British Boot Camp 2014

TNA British Bootcamp

When TNA announced that they would be making a major announcement at the London Film & Comic con in July lots of rumors started swirling the web as to what it would be. Though plenty of theories were branded the one story that kept popping up and seems the most logical is that TNA and Challenge TV have come to an agreement to air another series of British Boot Camp. To be fair this should come as no surprise as the last series was a huge success for both TNA and Challenge and with such a strong presence in the UK it was surely only a matter of time before a deal was struck.

The first season was won by Rockstar Spud who is very much visible on TNA television, if nothing else just for his outlandish suits that he wears. Some have criticized the portrayal of Spud on TV but ultimately he is on TV and involved in one of the biggest storylines TNA currently has running. Regardless of how often he wrestles or wins Spud is featured on Impact each week to over a million people and nearly 5 million worldwide. That is down to British Boot Camp. TNA has proved that the show is a launchpad and that it uses the talent who wins.

With the new season in mind it got me thinking about who TNA could have on the show this year. The choices were far from easy as Britain has a plethora of talent at the moment with a wrestling scene that may never have been hotter. I have stuck with the same format as the last series and selected 4 talents. Of course these selections like anyone else’s are subjective……just like wrestling.

No.1 Jimmy Havoc

Jimmy Havoc

Current PROGRESS star and champion Jimmy Havoc is the epitome of a hardcore wrestler. Having played both face and now heel he has been in the game long enough, he debuted in 2004, to maybe make the step up. Sporting the punk rock look, think Ink Inc, Havoc is different to anything on the current TNA roster and Abyss aside has a different wrestling style to boot. Havoc has that hardcore style that one associates with the old ECW and he can take it as well as dish it out. Any guy that has been in the ring with Sabu has to know what hardcore feels like. There are some things that may be against Havoc such as he doesn’t really look like a wrestler, having such a slender frame. Obviously that is the point and part of his character, but when one starts talking about a global company then on some level you have to look the part. However I still think Havoc would stand a good chance on the show and would only have to catch the eye of one TNA bigwig to make an impression. If nothing else a feud with Abyss would be brutality on another level.

No.2 Grado


Anyone who saw the BBC documentary on Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) knows who this guy is. For those that didn’t see it I highly recommend it. Simply put Grado is one of the most charismatic performers in British wrestling today. People just relate and gravitate towards him. Funny and flamboyant he has that Scottish charm (not sure that even exists) that just wants to make you share an Irn Bru and chat with him. Having wrestled Colt Cabana he is no slouch in the ring and wouldn’t be over awed by the experience. While some may question his look its in perfect keeping with the package that is Grado. Besides he would win over the decision makers with his personality. If being critical maybe he would have to slow his speech down a little especially when talking to people from Nashville and be selective when using his vocabulary. Scottish people have a tendency to talk extremely fast but he would still be in with a huge shout.

No.3 Sammi Baynz

Sammi Baynes

This choice was hard as Bellatrix have so many talented women on there roster its ridiculous but for me the best out there at the moment is Sammi Baynz. Her match with Penelope back in April of this year ( was a masterclass in being a heel. Dare I say that many heels from the top organisations could learn from watching her work. That type of old school heel who isn’t desperate to be cheered but actually manipulates the boos and heat from the crowd by using the ref and cheating…..a lost art in today’s US scene sadly. Trained at WAW Baynz is technically gifted, smooth as silk between the ropes and has the right look that would separate her from the other knockouts in TNA. Baynz would be a great addition to the Knockouts division and with TNA looking to revitalize that area Baynz would be in with a huge chance of winning.

No.4 Zak Knight

Zak Knight

If TNA are looking for a wrestler who has the look and size then they need look no further than Zak Knight. Standing at 6ft plus and boasting an ever improving physique Knight has money wrote all over him. Still only 24 he made his debut back in 2001 giving him that rare blend of youth and ring experience. Trained by his legendary father Ricky Knight, few wrestlers in Britain today have all the tools that Zak has. As hard a hitting style as there is Knight makes his offence look so realistic that you end up having sympathy for his opponents. That’s the mark of a true worker not to mention that for his size Knight can bump like a cruiserweight which is always surprising to see given his size and aggressive style. Knight would an incredible addition to TNA. When you think of a heavyweight who moves like an X division wrestler you think of Samoa Joe and that’s not bad company to be compared with. Knight would stand a great chance of winning as he can literally do it all and there aren’t many in wrestling who can claim that.

I cant pick a winner from these 4 as it would come down to what TNA are looking for and how each of them would deal with the pressure. So I’m going to sit on the fence and say that all 4 have a great chance and any of them would be great captures for TNA.

Ultimately these are just my personal picks for British Boot Camp, as I said before wrestling is subjective so please comment on who you would pick.

For anyone interested the London Film & Comic con is being held over the weekend of July 12th at Earls Court 2 and TNA will be making the announcement on the Saturday at 5pm.

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  • Robert

    Would have gone for different wrestlers, what about that Devitt guy for example or Wade Barrett. Not heard of any of these 4….where do they wrestle?

    • Mark M

      Thank you for reading….and going for different people is what makes wrestling so subjective. In regards to Prince Devitt rumours are he has already inked a developmental deal with WWE and Wade Barrett is under contract to WWE so neither of them could be considered. That said I tried to think outside the box a bit and pick talents that TNA need on there roster.
      Jimmy Havoc wrestles for PROGRESS, Grado wrestles for ICW, Sammi Baynz wrestles for Bellatrix and WAW and Zak Knight wrestles mainly in WAW.
      I highly recommend checking them out as all 4 are great talents particularly the last 2 who have come from the same training school as current WWE Diva Paige and Magnus. So it has a terrific pedigree.
      Thanks again for reading.

  • Nitxobi

    Zack sabre if hes willing to join, and maybe nikkie storm or Mark haskins.

    • Mark M

      Thank you for reading……Zack Sabre is a tremendous talent but my theory is that he belongs on a main roster or NXT……as mad as it sounds I actually think British Boot Camp may be a step backwards for him. Haskins has already been in TNA before in 2011 and thus would eliminate him from the show as TNA is looking for guys they haven’t seen before.
      Storm is another who tried out for the TNA Gut check held in Nottingham around 2013….possibly in the January so again she wouldn’t be new to TNA.
      However I do agree that all 3 are amazing talents……thanks again for reading.

  • Mandy John

    I’ve never heard of Sammi Baynz before is she any good like?

    • Mark M

      Thank you for reading….If you haven’t seen Sammi Baynz wrestle before then I can’t recommend enough that you should. Her match with Penelope is here and is a great match up that shows off Baynz heel abilities. Alternatively i believe she is wrestling on July 25th, I have added a poster of the event for you…..again thanks for reading.

  • Robert

    Looking at the Sammi Baynz match she doesnt look like a Knockout from TNA does.

    • Mark M

      That’s the point……she is totally different to the current KO’s they have on the roster and yet she can still go in the ring, better than most of them. Add to that TNA has a strong British following and Baynz has a young, beautiful look but is not interchangeable with other KO’s.

      • Mark M

        She will stand out from the crowd and that’s what TNA needs from there talent…..individuality and Baynz has that in abundance.

  • Alfred Brickrock

    Probably TNA will choose 2 males and 2 females. So the girls have someone to work with.

    • Mark M

      Apparently there will be 12 contestants this year….