Crimson And Gunner – What Happened?

Watching TNA twelve months ago, you would have seen two young men making their way to up the upper levels of the TNA roster;

Crimson and Gunner.

Crimson entered TNA, and quickly started an undefeated streak which would last 470 days, before being ended at Slammiversary 2012 by a returning James Storm. Before that, Crimson, despite being a relative newcomer to the Wrestling industry, had defeated established stars such as Magnus, Bobby Roode and Rob Van Dam on his way to the top of the Bound For Glory Series.

Despite reaching the top of the tournament standings, Crimson was withdrawn from the competition after suffering an ‘injury’ at the hands of Samoa Joe. In what could have been seen as a major vote of no-confidence, it saw Crimson’s push brought to a sudden halt and before long, he was back in Ohio Valley Wrestling, TNA’s developmental territory.

Gunner on the other hand had a longer road to the mainstream. After ten years in NWA territories, he finally made his way to the mainstream as one half of TNA’s on-screen security team, Gunner and Murphy.

After shaking off the security gimmick, like Crimson, Gunner started to make waves on the main roster, as one part of Immortal. Unlike his colleague, Gunner would win Championship Gold, capturing the TV Title in a triple threat match against Immortal colleagues Murphy and Rob Terry.

However, Gunner failed to establish himself at the very top of the TNA card, and despite the fact he was paired with Ric Flair, and also the fact that he has a very good look, he has been scarcely used since 2012 Lockdown.


And then Joker’s Wild came along, and both Crimson and Gunner re-appeared. Without spoiling the results for people yet to see the PPV, it may mean that these two men could soon be making a return to the main roster.

Without being cynical though, I have doubts that TNA will do anything different if these two men are brought up to the main roster again. Although everyone may not be their two biggest fans, you have to ask why did TNA remove them from our screens as quickly as they brought them to us?

It is the latest in a long line of inconsistent, illogical booking that both WWE and TNA are guilty of in recent years. When it looked like TNA were trying to build new stars to carry the company in future years, it was ended without so much as a reason.

I guess in conclusion, that being Professional Wrestling, anything could happen, but don’t hedge your bets on these two men being in the main event of Slammiversary 2014. It’ll probably Hogan vs Sting.

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