British Wrestling – America You Are Not Alone….

The two British Wrestling Stars are invading the world of wrestling

The two British Wrestling Stars are invading the world of wrestling

To the mainstream wrestling fans, it seems as if wrestling is primarily an American based sport. However, there are other wrestling foundations across the world, which effect the world of wrestling. Not only that, there are more and more wrestlers from different backgrounds being given the chance to make a name for themselves. These include two wrestlers who are rising to prominence in professional wrestling, the British duo, Wade Barrett and Magnus. Even though, the article on Magnus was met with controversy from Magnus himself, where I have to say there was no malice intended. These two competitors have undoubtedly been a major factor in their respective companies at one point or another.

Wrestling stars from across the world have been able to join the developmental project of the major wrestling organisations in America. As I discussed in a previous article, the development of wrestlers is important to give the wrestling company a platform for the future. Something WWE have been doing effectively as I stated, while TNA is falling behind. The opening of WWE’s developmental centre is a sign of this, which may further enhance their aim to build up future stars. No wonder why Triple H has stated in a recent meeting that WWE have no interest in acquiring any TNA stars, as revealed by one of the many insightful Alex’s Assumptions.

During my experience of the extravaganza of Wrestlemania 29, I got to meet an array of wrestling fans. However, there were two in particular that caught my attention. One of the them, shared my first name, Sean. When talking to him, I got to find out he is training to be a wrestler. Sean Moran, from the UK is hoping to soon be part of one of the many wrestling franchises in Glasgow. The same city, TNA recently visited to advertise their planned televised Impact show to occur in Glasgow during the UK tour of 2014. At the same time, TNA have enjoyed a successful British Boot Camp series when four British based athletes competed against each other for a TNA contract. Rockstar Spudd was able to prevail and earn an immediate fan base, along with the others like the Blossom twins. No wonder why TNA are set to go for a second season of British Boot camp. British wrestling has a lot of potential.

British Boot Camp

British Boot Camp

Wrestling has entered a period where it truly embraces the notion of being a global based phenomena. Back in 2007, one of the most popular wrestlers was Sonjay Dhutt due to his huge fan base in South Asia. TNA would often exploit this and used this to maintain popularity against the hugely popular WWE in that region. Sonjay Dhutt has returned in the rebranded X Division, helping the appeal of TNA. He was close in winning the new X Division championship at the latest TNA Impact’s Ultimate X Match. The importance of this region was notable during WWE ‘s Raw episode of 15/07/13 when John Cena astonishingly spoke in Punjabi to Great Khali. I’m not sure whether speaking the foreign language was good enough, or that he seemed to understand The Great Khali! There are many other examples, and it illustrates how wrestling has expanded.

Multiple languages in wrestling

Multiple languages in wrestling

Not only has wrestlers from all over the globe been heading to America, but stars from America have been headlining in other countries’ wrestling organisations. The greats like Y2J and CM Punk have enjoyed good periods in their wrestling progression, worldwide. But now, more and more wrestlers are seeking alternative companies after stints in the major American companies like WWE and TNA. As I’ve spoken about British Wrestlers in my previous article, I will focus on the British wrestling scene as the headline of this article would suggest. One of the major wrestling organisations in the UK, is International Professional Wrestling UK IPW:UK (IPW). This shouldn’t be confused with the New Zealand equivalent Impact Pro Wrestling, IPW.

Magnus, an established star in TNA has not forgotten his association with the UK. This is evident with Magnus returning for bouts in IPW. This includes a match with the then IPW UK champion, Sha Samuels in 2012. This was a tremendous year for IPW who were able to acquire marketable stars of Fit Finlay, Renée Dupree, Carlito, Chris Masters in 2012. From the powerful masterlock, to the rare few to beat John Cena and on his debut who spits apples. Also the brawling Irishman to the youngest WWE tag team champion around the age of 21, the 2nd generation French star Renée. But back to Magnus, he has been helping the IPW federation before 2012, including bouts with Zack Sabre jr and Rockstar Spudd in 2010. I hope the history check doesn’t irritate you Magnus or at the next TNA fan interaction at the UK, Brutus the barber beefcake persona may annihilate me. Haha I’m kidding, I hope you remember one of my friends who was brave enough to say that joke to you, Magnus you are a good wrestler indeed. A familiar foe in Magnus’ past, Rhyno is part of IPW, as is TNA and WWE stars of the past, the insane Sabu.

Magnus and a friend of mine after making a joke, at a TNA Fan Interaction at Wembley stadium, London, United Kingdom, 30/01/10

Magnus and a friend of mine after making a joke, at a TNA Fan Interaction at Wembley stadium, London, United Kingdom, 30/01/10

Speaking about Rockstar Spudd, as I stated, he was the winner of TNA’s British Boot Camp and is a success story in UK wrestling. He spent a number of years with IPW from 2004 to 2010 along with the other company that joined forces with IPW for a while, the Frontier Wrestling Alliance, FWA. This allowed him to participate in TNA’s reality show British Boot Camp. Rockstarr Spudd didn’t start his wrestling career with the buzz like he has done in TNA Impact, since he was used as a jobber to larger athletes. It took him a while to develop into being a contestant for TNA. He has been causing waves in TNA’s development, and was unlucky at TNA Destination X 2013 in a X Division qualifying match, for the Ultimate X Match at the latest TNA Impact. Another contestant of British Boot Camp, Marty Scurll, who arguably was the bigger hit for the fans of the Impact Zone, also a big name associated with IPW:UK. One of the highlights of his career was winning the Dropkixx Shoot Fighting middleweight tournament, with Wade Barrett winning the heavyweight tournament. These wrestlers along with the Blossom Twin, have trained for a number of years before coming to TNA, incorrectly deemed by the majority as rookies. The potential is evident indeed.

This then brings my attention to the developmental system. These wrestlers are already growing in the American franchises, and the interest in these competitors are increasing. There are more and more British based wrestlers arriving in America, with a growing fan base. WWE’s NXT, has a lot of British based wrestlers who are doing well like Adrian Neville, who have been trained well in WWE’s developmental program. Adrian Neville’s high flying ability has enabled him to grasp the NXT Tag team championship. There are other success stories of British professional wrestlers in NXT. Some wrestlers will truly be the stars of tomorrow. One of them, is one of the people I had met at the Wrestlemania 29 spectacle, Sean Moran. Currently, Sean Moran trains at the Premier British Wrestling Academy in Scotland. Having seen a lot of their graduates, including the head trainer Kid Fite, competing in ICW on Youtube, I can tell this is a highly successful and professional school that can showcase and produce the perfect blend of both talent and entertainment. Sean has also sent me their Breaking Limits DVD which I look forward to watching in the next few days.

There has been a rise for British wrestlers indeed in professional wrestling. Sean Moran is part of an exciting period for British wrestling with the wrestling companies in Britain regaining TV contracts after 25+ years on Challenge TV. This is the same channel that broadcasts TNA Impact and the wrestling talk show, WrestleTalk TV, thus all three wrestling programs will have a similar audience. While Sean Moran is not a wrestler today, he is continuing his training by doing a noble cause. He intends to raise funds for Yorkhill Children’s Hospital. Sean Moran will be competing in a competition called the Tough Mudder. It’s a difficult competition with a host of strenuous activities. In this competition, Sean Moran will be competing with some of his friends, under the name ‘Straight Edge’. Haha you guys will know I like CM Punk, so this is an additional incentive certainly. For additional information, click here.

Keep calm and support British Wrestling

Keep calm and support British Wrestling

Its a truly noble cause to get involved in, and has an association with a lot what we are seeing, with the shift of wrestler’s development, along with the variety of wrestlers coming such as British wrestlers, as mentioned above. Wrestling is continuously changing, and this associates with the shift in the world of wrestling. A nice way to help get involved with the career of a possible future wrestling.

We have seen movements in professional wrestling over the last decade. As Alex Assumptions rightly said in one of their statements, WWE had it’s best talent pool over a decade ago in 2002. It would of seemed impossible for TNA to even try to have a chance of establishing a wrestling company at the same year. Steadily they have grown to be recognised as WWE’s biggest competitor. The same can be said about British Wrestling, no matter how obscure that may sound. The potential is there, with the current wrestling talent, and the immediate future. There are also wrestlers coming for the future. Not only that, within the next decade of wrestling, Sean Moran is one of the possible British competitors to become a star in wrestling. Regardless, the Tough Mudder competition is a gracious act to be done by Sean Moran. Also it is a known fact that the wrestling fans from the UK are vocal which aids the wrestling shows. This is well documented in TNA’s UK Tours, and has been one of the key factors for Sting to continuously sign a contract extention. The WWE appreciate the UK crowd whenever they arrive in Great Britain also their contribution at Wrestlemania events. This lead to WWE seriously considering bringing either Money In The Bank 2013 or Summerslam 2013, with negotiations with venue’s such as Cardiff’s Millenium Stadium. Surely the Wade Barrett growing fanatics has lead to this stage.

America… The Roswell Incident equivalent had started already, you’ve witnessed a minute amount of the quality across the Atlantic with the British Bulldog, but there is so much more… The British Wrestlers are coming. You are not alone….

Nice to talk to the immortal one

Nice to talk to the immortal one

Additional Information:
Chris Sabin, congratulations in becoming the World Heavyweight champion. But I can’t help to think that, he was selected as his comeback trail storyline has ‘in the moment’ feeling. TNA’s problem is they have a lot of potential stars who can genuinely be World Heavyweight champions. But they are unable to utilise them all, causing problems. They need to have alternatives like how WWE uses the Intercontinental Championship to compensate for the main calibre wrestlers unable to compete for the top prize, like Y2J. Perhaps the television championship hasn’t been given the push it needed, so it being silently dropped could be a blessing in disguise. TNA need a new title to help, while the X Division title being used like a Money In The Bank briefcase, pushes down the importance of the championship that put TNA in the map of wrestling. Hulk Hogan, you can sort out the problem.

CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar, aka The Best vs The Beast, will be awesome! It’s a dream match. CM Punk has advertised Brock Lesnar well, being unbelievably fast, with ferocious strength. Brock Lesnar has intimidated everyone, including the memorable punch to John Cena’s face. While CM Punk who has delivered impressive matches following up his enticing promos, against the very top names in the business, John Cena, The Rock and The Undertaker. This is going to be impressive!! It will certainly beat this week’s Raw’s (C)Ryback vs John Cena. Its a shame how (C)Ryback has been pushed down to try to eradicate his Goldberg association. Whether you like him or not, (C)Ryback has been very unfortunate in his title pursuit, something that was relating him to the masses in his ‘feed me more’ persona. Even against John Cena in the three stages of hell match, he was unlucky to lose the ambulance match by going through the roof of the ambulance vehicle, since the match concept is to place your opponent through the back entrance of the ambulance van and close the door. So unlucky. Yet Daniel Bryan, the other half of revitalising WWE, will hopefully deliver a great Summerslam match, aiding the talentless John Cena. However, I can forsee Daniel Bryan initially winning the championship but to only then be clobbered by a RKO, losing his championship, like how Daniel Bryan won it off Big Show.

Congratulations to TNA Impact for the entertaining match, in the Bound For Glory Dream match between AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy. I am so glad that AJ Styles got the win, showing a mix of his new aggressive streak along with the ‘phenomenal one’ athletic arsenal. Good submission win! Let’s hope that the Impact Zone continues to deliver with the weeks ahead.

By Sean Prem


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  • Saeed

    Ryback is nothing but Goldberg rip off

    He suck he is boring he is not good model
    Happy he has been downgraded just
    Hope he get fired soon

  • Ryan b

    Dude where is the William Regal reference? Also Drew McIntyre? They had their moments of glory before Magnus and Wade Barrett.

    You’ve reviewed the contribution of British wrestling to the rest of the world. It is a race between Magnus and Wade Barrett in who becomes the first British World Champion. Exciting times.

    Mind you, Adrian Neville or Rockstar Spudd as you said have potential. They could be champ instead

  • Sean Prem

    Thank you for reading the article guys

    -Saeed: Goldberg is a highly regarded wrestler amongst the masses. What he did to wrestling was great as he made a name of being a WCW original despite WCW possessing so many established stars. So when any star sort of resembles Ryback, there is a lot of hate for him. I believe that is the reason for you hating him. It is ruining Ryback and he is in serious danger. I'm curious, what makes Goldberg so much better than Ryback?

    -Ryan: William Regal has had a good solid career as a midcard performer. He had a decent stint as wwe's commisioner, and is doing well as nxt's one. Drew, I'm a big fan of his, he made the intercontinental championship bigger than the world championship at one point, with his grudge with the then Smackdown general manager Theodore Long. But these guys weren't able to step up to the main event card. As yoou said, Wade and Magnus are in the brink of doing this.

    Adrian Neville and Rockstar Spudd would need a major push to have a chance to usurp the two british stars

  • TNA Chris

    British Bulldog anyone?

  • Ryan b

    William Regal was a good commisioner. I liked him. You know what, Drew as the chosen one was supendous. Him vs Matt Hardy was physical. That should of been a platform for him. Can’t expect Wade or Magnus to be guaranteed champions. They may falter. The number 1 ranked guy of Bound For Glory never wins, like James Storme last year. Wade has had WWE Championship matches before and never won.
    Adrian Neville or Rockstar Spudd may do it. Or could we see Marty Schurll as the X Division Champion next year in time for Destination X? Against the World Champion Rob Terry? TNA’s Ryback

  • Sean Prem

    Thank you for reading the article guys
    TNA Chris: Undoubtedly, Davey Boy Smith has played a major contribution to the world of professional wrestling. He inspired so many, like with the diving headbutt used by Chris Benoit and currently used by Daniel Bryan. His match with Brett Hart at Summerslam is still the only main event of a pay per view to take priority above the world championship. That feud and the match itself with the passionate home crowd was awesome. But the British Bulldog with a glittering career was never a serious main event wrestler. He had the arsenal to be so, like his feud with HBK regardinghis wife, and even how HBK won Royal Rumble 95, is evident of that.
    But he wasn't unfortunately. Nowadays, there is more tolerance to a variety of wrestling stars being a champion. Magnus and Wade Barrett have a greater chance of achieving somthing that the British Bulldog was unable to do so. It seems as if his son won't either, who recently showed his distain for WWE and his preference to remain in New Pro Japan Wrestling in a recent interview with WrestleTalk TV. In addition, there is a greater talent pool of British wrestlers, rather than the occasional few like The British Bulldog and William Regal who were around the same time.
    British Bulldog is the figure head no doubt. Do you think Wade Barrett or Magnus could knock off the British Bulldog off the mantle as the major British wrestler in professional wrestling?

    Ryan B: William Regal was part of WWE's transition period while as Commisioner, enabling the rise of the PG John Cena. It was nice to see him win King of the Ring too. But like the British Bulldog, a respectable career never gained titles. Maybe its the modern norm, where if you haven't received a world championship, you aren't recognised as a major name, unlike during Regal's prime period, but a World Championship not being present does put him down.
    They were very aggressive, the Drew McIntyre matches with Matt Hardy. It is no co-incidence that he is close friends with Wade Barrett haha. He had a lot of good matches as the champion, also with Kofi Kingston. Ironically, the rise of Nexus, taking out Vince, ruined Drew. Although TNA's Tiffany attacking Drew, resulting in police involvement hindered his position and he has never recovered since then. He's a huge feller when I got to meet him at this year's Wrestlemania 29 Axxess. I hope the intriguing 3MB regain a push, specially after being used as jobbers in recent times, like to the Wyatt Family most recently.

    Like as i said with the reasoning of how Chris Sabin may of been granted the world championship, Rob Terry and Marty Scurll could be in next year's Destination X. Say if England won the world cup of football in 2014 (soccer world cup in Brazil, 2014), TNA may want to capitalise in the British sporting boom.

  • afsha

    nice blog .thanks for lot of info.

  • Anita K

    British Bulldog will always be the best we’ve had. Magnus has the look of a champion, Wade has the ruthlessness of a champion. They have not got the same appeal as the American superstars like Jeff Hardy, HbK or RvD

  • Ryan b

    Regal guided the pathway for the rise of John Cena? He cursed us lmao. I see your point dude, Regal played a big part to what it is today. He is doing well at NXT, his rivalry with the Wyatt family there was intense!

    If Drew did not like what his ex fiancè was doing, he could of done what Steve Austin did to Debra lmao. It shows he is a true gentlemen like the stereotype of British people. Cheers to him

  • Ali B

    What ever happened to hulk hogan or I am too late.

  • Sean Prem

    Thank you for reading the article guys

    -Afsha: Anytime, I haven't seen you post on my articles for a while, so its nice to see your comment, and it seems you have been a frequent viewer, like the others I have been contacted by. I hope the new information on British Wrestling will help you look at Wrestling in a different way, it isn't as alien as the 'Falling Skies' Picture suggests

    -Anita: British Bulldog was a fantastic wrestler with great strength. He never received the push in a world full of politics which included the demise of his brother in law, Brett Hart, in the WWE. The British wrestlers nowadays have a greater chance of reaching the top. Wade was a count away against Randy Orton. Magnus could still make it to Bound For Glory 2013 although I see AJ Styles doing that.
    Fair point to suggest that we haven't currently seen a British Wrestler in the American Wrestling mainstream with the high athletic in-ring style, and dare I say you have suggested abit of a daredevil persona. I remember you do like Jeff Hardy from a comment on my previous article on him. But Britain have provided these stars like Kid Fite whose youtube video has been shown. But for more mainstream views, check out Rockstarr Spudd and Adrian Neville who are high flying stars. Dare I say we have talented divas too, NXT will show you that

    -Ryan B: Whether we like John Cena or not, he will always be recognised as one of the major names of professional wrestling. He was part of perhaps the lowest point of wrestling for a long time, and helped to steady the ship, by re-introducing the PG era, that the 80s have enjoyed. So credit to RegAl for his role as a commisioner in that period. Regal has also been a good commentator at NXT, providing a good insight. His unity with Sheamus during his feud with Big Show last year in Birmingham, UK, helped to gain Sheamus some support in the UK. That alone shows the aura of William Regal, along with the vibe the UK fans deliever to wrestling

    -Ali B: Hey Ali, Yes that is the one, Hulk Hogan who tweeted me. I guess with all of the review I have given to British Wrestling, there hasn't been a star from here, to come anywehre close to Hulk Hogan. But let's be honest, take away our personal favourites in wrestling (mine being The Undertaker, Kane and CM Punk being my current roster favourite star) Hulk Hogan's stardom can only be rivalled by Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Dare I say that he has been eclipsed by Steve Austin, who statisically has sold the 3rd most merchandise t-shirts in history, after t-shirts like 'I love NY'.
    John Cena wasn't meant to be as big as he has become. With Brock Lesnar quitting WWE, taking away his supreme abilities, culminated with Randy Orton's backstage problems, John Cena gained the push. Eventually able to usurp Batista who was the face, but unable to replicate the appeal Brock had, making WWE drop their more aggressive persona

  • Sean Prem

    Ryan B: Oh sorry, I didn't finish my response to you. Yes, Drew's personal life has been subjected to the wrestling world, as has many other personal issues like the ex diva Sunny's problems. Drew's aggressiveness did injure some of his rivals, which could of effected his position in WWE. But I am disappointed he doesn't get the push he deserves. He was the 'Chosen One' at one stage, and on the night when Sheamus won the WWE Championship, his stand off with Drew, was suggesting that there were two genuine talents to represent the quality over here. Both experienced a blip and fell behind Wade during the days of Nexus. Now Sheamus has usurped both.

    But wrestling can be unpredictable. Like as I said to Ali B about John Cena, Wade, Drew or Magnus can capitalise a given moment, to help cement their legacies.

  • Ryan b

    Am I missing something or did Ali B say that Hulk Hogan is British??

    William Regal was a good hardcore champion, backing up the British stereotype that we are tough men!!!!

    Well the last time WWE had a chosen one and who was chosen by Vince McMahon, became the most rich wrestler in history, The Rock. Drew was unable to do so. I wish he did. He is huge, lethal and smart. He can talk well too