Does TNA Need A Mid Card Championship?


My dad is a big boxing fan. He doesn’t watch it all the time but he loves the sport. He has been a fan of boxing for at least over two decades. When I don’t work on the weekends, I will go over to his house and watch it with him. Almost whenever a boxer comes out, he will ask which weight class he is. I have no idea. This is when I go to the computer and look it up. There are many different weight classes in boxing. It seems that every company (WBO, WBA, IBF, WBC, and The Ring.) has their own divisions. There are 17 different divisions total.

I feel that a mid card championship is the same. With the Heavyweight Championship, you know who is in the division. This is not a division for heavyweights. This is a division to showcase the main stars of your company. With the X Division Championship, it should be used as a Cruiserweight Championship. The Knockouts and Tag Team Championships are self explanatory. One problem with a mid card championship is deciding who is in it. Should you put a wrestler in the division (such as Kenny King) or in another division? What makes a certain wrestler eligible to be in this division? In other divisions, it is very clear. In this one, I do not see how it is completely clear. The only case that can be made is putting future Heavyweight Champions in a mid card division. It then seems like everyone would know that the people in the division would be future Heavyweight Champions. What do we do then? Do we go and sign top stars from independent promotions and put them in a mid card division because we do not want them to be in the Heavyweight Division yet?

Another problem with boxing is that there are so many championships. Since there are 17 different weight classes, there are 17 different championships. Keep in mind that every company has its own championship for that division. This creates the problem of 17 different guys holding a IBF Championship being able to call themselves the champion. If 17 different guys can say the same thing, how valuable is it?

In boxing, the fighters love there being that many championships. Everyone wants to be a champion and it feels great to be able to call yourself a champion. But as there becomes more championships, the value of the belts decrease. When it comes to championships, less is always more. If you only have one belt, it is very valuable and everyone is coming after you.

TNA right now has the World Heavyweight Championship, TV Championship, X Division Championship, Knockouts Championship, and the Tag Team Championships. As mentioned, you know who are going to challenge for all of these Championships except for the TV Championship. If there was just the World Heavyweight Championship and X Division Championship as the only male singles titles, the titles might mean more. Then they would mean that anyone who is not a cruiserweight or in the tag team division would be going after the Heavyweight Championship. It would make the Heavyweight Championship that much more exciting. I am not saying that it should be all about the Heavyweight Championship. Far from that. TNA would also be loaded with X-Division superstars and Knockouts with some tag teams. But the less champions there are, the more it means to be able to be called champion.


It seems that we all say that TNA needs a mid card championship. We all say that it could be a step towards being World Heavyweight Champion. It seems to be in the middle of the X Division and World Heavyweight Division. To all who say that TNA needs it, TNA was doing very well off before they ever had a mid card championship. In fact, a mid card championship in TNA has only been a gimmick.


The Main Event Mafia was all about the legends of the company keeping their place at the top. They were going to join together and make sure they got the respect that they deserved. The MEM felt like all of the young wrestlers were spoiled brats. On October 23 2008, Booker T removed the Legends Championship from a steel briefcase. This was not an official TNA Championship. It was his Championship. It was his to defend whenever he chose and against whomever he wanted. On March 15, 2009 AJ Styles defeated Booker T for the belt. This now caused the belt to be an official TNA Championship since they had signed a contract for the match.


On October 29, 2009 Eric Young reintroduced the championship as the Global Championship. EY said that the championship would not be defended against any Americans or on American soil. It was only for interantional superstars. He defended it against Hamada and Suicide before losing it to Rob Terry. Terry became the TNA Global Champion on January 27, 2010. He lost the title to AJ Styles on July 22, 2012.


AJ Styles renamed the championship the TNA Television Championship. On April 19, 2012 Hulk Hogan proclaimed that the Television Championship must be defended every week on TV. For a while, this was entertaining. It was exciting to see title defenses every week. The bad thing is that it was only for a while. The weekly title defenses stopped on June 21, 2012. On June 2, 2013 Abyss won the TNA TV Championship at Slammiversary XI. The title has not been seen since.


Among the names who have been TNA TV Champions are A.J. Styles, Douglas Williams, Abyss, Gunner, Eric Young, Robbie E, Devon, Samoa Joe, and Abyss. It does not make sense how Robbie E and Eric Young could hold the same championship that Abyss and A.J. Styles have held. It is hard to say who should challenge for the championship.

Now, back to the original question: does TNA need a mid card championship? In all honesty, I have no idea. TNA was doing fine before they had a mid card championship but that does not mean that they should not have one. If they keep it, they could benefit from it.

Now the question is not if they should have it but how it should be used. My opinion is that it should be used as the Intercontinental Championship was used. Also, have someone be the champion for a very long time. It will give the championship credibility and will be well thought of. Then, instead of just being a gimmick, it will be respected as much as any other championship. It might even be respected as much as the World Heavyweight Championship. Right now, with TNA’s official roster, I would put Guner, Magnus, EC3, Knux, and Rob Terry in the division. It is hard to clearly say anyone else because the way the X Division and the World Heavyweight division is.

What do you think? Should there be a TNA mid card championship? Does TNA need one? If so, what should it be called? Should it be a gimmick championship? How should TNA use it? Who should be challenging for it? Do you think there would be too many championships with it or could it be for the best?

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  • Steven kelly

    You missed out the ko tag belts last worn by jess(odb) and ey lol but il forgive your oversight as theres barely enough kos for a singles title lol. As for another belt hm they need to utilise the tv title more. I agree with devon they sc*wed him over when he had it he was willing to defend weekly but tna dropped the ball

  • The Boss

    The mid card division should NOT be looked at as a division for future world champions. It should be seen as division for guys who are NOT currently considered for World championships. If a future World champion comes out of it then fine, but as long as fans see mid card titles as “stepping stones” then those titles are pointless because it means no one really wants them anyway.

    The mid card titles need to become the major focus and goal of the majority of wrestler with the World title seemingly out of reach to all but a few.

    • Mike

      I agree with that comment by The Boss. There is loads of WWE Legends like Roddy Piper and Jim Duggan who have held the Intercontinental Championship and have not become WWE Champion. Making a mid card division in TNA would be perfect for guys like Gunner, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Knux. Guys like Abyss, AJ Styles and Magnus deserve to be in the World Title picture

  • Luchador

    I think they need the mid card championship and it does help as a stepping stone towards the world champ belt the only thing I would like to change is the name kind of like WCW U.S belt

  • Scotty Dee

    I can answer this question as I study Pro Wrestling. Wrestling Titles are meant to represent a region, TV, or even a country. Its roots are that of Amateur Wrestling when you are high school level, state level, national level & so on. Pro Wrestling in the golden days had the mindset of amateur wrestlers as most of the greats of yesteryear were. Like Ric Flair, Bret Hart & more. Mid-card Titles are for up & coming or Great Hands in the ring.

  • Aaronscottj

    You’d need power rankings, of some sort, and the TV title could go to those ranked 11-20. The guys that can’t work X-Division style need a place to go too. What would really help is getting xplosion some kind of time slot and that would be a great showcase.


  • Sean

    But the television championship isnt utilised. Its good to have guys competing for the title in TNA, but when theres people going for the title, everything else is neglected. Austin Aries has plummeted down. If TNA stepped up their creativity, then they could just have 2 titles. Otherwise, they need a title, and use it wisely