Christopher Daniels Announces That He Is A “Free Agent”

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Christopher Daniels announced on his official Twitter account that he is now a “free agent”.

There has been speculation about Daniels’ contract with TNA Wrestling as well as Kazarian‘s. It is said that both were up around the same time. With Daniels now a free agent, we also have to question whether Kazarian will follow suit as they are the proclaimed Bad Influence team. Below is Daniels’ tweet:

The next question we have to ask about Christopher Daniels is where he will go from here. Will he re-sign with TNA Wrestling in the future or will he go with Global Force Wrestling? I interviewed Daniels last year and he told me that he was never a WWE type of superstar. For the latest about GFW, click here.

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  • O’m7

    TNA are so short sighted here they have a guy who can still cut in in the ring & is great on the mic & instead of looking longterm for a role in the company for when Daniels retires from the ring, they let him go, they should of been planning for him becoming a manager to get talent over in 2,3 or 5 years or whenever he retires.

    • Alex Barie

      I understand that no one superstar is bigger than the business, but there are superstars that can really help the company out. Daniels fits that. Daniels has the experience and the knowledge of the industry. As you said, he can still work and go on the mic, but even if they didn’t want him as an active wrestler or if he retired, they can use him as a backstage official, manager, or even an ambassador.

  • Sean Prem

    Christopher Daniel was so good that Hulk Hogan would regularly interact with the guys that werent even part of the main event picture. Thats a rare commodity.

  • Christopher Bell

    Christopher Daniels being gone from TNA is okay with me. That doesn’t really bother me much. AJ Styles being gone from TNA is not okay. I still think Dixie Carter wishes that she would have signed him to a contract for at least two more years. The biggest issue is not superstar hirings or departures but TNA’s booking. TNA has always had the best talent on their roster compared to anywhere else. The complaint I have always heard with TNA is their booking. They need to improve.

  • Mark M

    Would have preferred him to stay but at the same time he has done everything he could in TNA and i didn’t see him as World Title material so maybe he wanted a fresh challenge as well?