“Cross The Line” – How This Phrase Could Help Superstars

Cross the line (1)

By Carl Frederick

The article is the title of TNA Wrestling’s former theme before the Hogan/Bischoff Era took over. The main theme being discussed will be current WWE Mid-Carders who would benefit with “Crossing the Line” to TNA Impact Wrestling.

Many fans will say that wrestlers from the WWE Cross the Line to TNA, for reasons such as burn out (See Kurt Angle), dislike of their character (See Chavo Guerrero), or even a chance to be a main eventer (See Bully Ray). They would be correct but needless to say there have been a few of them who jumped shipped, with it only to benefit their careers.

The perfect example of this is Christian, who left the WWE back in 2005, when he became frustrated with his lack of main event push (2). He debuted in TNA and won the World Championship on two separate occasions. Personally I loved Christian Cage’s work in TNA, because it gave viewers a chance to see how talented he really was. Not only could he wrestle with anyone, he could work the mic whether he was a face or a heel.

We knew he was a good bad guy in the WWE, but before he came to TNA, nobody knew how good of a face he was as well. Christians run in TNA was outstanding in this writer’s opinion, and it helped him his transition back to the WWE. I have a list below of a few mid-carders who could be successful if they” Cross the Line” to TNA.

Here is a breakdown of a few talented Mid-Carders that would benefit with a jump to TNA

Kofi Kingston- If you don’t know about Kofi’s wrestling talents then you haven’t watched the last two royal rumbles. Kingston is as good as it gets in the ring, and has for some reason been lost in the shuffle with the WWE. There were reports that when the Ghana born Superstar was set for a main event push, it was derailed by none other than Randy Orton(3), who claimed he wasn’t ready. Ever since this incident Kingston has never been more than an Intercontinental Champion.

Kofi would be wise to change up his character with a different them, similar to what R-Truth did when he came to TNA. If you remember R-Truth, was known as K-Kwik in his early WWE run, which resulted in nothing more than a short lived Tag-Team with the Road Dog Jesse James(4). R-Truth changed his name and character and thrived in TNA. I believe Kofi Kingston with a character change can have a similar run as Champion in Impact Wrestling. Would this eventually convince the WWE to make a run after him, like what they did with R-Truth remains to be seen?

Cody Rhodes- Cody Rhodes is a second generation superstar, who at one point looked like he was next in line for a big push, only to be stuck in the tag team division. Cody not only has in ring talent, can also work the mic as a heel impressively. His character has been changed multiple times, but none of it has lead to him carrying on his Father legacy as a World Champion.

Imagine if Cody could come in to TNA right now, to help Kurt Angle and Sting take on Aces and Eights? I would love to see Rhodes as a face to see what he can do, and knowing his history I am confident he can pull it off. Mr. Rhodes reminds me so much of where Christian was at when he left the WWE. If Cody could get over as a face the way he gets over as a heel, the WWE would take notice, similar to what they did with Christian.

Zac Ryder- The Long Island Loudmouth, has been an Internet sensation that has not transition to the Ryder Revolution headlining Wrestlemania. While receiving public endorsements from John Cena, Ryder has not been able to impress Mcmahon and company, the way he does his internet companions.

I would love for Ryder to Cross the Line to Impact Wrestling, coming in cutting similar promos that Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mick Foley did. People forget but Foley and Austin became known by cutting legendary shoot promos in ECW about their frustration in WCW. Imagine Ryder opening up next Thursday completely bashing the WWE.

Many of the character changes I have listed for each superstar could also happen while they are in the WWE. I just do not feel too confident than any of the above wrestlers are destined for anything bigger than mid-card status with their current roles.

(1) This was TNA’s old theme; I loved it I don’t know why they had to get rid of it.

(2) Christian was very well respected within the WWE, that Batista even went on record saying he deserved a main even push.

(3) At the time Randy Orton was right behind John Cena on the pecking order, obviously that has changed now.

(4) This was a fairly entertaining Tag Team, that would be relived briefly in TNA as the 3LK

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