Did Eric Bischoff Prove Me Right?

Eric BischoffEric Bischoff grabbed a significant amount of press for an interview he did last week on Inside the Ropes Radio. For those that missed it, Bischoff said Bret Hart was “a very said, broken and bitter person” when asked about Hart’s recent negative comments about him.

One quote that was perhaps overshadowed from the comments towards Hart was in regards to EB’s future in TNA or more broadly… pro wrestling.

“I really don’t plan on being in the wrestling business too much longer and I say that in a very grateful and positive way. This business has been great for me and my family. It’s been almost 30 years. I’m still shocked to this day. My goal now isn’t to accomplish anything professionally, because I’ve kind of been there, done that. My goal now and this is gonna sound kinda corny, I really like teaching. I like watching guys like Matt Conway and Dave Lagana, watching them grow into new areas that they haven’t been able to get into before. Someday, hopefully, in the near future, I’m going to be able to walk away from this business and when I do, I want to be able to know that I was able to shape, in one way shape or form, guys who will carry on and be the future of the business.”

Come in, make an impact and retire. That’s what he’s saying and while I’ll certainly credit him for what he did with World Championship Wrestling, has he made an impact in TNA?

What I’m wondering is — did Eric prove me right in these comments?

In the March 5th installment of Ask WNW I wrote the following:

“…I personally feel Hogan and Bischoff care more about Hogan and Bischoff and are taking advantage of Hogan’s name value to collect hefty paychecks. Sure, it’s been rumored they’ve taken pay cuts since joining TNA in 2010 but does anyone really think that Hogan and Bischoff are there solely for the good of the company? Or are they there to collect paychecks so they can invest in outside projects (e.g. restaurants, retail shops, TV production companies)? It sounds harsh but I’m not naive enough to believe anyone has pure motives in this business.”

My sharp comments actually drew a response from Hulk Hogan

So what I’m asking, gracefully of course, did Eric Bischoff prove me right?

… or is Eric right in that he advanced TNA like he did WCW and he was able to shape the future of the business?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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  • cedric taylor

    Bischoff power in WCW was taken away. In TNA he was merely an on screen character and nothing more. Well, he did do construction work. But that was it. TNA has failed in areas due to them not listening to the fans. It always happens when people reach a certain status. The fans matter less and less. Remember the universal policy: no unsolicited ideas or material. Any company that does that deserves what it gets. Any company or entity.

  • Cody Springer

    I feel as though Hogan and Bischoff have done more harm than good to TNA. I liked the course TNA was on pre Hogan-Bischoff. Then, when they came in and made their changes, I found myself not liking TNA so much but since Hogan and Bischoff have taken a step back, the angles and storylines have gotten better. To me, when Bischoff isn't around his friends he does a good job. When hes around them, he has to cater to them. It also doesn't help that Dixie has been bought into their crap from the very beginning.

    I think Bischoff was out to get a paycheck at the end of the day and get his son into the business.