Does Brooke Hogan’s Release Show A Powerless Hulk Hogan?

There’s no doubt that TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling creates talk. The recent talk going around is the surprising and quite shockingly release of Brooke Hogan. writer Ric Santos sent me a text about it while I was on vacation last week. I sent the rumor further to see whether it can be confirmed or not. It is indeed true. Many people wrote to me and asked me what this means in regards to the company and also Hulk Hogan. What does this mean for Brooke and is it something that we should really be concerned with? What about Hulk… what does his power look like? Will he be next?

Brooke Hogan

Let’s not get anything mixed up. First of all, Brooke Hogan was brought into TNA Wrestling by Dixie Carter herself. Dixie made the deal with her. Looking at it business wise, it makes perfect sense for Brooke. Her music career hasn’t been a hit, so she can be relevant by being on camera every week on Impact Wrestling. She can continue her music career and get the support and great advertising spot on Impact. It was great for Brooke. What about TNA? Even though Brooke isn’t a wrestler, there’s no doubt that we can say she is a key factor as an on-air role. She was named the “Executive of the Knockout division” and she was involved in the biggest story on Impact Wrestling right now. For months, she has been the focus. She dated Bully Ray and even got “married” to him. The story went on where Bully turned on her at Lockdown. It continued to where Ray still loves her and will never divorce her. No one can say that Brooke didn’t make an impact on Impact Wrestling (pun intended). The strange thing is, she was just on the 8/8/13 show. That was her last appearance. Whether you like her or don’t like her, she has impressed me. She has impressed me to the point where I wanted the story to continue with her and Bully. She, however, was released.

Many stories are floating around as to why Brooke was released. The fact is, she is gone from TNA Wrestling. I doubt there is any bad blood between the parties. In fact, I never saw Brooke staying in the company long-term. She ran her course, just like every single manager or “on-air” talent. She is getting married and I doubt she wants to be associated with WRASTLIN’. Her departure leads us to another question though. Where does Hulk Hogan stand? Brooke is indeed his daughter. One Hogan left the company… will another?

We haven’t seen Hulk Hogan on Impact Wrestling in 3 weeks. This is probably making the IWC very happy, but that happiness will never stay long. Hulk was actually asked on Twitter where he is. Hulk responded by saying he “hopes” to be back at the next Impact Wrestling taping. Hope is a crazy word. He probably wants to be on camera, but what is stopping him? Is it a busy schedule? Or is it that the writers aren’t putting him in the show? Usually we see General Managers every week, but as I wrote in a previous article, General Managers may be unnecessary. At any rate, Hogan hopes to be back. He wants to be back.

I don’t want to sound like a Hogan basher because the entire IWC is characterized as such. However, I do feel that if Hogan had creative booking power on Impact Wrestling, he would be putting himself on the show each week in at least one segment. He may have changed his ways, but I see it as otherwise. The way I see it is that he doesn’t have the power in the company that he used to have. In order to back this up, we have to take a look of when he was brought into the company.


Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan came to TNA Wrestling in 2010. When they entered, they flipped the company upside down. They changed the ring. They brought in many different names on Impact from Scott Hall to Brian Knobbs. They moved the show to Mondays and changed the timeslot to 8PM EDT. They did whatever they thought they had to do in order to compete with WWE. Sadly, that didn’t work. They went back to square one. They went back to Thursdays and they had to grow their audience again. Three years later, ratings remain the same, but the company has grown larger. They have more live events, more television deals, and they are now taking Impact Wrestling on the road. They even went live for a period of time. All of this work may not have been done by the hands of Hulk or Eric as Dixie Carter and Spike TV had to play a role, but Hulk and Eric had to be part of it.

In 3 years, TNA Wrestling really changed from inside out. There’s no doubt that Hulk had lots of power when he first came in. He had power from production to creative. He was there to make TNA huge. As years past, TNA Wrestling grew, but Hogan’s role in the company diminished. He is no longer a major factor in the creative. Hulk isn’t bringing any stars in the company anymore. He isn’t even doing the firing. Hulk is there to be Hulk Hogan.

I talk to different people inside TNA Wrestling and they have their views, but some in the company even told me that Hulk Hogan is not the answer. Since he joined the company, the ratings declined. Their young audience fell more than half. It just isn’t working. Is TNA Wrestling catching on? Is Dixie Carter realizing that?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Hulk and I respect him for what he has done in the business. I also respect Dixie Carter as a business person. I completely understand why Hogan is there, but has it helped? As time goes on, Hogan is seen less and is not part of any part of the company.

With Brooke being released, is this a sign that anything can really happen in TNA Wrestling? Many would have thought they would never let her go, but they did. TNA Wrestling is showing that they are a business and it really doesn’t matter what your last name is. Finally, will Hulk Hogan be next?

I read somewhere that Hulk Hogan’s contract is up this year. I can’t confirm that but I think it is from remembering when he signed his extension. Will he sign another extension or will he be on his way out? Eric Bischoff already stated he won’t be in the business too much longer. Will Hulk follow? Only time will tell. TNA Wrestling may have to start working their way to a Hulk Hogan free company…. or are they already starting?

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  • Sha’ul

    People shot not speculate about Hulk being out soon because of Brooke. “A” does not equal “B”. That being said, I sincerely hope Dixie and Spike are finally seriously looking at the reality that Hulk is a liability.

    Would people completely disagree with me if I said the more time GM Hulk Hogan spends on-air during Impact as the months go on the more he proves himself irrelevant and kills a little more of his legacy?

    If he had allowed himself to fade away from his glory days, history would have written fondly about the phenomenon that is, Hulk Hogan. But now, only convincing so many fans and viewers that he has very little understanding of how to connect with 21st century fans, the once fond memories have slowly been soured to the point of some having disdain, others disgust, and some simply annoyance.

    While I think it is crystal clear that Eric and/or Terry(Hulk) have massively improved the production value, the presentation of Impact, it’s equally clear either Spike is somehow sabotaging Impact, Dixie is far too sentimental and nice with everybody and needs to come back down to earth, or creative management really is bland and total lack of vision.

    Fans need a reason to care about characters, liking a wrestler is not that same as being able to get behind them or personally invest in them in an emotional way. To give an example, I was always a big fan of Demolition because they were presented in a methodical and calculating way, zero fanfare. I connected with that calculating merciless nature. This is where Hogan has completely failed, he can’t give any characters or wrestlers that people can connect with, they’ve all for the most part become pretty plain. I honestly believe if the Main Event Mafia was a lot more intensely sadistic to the point of terrifying against Aces & 8′s, fans would have jumped on board a lot hard and ratings would be better because here is MEM going to the extreme to finally have someone in TNA do to the Aces & 8′s what so many have the fans of been calling for for a long time.

  • Charlie

    To answer the article's title, YES

  • wwe forever

    hulk Hogan is a washed up has been in 2013. tna will NEVER compete with wwe. tna does not have the money like ted turner had to elevate wcw in the 1990's.