Brooke Tessmacher Goes At The Beautiful People Over Hand Tattoos

The Beautiful PeopleThere was a Twitter battle amongst TNA Knockouts this weekend that resulted in some low blows being exchanged and fans offering their input.

It all started on Friday when Brooke Tessmacher responded to a Twitter follower about her thoughts on hand tattoos. The conversation was as follows:

Twitter follower: Hey Tess, do you like tattoos on your hands?”

Brooke Tessmacher: “On ladies no. Tats should be coverable. Classy not trashy.”

This drew the attention of heavily tattooed former TNA Knockout Angelina Love

Tessmacher hit back with a comment about Love’s weight!

TNA Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky jumped in to defend her former tag team partner:

A Twitter follower suggested if Sky was going to get involved she should tag Brooke Tessmacher…

Ink that is not coverable… trashy? What do you think?

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  • TheAwesomeJames

    The irony of Brooke Tessmacher calling other people trashy is overwhelming.

    And inked girls are hot, end of discussion.

  • VLG

    All my tattoos are coverable. Not because I think showing tattoos is trashy or innapropriate, its because its easier to keep them hidden for job interviews and the such.

  • Richard Gray

    My personal feeling is people shouldn't be judged… period. So what if someone has tattoos one can see? I certainly see VLG's point but I think it's sad we live in a society that is so judgmental. Qualifications should be the only thing used to evaluate whether or not someone is capable for a job and should have nothing to do with outside appearance. I'm not naive enough to believe that is actually the case but it's sad nonetheless…

    I appreciate the feedback;)

  • Swipe

    I feel like judging someone based on whether or not they have tattoos is as bad as judging someone for their weight or skin color, Its all prejudice.

  • Mark Freeman

    A lot of tattoo artists now a days are exactly that, artists. I know my tattoo's cost a lot of money and they are all one of a kind commissioned artworks on my body, I love showing them off. As with most art some people like what they see and some don't, I don't really like the star on the thumb tattoo but its definitely not trashy.
    On a side note do you think she would say the same thing to ODB?

  • jblack

    I some what agree with Brooke. I got multiple tattoos but I can cover them. Ribs shoulder arms. On hands, neck, face it looks unprofessional. I personally wouldn’t hire someone with crazy ink cause a lot of older/elder ppl think its trashy. Hiring someone with tats that are crazy and ppl see somewhat scary looking will shy business away.

  • jblack

    This doesn’t go for show biz ppl, athletes,etc.