Breaking Down The BFG Series: Part 2

Hello, and welcome to part 2. I will be looking at the remaining six participants in this year’s Bound for Glory Series. Click here for part one!

BFG Series

Hernandez: It seems like it’s that time of year where TNA tries to give Hernandez a singles push. They have tried it before and it seemed to have been working until they abruptly ended it. While I don’t think Hernandez will win the entire series, I see him doing quite well in the points department. If Hernandez could rack up a load of points against top TNA contenders, we might be able to take him seriously as a top title contender himself. Unfortunately for Hernandez, I see his partner Chavo Guerrero costing him the whole thing.

Joseph Park: This is an interesting one. I’m not sure what the end game for Joseph Park is, or what his purpose is in the BFG series. Is he just in it to give other people points, like Robbie E. was the year before? Or do they have something big planned for Park? Perhaps involving Abyss? I don’t think Park has a shot at all in winning the series, but he is one that I’m most intrigued by in the series.

AJ Styles: The lone wolf. When AJ Styles returned I knew TNA was going to be doing something big with him and I believe it’s winning the BFG series. AJ Styles is my pick to win the whole thing and to defeat Bully Ray at BFG. It all adds up and everything makes sense. AJ winning would wrap a perfect bow on the Aces & Eights’ run in TNA.

Kazarian: Bad Influence continues to be one of my favorite things in wrestling, right now. While I am a huge fan of Daniels, and always have been, Kazarian never really did anything for me. However, I do think Kazarian has picked his game up, charisma wise, since teaming with Daniels. I think Kazarian will be the member of Bad Influence to not do so well in the series. I see Daniels being the shining star and Kazarian ultimately becoming the “Marty Jannetty”

Bobby Roode: One of my favorite wrestlers in TNA and wrestling, period, Bobby Roode has won the series before. He knows what it’s like in the main event of BFG. He is the longest reigning World Heavyweight champion in company history. He and Austin Aries made for a wonderful tag team surprise and I wasn’t sure if TNA would keep Roode up at the World Title level once he lost the belt. I am happy with how they have used Roode since and while I would like to see him with another reign as champ, I don’t see him winning it. I am very intrigued to see where he falls on the BFG card. Maybe against his former rival turned partner, Austin Aries?

Jay Bradley: The wrestler who has interested me the most in the entire series, Jay Bradley. I like that TNA has immediately put him on TV since winning Gut Check. Unlike some of the others like Taeler Hendrix, Sam Shaw, & Alex SIlva, Jay Bradley has been put in the center of TNA like no other Gut Check winner before. I am happy to see a new face, but I am ultimately dreading the way he could be used in this. I would love to see him make it to the final four portion of the series, but I see him just getting beaten by everyone. Hopefully it doesn’t end up the way I’m thinking it will and hopefully, TNA makes a new star out of Jay Bradley.

Thanks for reading! Once again, leave a comment on who you want to see win the BFG Series!

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