Chris Sabin Returns To Impact Wrestling Tomorrow

When I think of one of the best X-Division stars in TNA Wrestling history, I think of Chris Sabin. When I think of one of the best tag teams in TNA Wrestling, I think of the Motor City Machine Guns (aka Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley). Finally, when I think of one of the most roller coaster careers in this era, I think of Chris Sabin!

Chris Sabin 2

Chris Sabin made his TNA Wrestling debut in 2003. One month into his career and he won the X-Division Title. Right then and there people could see Chris’ talent. He went on to be a 4 time X-Division Champion. In 2007, Chris Sabin teamed up with Alex Shelley and formed the Motor City Machine Guns. This tag team appealed to the viewers because both are current, young, new, and exciting. Chris is crazy in the ring, but so is Alex. Having them team up is double crazy! It worked though. They competed against some of the best tag teams in this era and in history. Their most memorable rivalry was against Beer Money in 2010. These two rocked the tag team division in the wrestling industry. Chris and Alex were at their peak. Sadly, they came crashing down.

Alex Shelley received the first injury in the tag team as he suffered from a collarbone injury. Chris went back to the X-Division. We were all waiting for Alex’s return. He returned, but when he returned, Chris got injured! It was his knee. He went into surgery and he was out for the rest of 2011. In 2012, he came back! The Motor City Machine Guns were back in business. Not for long though. Alex’s contract with TNA expired and he left the company. Chris went back into the X-Division. That is where his career started in TNA! He could have very well made the division relevant again. He could have carried it on his back. Sadly, Chris suffered another injury. He came back in 2012 and he was taken out in 2012. He had to receive surgery as he tore his left ACL. We haven’t seen him the rest of 2012.

Now it’s 2013. It’s May and Chris is finally returning! Tomorrow’s Impact Wrestling marks Chris’ return to the show. He will be competing in the X-Division. We haven’t seen him in full action since 2011. Who would have known two years of his life would be taken away because of surgery?!

Chris has been with TNA for a decade! He is not a new-bee. He is back to make a name for himself. He is back and better than ever! Welcome back Chris Sabin! I’m ready for you to take TNA by storm!

What is your favorite Chris Sabin moment or match?

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