Bully Ray’s Challengers


First I would like to say I’m happy to be on the TNANews writing team and extremely excited to talk TNA and wrestling with all of you.

The next TNA PPV is Bound for Glory in October. With most of the main eventers in the BFG Series for the next few months and Sting being unable to compete for the world title, Bully Ray needs some new challengers for the summer. Now that Sting has the New Main Event Mafia coming that will be dealing with the Aces and 8s, who will Bully Ray be defending the title against if he wants to make it to Bound for Glory?

Chris Sabin

Destination X will becoming to Impact Wrestling on July 18. Most likely Chris Sabin will cash in his opportunity at a World heavyweight Championship match. I’m kind of in the middle of him cashing in that opportunity because he just won the X-Division title and it basically meant that he won the title just to have a match against Bully Ray. Unless TNA wants to give him the World heavyweight Championship that  I highly doubt.


Kurt Angle

Due to Sting losing at Slammiversary he is no longer able to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship. Sting has now recreated the Main Event Mafia and if you watched Impact last night Kurt Angle has joined him. ” Cyborg” can still go with the best of them like he did with AJ Styles at Slammiversary and Impact. Like Sabin I doubt he would become champion but will still can get PPV quality matches for free with Kurt.



Chris Parks is doing some serious double duty and should be rewarded with a title opportunity as Abyss. I wish he could stay just as Abyss instead of stupid Joesph Park (who for someone reason I find entertaining even though I can’t stand  Park stopping him from being Abyss) and challenge for the title. He and Bully Ray have put on some physical match ups (i.e the Monsters Ball Match at Genesis 2012) that I know they could deliver again.



This may be a longshot but with the dissension between D.O.C. and the rest of the Aces and 8s (mostly Anderson) I could see D.O.C. separating himself from the club to fight for the title. D.O.C. refused to be eliminated in the all Aces and 8s battle royal witch showed he has interest in Bully’s title.

In conclusion the match I most likely would want to see and probably will happen is Angle vs Bully Ray. I just think Kurt is still one of the and Bully has become extremely entertaining since becoming champ. I didn’t put Hulk Hogan on this list because I think he would only wrestle on a PPV, and because I was at his last match at Bound for Glory 2011 in Philadelphia and for selfish reasons want to be one of the people who witnessed Hulk Hogan’s last match personally.

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