at BFG:
Bully Ray vs AJ Styles.

I can’t see Ray dropping the strap to Sting at Slammiversary, so he’ll probably hang onto it for the months leading up to BFG. The series is a fantastic original idea by TNA and hopefully it continues on to become tradition. While the first year’s setup was riddled with pitfalls and inconsistencies, they really cleaned it up last year and it was a huge success. I can’t wait to see AJ vs Aries, Roode vs Samoa Joe, Storm vs Matt Morgan… the list goes on!

Who are your 12 and who do you think will win?

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  • tgo

    Can see this being the 12
    Morgan or Rob Terry (tna looking to make him staple mid Rank wrestler)
    Christian Yorke (the dinero of the series, makes sense with him being a staple in the one night only events
    E.Y or Joseph Park (and hopefully see abyss return in the end of)
    Jessie (being the Robbie E)

    One of the last few being injured in a sort of winner take all match with Devon or Anderson to qualify for the series, and final sees aces and 8s lose to aj styles leading to huge battle royal sorta few weeks before bfg.

  • Brad Drysdale

    Interesting line-up. I guess you need some jobbers in there to finish last or it might make some guys look weak. Either that or have all the results really close + some injuries, so no one really sits in last place.

  • nightowl

    Everyone is forgetting the fact that a Gut Check winner will have a slot, as starting this week, there will be a 4 man tournament to determine who will be in the BFG Series. I predict that distinction will go to Jay Bradley. He will join:

    - AJ Styles

    - Samoa Joe

    - Austin Aries

    - Bobby Roode

    - Kurt Angle

    - James Storm

    - Matt Morgan

    - Mr. Anderson

    - Jeff Hardy

    - Kazarian

    - Chris Sabin

  • Numero Uno

    AJ Styles, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy, Daniels, Abyss, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, Magnus, Kurt Angle, Kazarian, and Kenny King trading in the title for a chance at the BFG series

  • Keith Simpson

    AJ Styles, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Austin Aeries, Daniels, Kurt Angle, Magnus, Mr Anderson, Jeff Hardy, Matt Morgan, Samoa Joe and who ever wins that mini Gut Check tournament. The Bound for Glory series is fun, original and has a great concept to it. I hope they continue on with this series every year, it helps make wrestling fun again. My Top 4 AJ Styles "the guy deserves a push", Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle. With Storm and Aries finishing 5th and 6th. Aj Styles wins the series and wins the Title at Bound for Glory.

  • Ace McCoy

    dont forget a Gut Check winner is deffo going to be in the BFG series

  • aston villafan

    i think it should be
    samoa joe
    bobby roode
    austiin aries
    kurt angle
    jeff hardy
    aj styles
    matt morgan
    mr anderson
    jay bradley
    james storm
    and properly either rob terry rob van dam if he returns or someone like kenny king
    my top 4
    aj styles
    samoa joe
    bobby roode
    kurt angle

  • ross

    these 12 people should be the 12 in the bfg series
    jeff hardy
    bobby roode
    austin aries
    aj styles
    mr anderson
    jay bradley
    james storm

  • ross

    oops i meant joe not gunner

  • Oliver Awesome

    Sorry but I don't think it is true