Character Makeover: Robbie E

Pro wrestling is known for characters! From good characters to bad characters, from Sting to Suicide, there’s no doubting pro wrestling is the best place to be if you want character. It doesn’t matter what company you look at, they all have their good ones, and bad ones. Then sometimes you get ones that start good but wear out their welcome and join the lost of crap. Many reasons can lead to this happening, sometimes the guy just loses his spark and gets burned out, other times the character is geared towards a current fad, and then that fad dies out leaving us with an outdated character and a superstar that needs a makeover.

This brings me to my first edition of Character Makeover. Our focus today is on a TNA work horse, and one of the most charismatic guys to come along in years. Robbie E! When Mr. E debuted on October 7th 2010,I was instantly annoyed, everything about him made my skin crawl. However I felt TNA was being really smart by capitalizing on the huge popularity of Jersey Shore, and this guy just fit perfect! By the time he won the X-Division title I was sold that this was a success. With national attention coming with Jersey Shore special guests, and Robbies ability to be so damn entertaining you couldn’t help but love to hate him. Then Jersey Shore started to fizzle out, and TNA found a way to keep him going by pairing him with Rob Terry, and those two definitely made dome entertaining TV together, but it never was quite the hit The original Robbie E was. Now with Rob Terry breaking off and going back to his singles career, and Jersey Shore being canceled, Robbie E is left with nothing.

Let’s resolve that problem.

It’s time for Robbie E to be taken off TV, just for a few months, we all know wrestling fans choose to have short memories, so take him off, or bring suicide back, allow him time to change his hair, I say grow it long, make it all black with a streak of red, keep the tan, change his name, maybe even use his indy name Rob Eckos. Now have him start showing up in the crowd each week, at first randomly, then start pointing out he’s there in the front row but he never acts like other fans, after that only have him show up in the crowd when Tara and Jesse are in a match. Have Tara and Jesse in a big slump, they’re getting really frustrated and they start noticing this guy in the crowd, then have Jesse confront him. Have Jesse beat him down, and do it a few weeks in a row, each time having Rob smile during the beat down. After a few beat downs Jesse is irate, and demands this guy tell him why he keeps showing up. Then have the lights cut out, when they come back on Tara and Rob are gone. Send Jesse searching for a few weeks with no sightings, after that Jesse is in a match and Tara is in the crowd next to Rob, that infuriates Jesse and he destroys his opponent. After the match he goes to attack Rob but Tara stops him, and he begins pleading to know what’s going on, and Tara and Rod lead him out through the crowd. The next week the lights go out, and creepy ominous music plays, out comes Rob, with Tara and Jesse in tow. This is where you have him introduce himself and lay out his new sinister, cult leader character.

You can build him a band of followers, and create interesting plots and twists as he tries to capture the TNA lower, and mid card roster. This doesn’t have to be in the main event, but it gives some good, unique stories for the under card in TNA. It’s a formula that works, and Robbie E has the charisma, and mic skills to pull it off very well.

That’s the direction I’d take with Robbie E. Rather you agree or not, I think we all can agree that Robbie E is need of a Character Makeover. The Jersey Shore Bro gimmick has served it’s purpose, and run its course. It’s time to move on. What do you think is the direction we should see from Robbie E next? Do you like my idea? Do you have a better idea? Let’s hear about it in the comments! I’ll discuss it with you!

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