Bound For Glory 2014 – The Stories Are There

Bound For Glory

A week has passed from the airing of Bound For Glory 2014. Where are we now? It's the middle of October and the future matters very much right now. We all know that TNA has been on a wacky roller coaster ride since last October. Has 2014 seen more positive, or more negative? While you are thinking … [Read more...]

Tale Of The Tape: Impact 10/15/14


The episode made it seem like they were going back to their old ways. The show started without an opening video, which was pretty disappointing. Then the director of wrestling operations came out to open the episode with a promo. I felt that this has happened way too many times. From this short … [Read more...]

The System Has Failed, Again…


I can't believe that I'm saying this but for the first time ever I've to agree with the IWC on this. For those who don't know or new to TNA let me tell you what is so special about Bound for Glory as a PPV. BFG is TNA's turning point (see what I did there?). It is the event that shapes TNA's … [Read more...]

TNA: The Name Is Everything


The first subject I'd like to cover in my series is the name of the brand, TNA. Yes, not only is it the name of the company, but it should also be recognized as the brand. Knowing the history of the name and where it originated, many believe that a name like TNA could never be taken seriously. All … [Read more...]

Tale Of The Tape: Impact 10/8/14


Sorry for late review this week again. This week was Canadian Thanksgiving and I had extended family visiting. In the future I’ll try to keep the reviews published during the weekend at least. Much like last week, the opening video focused mostly on the tag team series. This actually made sense … [Read more...]

The Sad Life Of TNA


In the summer of 2002 a small wrestling company emerged. For the past year the industry was dominated by WWE after it had destroyed every bit of competition it had. But now there was NWA-TNA, run by former WWE/WCW star Jeff Jarrett. From the start they struggled financially, which led to Dixie … [Read more...]

2014: It Hasn’t Been All Bad

TNA 2014

No matter if wrestling fans like TNA or dislike the company the one thing you can always be sure if they will have an opinion on Impact wrestling. It matters not if they watch the product weekly or not, they will have an "expert" take on the show, generally a negative one. Now I am under no … [Read more...]

The Resurrection Of Magnus

Magnus and Bram

Fellow reader Adam Downs sent me the following fan article! If you would like to send an article to me to be published on the website, email me your article: Magnus was once highly considered to be the next “face of TNA” by some people. I was among that group, but … [Read more...]

Praise For TNANews Team


Yesterday, October 7, was my one year anniversary of my first article on I want to tell you a story of how this happened. I always wanted to know more about TNA Wrestling and what was happening behind the scenes. I want to know what is going on regarding the company that a viewer … [Read more...]