Eric Young To Defend World Title In A Triple Threat Steel Cage Match


News broke Friday morning that MVP has a torn meniscus and will not be able to compete in the main event of Slammiversary this Sunday. TNA Wrestling just announced that Eric Young will defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match against the winners of Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe and Austin Aries vs. Kenny King. Below is MVP’s Tweet:

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  • Jamie Corcoran

    Nice booking to be fair, if Kenny wins its essentially 2 on 1 and all the drama that goes with that, either give Aries the ball or highlight the cracks in MPR and have them cost themselves putting Ey in a stronger posición for the MVP showdown

  • Aaron Scott Jockers

    I would love to see EY, Joe and Aries in a cage. TNA make this happen!

    • TNA Chris

      I think it’s quite obvious that it’s going to be Kenny King vs Lashley vs EY

      • Sean Prem

        Oh gosh, making it more and more like Daniel Bryan vs the WWE’s authority. He gets destroyed but then somehow still wins. Let’s hope TNA doesn’t succumb to that.

      • Aaron Scott Jockers

        A boy can dream.

        • Sean Prem

          TNA have the quality, it just needs to be utilised

  • Luchador

    That’s a better Main Event

  • Sean Prem

    Kenny King to become the new world champion. You need one of the henchmen of MVP and one of the good guys in this 3 way. This could be decent