Brace For Impact! – Tampa: The Red Zone

If you did not see last week’s Impact Wrestling broadcast and/ or did not read the official preview for tomorrow’s broadcast, I advise you to read it here, as it looks to be a fantastic program on paper. A lot will go down tomorrow night so let’s look at the news worthy bits as we Brace For Impact!

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The biggest part of tomorrow’s Impact Wrestling is AJ Styles possibly patching into the Aces & 8′s. For weeks, the Aces have touted their certainty of AJ’s allegiance to the group with Mr. Anderson getting into the head of the TNA original. If you haven’t read my latest Making An Impact! on, you can read it here and you’ll agree that Mr. Anderson is truly stepping up within the ranks of the Aces all on his own. With that said, has AJ Styles gone the way of the Aces & 8′s?

AJ Styles is destined to be the savior of TNA Wrestling so one would expect some kind of swerve to play out where AJ Styles finally comes to his senses and joins Team TNA. It can also be another episode of uncertainty as AJ can continue his late 90′s Sting impersonation for the 2010′s. This segment should close the night as it’s the focal point of the show. Though plans can change, don’t expect Bully to be involved in this segment as Mr. Anderson has been leading the campaign to patch in AJ Styles and he will be the one to see the final outcome, for better or worse for the Aces.

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These two have faced off in the ring many a time, but the stakes are much higher now.

Kurt Angle brings out the best in himself and his opponent in every bout, so expect the same heart and intensity from Angle. Mr. Anderson is beginning to return to his deserved spotlight and can work a great match with anyone on the roster. Facing Kurt has provided some down right entertaining and extreme moments in TNA with Anderson shining just as bright as Angle. If the Aces can be held at bay while these two show the TNA live audience and viewing audience what they can do, expect a great one on one match up.

However, D’Lo may want to involve himself in order to prove to the Aces & 8′s and Mr. Anderson that he should be taken out of the doghouse. Will we get a one on one match up with a clear cut winner? If he does in fact get involved tomorrow, will D’Lo help Anderson gain the victory or lose the match to Anderson’s frustration?

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Nothing has been announced as far as match ups for Sting and Bully Ray, so expect more verbal exchanges between the two and possibly some sort of physical altercation. Hogan, of course, will involve himself further as he tries to be the voice of clarity for Sting, but it will pretty much be the same things we come to expect. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as it’s done in an entertaining way. However, it will be difficult as the main focus is on AJ Styles and the Aces & 8′s.

The best segment would be an in ring opener to start the night with Sting getting the brunt of a Bully and Aces attack. Perhaps a comeback by Sting to get the crowd going and we’re off to start Impact Wrestling.


If done well, tomorrow’s show could be a memorable one. Along with the main stories as mentioned above, we have Velvet Sky defending the Knockouts Championship against Mickie James. Will Mickie win the gold or lose her chance and take out her frustrations on the champion? Will Gail Kim get involved and prove she is the dominant Knockout?

A Gut Check Qualifier and the return of Suicide to the X-Division as well! In regards to James Storm, he was just advised that he will need 6-8 weeks to heal from an abdominal tear and adductor strain, so I would expect no action from Storm and a replacement put in to tag with the mystery partner.

There is a lot to look forward to so take a moment to view the landscape and brace yourself for Impact Wrestling on Spike!

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