Don’t Forget To Recycle!

Today the majority of the human population recycles, so why can’t wrestling? Why can’t wrestling recycle and reuse some old story lines? The biggest complaint about wrestling these days is that it has become stale. I hear a lot of whining and crying about things on the national level not being “fresh.” A lot of these complaints I hear are from the more hardcore fans and from some people who are on the “inside” of the indy wrestling business. What is “fresh”? It certainly is not what I’ve seen on the Independent circuits here in “Wrestle-town USA.” It may not be what we see on TV either, but if you take the time to read this opinion piece, first I’d like to say I appreciate your time, but I would like you to think of a “fresh” story line that has not been done in TNA, WWE, ROH, WCW, ECW, NWA, AWA, WCCW, WWF, WWWF, FCW, APW, HWA, and OVW, and please post it down bottom in the comments section. If you don’t know what any of those companies are or were, feel free to ask I’ll let you know.

After I wrote that first paragraph I sat here trying to think of a NEW idea for TNA. It has been thirty minutes and I still don’t have anything. So let me briefly state my opinions of the current status of story lines in some other companies then I’ll get to TNA. On the Indy level, there really isn’t anything new. There is a faction called, “The Syndicate,” which basically operates much like nWo and Aces and Eights. Also the Independent level is going back to its roots of being territorial, and there is a lot of backstabbing and “stealing” of talent. Some of that is real, some of that is story line based. There is nothing new to any of this, but it is still entertaining.

In ROH, we recently got to see a brother vs brother angle. There is one brother stepping out of the other brother’s shadow. That is new right? Nope, Bret and Owen Hart, circa 1994. You know, that was still an interesting angle and a very good match.

I can’t even touch base on what they are doing up north in WWE. It would seem that HHH and Vince are in a comedic power struggle with Vickie in the middle. There are faces turning heel, heels turning face, guys from Europe saying they are real Americans. Like I said, no clue of the direction they are going, but nonetheless it is not new and yet it is still fairly entertaining.

Now to TNA. It would seem that Mr. Prichard and Mr. Hogan also like to live in the past as well and rehash some old story lines. We have a group of “rebels running around doing whatever they please, whenever they want.

images (2)

The company’s loyal star felt betrayed by the company, he was enticed to join the rebel group, he declined to do so and decided to fly solo. Now we have a group of suit wearing, limousine riding, jet flying, sun glass wearing, slick looking main eventers to battle the infiltrating group.


Does any of this sound familiar? Absolutely it does. Is it entertaining? I think it makes wonderful TV.

Sure there are some weeks and some episodes where these companies, TNA included, whiff completely and we all run to internet chat forums, Twitter, and Facebook to cry and complain. Then there are weeks that are completely amazing. These are the weeks that keep us hardcore fans coming back for more. Like the night after Wrestlemania when Ziggler cashed in and took the title from ADR, or on the June 27th edition of IMPACT when Aries removed the Suicide mask to reveal he was the new X-Division champ. And just this past Thursday July 4th, when Magnus took another big step forward and joined the Main Event Mafia. That was a huge moment for TNA and for Magnus. That is a moment that will keep me coming back for more.

Watch Magnus join Main Event Mafia!

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